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I Agree Julian Mcmahon Would be a great choice for this role .. but i think that whoever does the casting should risk it and get someone unexpected and new to this role to excite the fans moree! And they shouldnt say who he is so we could keep looking forward to the episode ! :D :P


I cannot see a vampire slayer being more evil than Klaus. They are trying to find a new villian for every season. Sounds a lot like Buffy if you ask me.


Someone more evil than Klaus?! If possible, this just makes me even MORE excited about next season. I can't wait!


I figured they would try to make Klaus somewhat more human, by making him have a heart. What's wrong with having a villian be completely heartless. I'm not excited about the vampire slayer, because it makes me worried about Caroline. After all they like to kill off characters a lot on this show even the lovable fan favorites. I mean there really is no worry about the other two, because you just know they won't really kill off Stefan or Damon. If they killed off either of the two main guys they would just bring them back to life like they did in the books.


this should be interesting
i can't wait till September!
+ how is Klaus not the biggest baddest baddie we've seen so far?!


Oh, god, no human Klaus please! I want him to be evil goddammit!!


Finally! Something that's got me excited about season 3 of TVD. I can't wait to see someone who's bigger and badder than Klaus; it's kinda hard to imagine!


Cannot wait for the "vampire slayer" that is going to be GREAT! Someone badder then Klaus, wow that's alot to live up to. I can't imagine anyone badder then Klaus...oh yeah maybe the "ripper" gotta watch those strong/gorgeous/silent types. Anyways, can't wait for season 3. The Originals, the ripper and now the vampire slayer.


Maybe it's one of Klaus' brothers seeking revenge for killing the family...if it is they should cast Julian McMahon!!!!! :D


Given all possibilities for a Bigger Big Bad, I suppose it could be either Klaus's dad or if we follow to something in the books, an evil PTB (Powwers that be) guardian/angel from a different dimension?

As for the vampire hunter Eric? I'll give credits to the poster who speculated that Meredith's dad might be coming on the show.

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