The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 67

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The 67th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone. Did you get your submission in on time?

Many thanks to all who did, and a special shout-out to "Mrs. Salvatore." This user made us laugh the hardest with the entry posted below. Check it out now and don't fret if you didn't win:

There's always next week!

Classic VD Pic

Vicki: I now call the Supernatural Lovers Support Group to order.

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Vicki:Oh! I've got a great idea.
Matt: What is it?
Vicki: How 'bout i become the new Elena, and Tyler can be Daimon, and you can be Stefan.
Tyler: "Ye-ah" and Matt: "Huh?!"


Vicki: Guess what.. I've got the name of Elijah's hairdresser.


Vicki: Hi guys. Just came to tell you that I'm comming back.
Tyler: Okay, cool
Matt: ... was that my dead sister?


After Vicki and Tyler tell Matt about the supernatural side of Mystic Falls...
Matt:*Almost gets a heart attack* You ARE joking right?!
Tyler: You've just been punked!
Vicki: *Facepalm*


Vicki and Tyler: So matt, thats pretty much it on all the vampires, witches, werewolves, etc., in Mystic Falls...
Matt: *Dumbstruck* What is this- an episode of Supernatural?


Matt: Vicki stop haunting us!
Tyler: You really are freaking us out!
Vicki: No way- I'm totally going to get my revenge on you
Matt: We haven't done anything bad to you
*Tyler looks guilty*
Tyler: *Points wildly* Um Vicki... Do you see a light?! Walk towards the light! The light- Vicki! Go to the light!
Vicki: *Facepalm*


Tyler: Matt we have to tell you about who, or 'what', you really are. I'm a werewolf
Vicki: And I'm a vampire-turned-ghost
*Matt shocked*
Vicki and Tyler: *pause* A human


Vicki: Wait Matty, did you just say you were friends with this werewolf?


Vicki: Hey guys, I'm dead!
Tyler: Vicki are you smoking crack again?


Vicki: So, tell me Matt, how does it feel knowing that the vampire you love is inevitably going to end up with this handsome werewolf over here?
Matt: I - I -
Tyler: It's okay, Matt... This is a safe circle.

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