Rookie Blue Review: Who Got Stung?

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The twists and turns on Rookie Blue just didn't stop as relationships continued to transform at a surprising pace Thursday night.

Jo was like a predator stalking her prey in a tight shirt and a pretty smile, while "Stung" also gave us a glimpse at Luke and Jo's past - and a shocking look at their future.

Undercover on Rookie Blue

Well, I wasn't completely shocked, especially after Jo answered the door in only her panties. Why did she take her pants off to answer the door during an undercover operation? Oh yes, that's right. It was to seduce Luke.

So Luke gave up a promotion to stay with Jo only to have her take the same promotion and leave him. Ouch! That means he's been nursing a broken heart and a wounded ego for a long time now. Was Andy just a bandaid?

Not that he was doing it consciously, but Andy's going to get crushed, nevertheless. I only hope Swarek's around to help her pick up the pieces.

How long do you think Luke's been waiting to hear that Jo regretted her decision? Once she admitted it, it was like the dam broke and all of that underlying passion couldn't be denied.

My only question is whether Luke's going to man up and tell Andy the truth because I don't see Jo backing down or going away.

On other fronts, the car giveaway sting was a lot of fun and Dov was right. Swarek was in his glory.

Dov's bomb scare rendered some interesting results and a couple of strange quirks. 

Such as, did anyone else notice the guy in the bomb suit was outside while the cute chick in the t-shirt went in and saved Dov. That was a little odd.

When Dov emerged unscathed, was Gail's hug just a little longer than necessary? Then in the locker room she seemed to act the role of the upset lover more than concerned roommate.

When Chris pulled his application for the Mounted Patrol so Dov had a better chance at it, the two made a pact. From now on, if it's something they really want they will both go after it and may the best man win. 

Wow, talk about foreshadowing. Something tells me the next thing they'll be fighting over won't be a promotion.

Rookie Blue's moving fast this season and I have to say I'm loving every minute of it. How about you? Leave a comment and discuss below!


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I don't think andy should me mad, she almost slept with Sam when she was with Luke..


I used to enjoy RB reviews & comments on my iPad 2 but last couple days site begins to load then screen goes black. Anyone having problems?


I really liked Luke...until last week. Bleh. Never did like Jo...but, I think that's the point. I just wanted to throw up watching that scene with them in bed. I can't see Jo with Sam either. Never could. He is more like a big brother now. Gosh! Bring in Nick!


I want sandy :(


OMG!! What if Luke & Andy stay together (for whatever stupid reason) & the triangle is Sam, Gail & new guy - at least for awhile?
Oh! No, I didn't get a life yet.


Ok! I need to get a life & stop commenting about RB but if Andy quits Luke & bounces to new guy & if Sam doesn't man up & tell Andy how he feels, it will be a real waste of all Sandy fan's time & dedication. Sam isn't a wimpy man so I'm surprised he has let this situation continue - even supporting Luke when talking to Andy. Ollie also thinks it's time Sam stops being a mouse. Does anyone know if there is a RB website where fans comments & opinions are all in one site, not necessarily by episode?


I was reading back in an interview Ben Bass had (it's on this website) and he said "the audience will not get what they expect"! I hope this isn't true, if what we expect is Andy & Sam to get together! If Jess is right, and a new character is going to be added, what is going to happen to Andy & Sam?! (they are the majority of the reasoning for why I am such a RB fan!) And SuSu, I noticed too that she didn't mention Sam, it was weird, it seems like she's better family with him than say, Gail. Because of the lack of scenes together in the last episode, I hope Andy & Sam aren't drifting apart, that would just ruin the show for me! Can't wait for this week's episode!


I dont think that Andy and Luke will break up so fast, Luke might hide his affair with Jo and continue dating with Andy. Andy might dont know about the sex they have.


Jess: Where u read the news? Can give me the link pls?


Jess, you just broke my heart! If what you say is true, then Sam & Andy are a thing of the past & we' re going to be strung along hoping they get together while writers keep throwing up barriers thinking we'll keep watching in hopes of Sandy becoming a reality. I stopped watching JAG & Stargate SG1 because their writers did the same thing & in both cases the fans were let down. Sorry, Jess, but hope what you read is wrong.

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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Traci: Dex packed his bags. Said he didn't want to live a lie anymore.
Andy: Drama queen. Him, not you.

Noelle: What's going on with him?
Dov: Bee sting.
Noelle: Well ain't karma a bitch.