Yvonne Strahovski at Comic-Con: How Will Chuck End?

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There were some really amazing moments at Comic-Con, but few can compare to having the none other than Sarah Walker herself sit down less than five feet from you at a Chuck round table.

Combine the beauty (magnified in person) with the adorable personality and the Australian accent and... yeah. Yvonne Strahovski was a good interview.

Our round table brethren, much like all Chuck fans out there, were obsessed with what was going to happen to Charrah during the show's final season. Most of our questions focused on this relationship. How does Yvonne want things to end for Sarah?

"I keep thinking Sarah is going to get married and have triplets. They're all going to move to the Bahamas and drink mojitos."

Wouldn't be a bad life for Chuck and his three gorgeous children, would it? Watch the video below to see her responses to other important questions, including the obligatory social networking query, now:

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Chuck Quotes

Sarah: Wow, I didn't think people still named their kids Chuck. Or Morgan, for that matter.
Chuck: My parents were sadists, and carnival freaks found him in a dumpster.
Morgan: But they raised me as one of their own!

Chuck: Uh, you know, Sis, the thing is, Morgan and I don't really feel like we're fitting in...at my birthday party...'cause we don't know anybody, 'cause they're all your friends, and they all happen to be doctors.
Morgan: Doctors who don't really get our jokes!
Chuck: Well, your jokes

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