Combat Hospital Review: Who Was Reckless?

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Who was "Reckless" in tonight's Combat Hospital? The answers were a little surprising.

Isn't that right, Bobby Trang? The good doctor always came across as more of a by-the-book guy, but perhaps those tattoos should have been a sign of the reckless streak that lies beneath.

Reckless Scene

Bobby was having sex in the back of a truck with Susie, or at least he would have if work hadn't interrupted. The risk here was that fraternization is seriously frowned upon.

The amusing part was that Bobby quickly became concerned that Susie was looking for a serious relationship. Dude, I don't see the girl jumping from sex in the back of a truck to an engagement ring. Calm down.

So, Ariel was married to Graham before she left him for another woman? That's got to hurt the ego. Graham definitely didn't seem angry and he's obviously still very much in love with his ex.

What Ariel was looking for was a little unclear. She's recently broken up with the other woman and she ended up in a serious lip lock with Graham. Which was completely disgusting when you take into account that the two of them spent all afternoon throwing up with a stomach bug. Ewww!

It was almost as gross as Joe's tape worm. I couldn't even blame the combat soldier for passing out. Yes, bullets and RPGs he's able to deal with - but the thought of that squirmy parasite taking up residence in his body just pushed him right over the edge.

Of course, Bobby and Simon gave him a push and the guys' bantering was one of the best scenes of the show. You had to feel for Joe, as Bobby and Simon out and out tortured him. The entire incident gave Simon a new respect for Bobby.

Simon: I'm impressed, Dr. Trang. You know, letting your inner bastard shine. | permalink

Vans took a turn as Simon's agent with a cute reference to Jerry McGuire. Simon better be on his toes. Vans could own him if he's not careful. And perhaps he should have verified what he was agreeing to before he shook the farmers' hands.

And has Simon grown closer to Rebecca because she's one of the few women he hasn't been able to bed or because he thinks she's a kindred wounded soul? Time will tell.

Rebecca was the only one who wasn't reckless. She's a doctor first and made the right call not handing over drugs without due diligence. The best part was finally seeing her man up and defend herself. Col. Marks wasn't the only one who was proud.

Reckless Review

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