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I agree with Piecar 100%.

The guffaws come about every 10 minutes in the show. For example, earlier in the season, the red-haired crazy woman was able to "get the jump on them" when they were chit-chatting in normal conversational volume and walking down the center of the street like they had not a care in the world.

Riding loud dirt bikes everywhere for go sake!

Mech armor that can be "melded down" and made into miracle bullets!

The SPARKS the antenna lead made.

The writers on this show have not the slightest clue on basic physics.


By the way, I love the accompanying photo for this review...without context, Noah Wyle looks like he's playing a mentally handicapped homeless person.


Mediocre. First hour was a waste. Second hour was disappointing. Bad writing. I love Pope. I like Maggie. The series has been too cliched and full of plot holes.


The show is cheesy....I can't imagine anyone arguing that point....but this was way over the top on bad.

All the points mentioned are correct. The Aliens laid low by a crappy vacuum tube radio and a flagpole. Every battle talked about but not seen. Long winded speeches. A character brought in to be a tough zealous military man...Only to die off screen. A direct "Crimson Tide" rip off that meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because they get all touchy feely nine minutes later...But the worst was when the Mechs march on the school, first they UNLOAD on one Mech when one bullet can put a cannonball sized hole through it. Then they all talk about how they only have about 5 bullets a piece. Then Ben appears with the world's long set of jumper cables. Then we proceed to look at the GROUND while everyone stand up and shoots a hundred rounds at the Mechs until they run away? We are actually IN a firefight and are not allowed to see it? That's just garbage|!

And the Rube Goldberg signal jammer than didn't have enough power to reach right outside? With the Super Flagpole it can jam the ENTIRE CITY? Implausible, you have to live with, in this kind of show...But that's just downright stupid. The concept of the series is actually really interesting. There are lots of things in the idea to love....The execution is just atrocious....How this piece of crud got picked up on the basis of this abysmal season, I don't know.


From Argentina: This Show sucks. There was no action at all, and what could have been an opportunity for TNT to make a great show like "Band of Brothers" became a joke no better than "V". They've wasted my time.


I'm just expecting exposition dialog next season premiere, when Tom shows up, somehow off the spaceship... cuz,... well... you know they would'nt go with the amnesia storyline... would they?

this show is really not that good, but there really isn't an alien show on right now... so I keep finding myself watching it for some sort of charm in all the bad acting and pacing. Atleast the cast isn't whitewashed.

remember back when there were so many you got confused which one you were watching? Threshold...where have you gone? ;P


Very bad CGIs, this is 2011!

I do agree that the finale was very disappointing, i'm not an "action series" guy, but it makes it more realistic. Although, the problem here was that many things are still to explain, too much useless, boring... information, since ep8 it was more then obvious that Ben and Rick are evolving, so no big secrets where uncovered in the last 2 ep. Unfortunately, many hours of my time were wasted...


Do over: Falling Skies in 10 episodes (really 8 if you take out one Sanctuary and Mutiny that was of no use) has been a waste of TV air. You would think with the money they are spending the writers would be of higher caliber. The writers are leaving out a lot of information that should be given to us. For one we all know that you cannot trust the aliens as they have all ready killed off 80 percent of the human population. Shot and killed 6 children in front of Hal to make a point. They’re using out children for slaves turning them into Skidders. In one episode in the medical center the Doctor (before he was killed) is talking to one Skidder through Rick. The Skidder after being told he cannot leave tells them to kill him, as he will be punished. SOOOOO question, maybe the Skidders want to get away from the tall aliens who are using them. Maybe the Skidder’s can be used to over through the Humanoid Aliens. Pope, who I thought should have been killed off in his first debut, now is found to be one of the most complex characters on the show. Well done to the writers for getting this right. Also there is no why, Tom could have shot down the spaceship with a RPG, and two he should have shot the alien at the end regardless of the consequences. However in the end the show needs to have a two-hour DO OVER for the last season episode and fill the blanks they left out.


Argeed too much exposition. And just to raise the stakes, go mack on Moon! I was like, okaaaay. Really, the best part of the last episode is Margaret (Sarah Carter) who helped get Jimmy through the battle. She's got attitude and looks good with an assault rifle! I as satisfied though, overall, valid criticisms notwithstanding. The show did what it could on what was obviously a very limited budget. I mean, with Rodat, Graham Yost, and Mark Verheiden as your creative talent, they aren't lacking for decent writing depth; I hope that next season brings increased expectations and a larger budget to make them happen.


Tom going with the aliens made no sense..."in reality" however if you are writing the out-come I guess it doesn't matter. I kind of thought this series may be a snoozer when the first episode started with a child narrating "this is what the aliens did, with crayons." Hopefully it perks up next season, although I feel it will end up in the "been there, done that" file.

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