Rookie Blue Review: "Might Have Been"

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Everyone makes choices in life. And "Might Have Been" highlighted some important ones this week, showing us some great insights into our rookies.

Andy's undercover musings gave us and Sam some ideas about why she chose Luke. He's a good guy; he loves Andy; and he's not afraid to tell her so.

Undercover for Andy

As much as all of that's true, I still have the feeling that Luke was a more of a choice she made with her head than her heart. Don't you?

Still, Andy was definitely a little worried about Luke working so closely with Jo and it looked like she might have reason to be. Was it just me, or did Jo look like she would have jumped all over a night with Luke, girlfriend be damned?

Meanwhile, Traci simply couldn't stay away from Jerry. I've never been a huge fan of these two - or, should I say, I've never been a huge fan of Jerry. Unfortunately, Traci seemed to be unable to avoid the attraction.

Poor Dov. He started with the best of intentions and it led him straight to the dark side. Going to Beatrice's home after hours and alone was just dumb. He's been a cop long enough to know how unpredictable domestic violence calls can be and he obviously suspected that was what was happening here.

Then, when it all hit the fan, he tried anything to save himself, including dragging his friends down with him. I was so disappointed in Dov when he asked Chris to lie on his behalf.

For that alone, he deserved to get stuck on probation. Panic led to extremely poor judgement yet again. Luckily, Chris had the brains to say no to his friend.

Lastly, I enjoyed how Oliver figured out that Patrick was dirty, even if there wasn't much he could do about it. His choice was to confront the man so he knew someone was on to him.

Rookie Blue dove deeper into the choices our team has made this week. I can't wait to see where those decisions will lead them the rest of the season.

Might Have Been Review

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