Teen Wolf Review: SuperHale Returns

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Through eight episodes, Teen Wolf has developed into an exciting series that does a tremendous job writing story on top of story.

It all started with Scott McCall getting bit by a werewolf. Things then began to build in "Pack Mentality" when we learned about the Alpha Wolf. As the season carried on, it seemed like this might not be anything more than a simple story of "let's kill the big bad wolf."

Thankfully, that was not the case.

Wet, Angry Scott

"Lunatic" gave us the reveal that there may be a werewolf cure, and in doing so, it provided our protagonist with something to really pine for as the season/series moves forward. Everyone has wanted to kill the Alpha Wolf since learning about him, but now that result would be rewarded twofold as it also would clear Scott of his werewolf problems.

Is that possible on a show that is titled Teen Wolf? Probably not, but the series has already earned enough respect in its ability to surprise that I wouldn't take it out of the realm of possibilities.

Before moving on to Scott screwing over his best friend, and yes, the triumphant return of Derek Hale, let's reminisce about another brilliant opening sequence. This time it featured the first blatant homage to the original
Teen Wolf movie.

It was fun watching Stiles get hammered, and while it was not nearly as entertaining watching Scott sit sadly with his friend, things picked up when those other two jokesters showed up. Scott was fed up and didn't want any trouble, so he simply did his best Michael J. Fox impression: "Give me the bottle of Jack."

He did it with the wolf eyes, and the low slowed down voice, in a perfect homage to the Fox line of "Give me a keg of beer."  And because Tyler Posey is not nearly as scrawny and nerdy looking as Fox was back in 1985, Scott had me shaking in my boots, a common occurrence during the opening sequences lately.

After sticking up for his boy like that, I couldn't believe what I saw out of Scott throughout the rest of "Lunatic." I understand it was a full moon and everything, but you don't do your best bud that way. Wolfing out or not, you don't make out with the girl Stiles has been lusting over for who knows how long.

Scott deserves both of the hardships that came to him after that. First, Stiles tricked him into getting handcuffed in his room for almost the entire night. And, secondly, Allison and Jackson continued to hit it off. Scott got a glimpse of that as the two of them consoled each other in the car, but he never did get a chance to take out his frustration on them... thanks to Derek Hale.

Yes! Like so many made clear, Derek Hale is not dead! He returned to save Scott from harming Jackson and/or Allison, or at the very least outing himself as a wolf. He then absolutely demolished Scott in the ensuing rumble in the woods. This dude just spits excellence, no? It's great to have him back.

So with four episodes to go in the first season, Teen Wolf continues to improve. I loved how "Lunatic" developed the stories we were already aware of, and also brought in some of its own plots. What did you think of the episode? How pumped are you to see Derek Hale back? And how mad are you at Scott for making out with Lydia?


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OMG Derek is back sooo happy he's freakin' BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!! So I think that the alpha is either scott's chem teacher, his coach, or it could be his dad that would be sooo AWESOME!!!!

Rhianna speranzo

great episode overall! Really hated Scott for EVERYTHING this time. Bad attitude that you cant only blame on the full moon. I waited for Derek the whole episode. He's my favourite part of the show i was glad he putScott in his place
My friend brought up a good point and she says that 'if you kill the alpha, dont YOU become the alpha the?' which will probably end up happening in anohter season.


I will throw a guess on who is the Alpha..... their chemistry teacher. He is pretty freaky like he has a dark agenda somewhere....
Other than that, I love that they went darker on Scott, me wants mo' ....


I was insanely pissed at Scott for not only kissing Lydia but lying about it too. If I were Stiles I'd have done more than just handcuff him and give him a doggie bowl. I absolutely loved when Derek's roar made Scott cower. That scene showed Derek really is the master werewolf in this duo.


loved this episode. i agree. scott was badass! i love him this way. his character is just going in all different directions. the kiss with lydia was hot. she's getting crazy too. love. her.
jackson pisses me off, but that's totally cool b/c it adds to all the twists going on. it keeps me wondering what the hell he's up to. so glad derek is back. he was missed, and he clearly is needed to keep scott from f*&^%$^ up! he's a big bad(ass) wolf.
with only 4 episodes left i wonder if we're ever going to find out who the alpha is. i did love the scene where he transformed back to a human.


I think that scott anf lydia would make apretty interesting couple and I think the alpha is svotts long lost dad like in the movie and scott and I dought that scott will lose his werewolf powers hell just learn to control them way better


My favourite scene: Stiles getting out the water and pouring it into a dog bowl. But of course, I loved the rest of the episode too. Favourite female: Lydia. Favourite male: Stiles. I also love Derek, Kate and Jackson. Scott and Alison are only a little less awesome, in my opinion, I suppose I find the other characters a tad more interesting.


Wow.........Best episode so far.Just get,s better each week So glad dereak is back....


Thank you KIKI BERKLEY for putting some sense into scotts character. Youre right it does add more to his character.

Kiki berkey

I love bad Scott... It just added more to the character full moon or not... I think Jackson and Allison are just creepy basically because of Jackson.. I want to go back to tolerating Jackson.. I will if or when Scott and Allison get back together. Jackson's interest in Allison is apart of Jackson's agenda and jealousy with Scott.. Jackson is either paranoid, jealous or obsessed maybe all three to seriously have Scott's lacrosse glove in personal storage? Seriously? Jackson's hate campaign toward Scott was kicked up a notch when Scott was named co - captain and when he figured out Scott and Lydia kissed. I love Scott and Allison but Scott and Lydia's kiss was awesome! He proved to me that Scott has a backbone and isn't pathetic. Although it did hurt Stiles.. Lydia is proving to be versatile and interesting.. She's intelligent, talented, seductive, manipulative and two faced.. Just look at what she did to Scott and Allison by telling them two different stories about their break up and what happened last episode. Stiles.. where to begin with him... He's awesome and so versatile first when he is drunk, he had a key made for Scott's house. Most people that is creepy but not with Stiles. The vulnerability he showed when he mentioned his mother and concern for his father. Scott was the bad ass for the show until Derek came in and instantly stole Scott's thunder... Remember Derek said if a person is bit they'd have to kill the alpha that bit them but Derek doesn't even know if it's true... How is possible for Scott to be cured by killing the Alpha that bit? Won't that make him stronger? Turning him from a beta to an alpha? Derek wants to help Scott control his gift so Scott won't kill anyone but to also help Derek kill the alpha.. I think Derek may have been lying to Scott so Derek can get what he wants. Oh, memo on Mama Argent. She's a nutter! I don't have to explain why! I want Scott and Allison back together... Anyone else think when Allison asked Scott if he wanted to hurt her in the episode 9 preview that she found about his kiss with Lydia.. I'll place a wager Jackson had a part in Allison finding that secret out.. So close to seeing the Alpha.. I'm not going to guess.. I honestly don' know..
I say this every week but I can't wait for Monday!

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