Blue Bloods Season 2 Scoop: New Boss, New Mayor and More

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Following a successful opening season, a lot will be changing in 2011-2012 for Blue Bloods. For starters, Ed Zuckerman (JAG, Law & Order) has taken over as showrunner.

But in an extensive interview with TV Guide, the veteran producer assures fans the core of the drama - the Reagans and how they balance family, relationships and jobs within the police department - will remain the same.

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Frank cheers on a couple of special guest stars in this season two premiere pic: Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood.

What, specifically, can viewers look forward to? Zuckerman dropped a number of hints:

Two new romances for family members.

More of a role for Henry. Says Zuckerman: "He's not just at home cooking dinner. He's still very much alive and vital. And in real life former commissioners do many things."

Will there be one season-long arc? Yes. "We are launching something at the very end of the first episode, and it we're going to develop it slowly over the course of the season. It involves a story for Jamie and an organized crime figure."

Centuries colliding? Zuckerman describes David Ramsey's new mayor as coming from "a community-organizing background, which is the antithesis of Frank Reagan's background as an old law-and-order guy." This could create tension: "The Reagan family is a classic 20th century New York police family, and this mayor is a very 21st century character. He is a politician, and Frank Reagan always has a little bit of trouble with politics. The mayor represents a changing city..."

Might Jamie hook up with his new partner? "She's married and the Reagans are not adulterers. But she's not happy in her marriage, so I think it's going to be a very interesting dynamic."

Blue Bloods returns with new episodes on September 23.


A new convert to this show. Love it...with the family element it is Bonanza for the 21st century!


I am addicted to this show and, as Tom has said, the Sunday brunches are key. I think that there have been occasions when there were two in one show - fine with me. I really don't know why this new guy has to change things. Why Jamie needs a new partner when the sergeant is so fine, I just don't understand. Is he transitioning from g=his training sergeant to a regular partner? I want to keep seeing that sergeant. New mayor? I had developed a fine dislike for the existing mayor. Change in a great show like this is not automatically good. Don't screw it up.


This is the best cop show on tv.Hill Street Blues did hold that spot for me for along time but this show has just about pipped it.I think the mix of family life and the job of each individual is very well balanced and the way the whole family is brought together for Sunday lunch in every episode allows you to feel like your almost a fly on the wall.I hope that this show runs for along time and that the ratings stay as high as they are.


Love this show, everything is perfect. Please change anything a major Irish fan x


Lyk seriously luv dis series.luv seeing family been happy every sunday everning it really awesome.keep up with the good work.


Please don't change any of the actors. I know that after a Season 1, many of of the shows will keep the roll, but change the actor. Please don't do that. Whoever did the casting for this show hit the nail on the head for every single role! And to the the snit at the "dinners" that Zuckerman said; I think it is a wonderful thing, you get to see them away from their "jobs". My family had Sunday dinners every week, and it was a good thing to see what the rest of the family (3 brothers)were up to. And if you actually watch the show, Frank rarely cooks! Basically, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Thanks


Really love this show, especially being a copper myself and wishing my whole family were in the job as well.
The Sunday sit down roast and the nights in together as a family are perfect and make you wish you had their lives and that house!
Can't wait for the restart of season 2 here in the UK.
I know it is all so perfect but it's just escapism at it's best.


The absolute BEST show on television right now! I LOVE the family and their weekly Sunday dinner discussion on every episode. Keep up the GREAT work!


Season 1 just ending in South Africa- LOVE this show..hope we get 2 very soon.

Avatar this show. Can't wait for season 2 to begin tonight !!

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Blue Bloods Quotes

Frank: Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean. Who is neither tarnished or afraid.
Henry: Raymond Chandler?
Frank: His definition of a hero.

Jamie: Who sings that?
Renzulli: It's the Red Hot Sushi.
Jamie: Let's keep it that way.