Lilly Roberson Cast on The Vampire Diaries

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Lilly Roberson has landed a role on The Vampire Diaries.

This is all we can confirm at the moment, but all signs point to the young actress coming on board as Becky.

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A new character on season three, Becky has known Stefan for decades. We'll flashback to Chicago in the 1920s to learn more about their relationship, and then watch as Becky shows up in Mystic Falls, looking for her former love.

Roberson is a native of Atlanta and once appeared on Without a Trace.

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Stefan and Caroline do have good chemistry and so does Tyler and Caroline. But a vampire in a relationship with another vampire we've seen before. But is rare to see a werewolf and a vampire together. Also Caroline deserves someone for a change that hasn't loved Elena before. She's to great of character to be picking up Elena's left overs.

Uncle jackass

But I suppose this is the truth of a 150 old vampire... how much baggage would you think a person would accumulate? That said, the chemistry between the actors of Caroline and Stefan are amazing. I'm sure fans want to ship what they see and not what is written but ultimately you shouldn't care if you love the TVD.


I'm really bored of this "epic love story of Elena and Stefan" stuff. It wasn't epic, it was sooo Twilight that the reasons I continued watching were the supporting characters and, of course, Damon.
I think it's good they give Stefan another girl AND that he might be more evil next season. Makes things much more interesting :-)


people who think Stefan never had anyone before Elena are stupid ( yes Stelena fans stefan had sex with other people you need to deal with it ) Damon isnt creepy and Lori: Damon and Bonnie never got together in the books perhaps you read different books or too much fan fictions. Finally, SE are as epic as Buffy and Riley!


The writer's are trying everything in there power to make Stefan out to be the "not worthy of Elena" brother. Yes, Kevin everyone know's that Ian is your new Pacey. Me and friends loved Season One of TVD's because he told of an epic love story of Elena and Stefan and gave us scary moments. Now it seems the entire show is about Damon chasing and pushing himself onto Elena. Little creepy, what with a guy going after his little brothers girlfriend. Why don't they just let Damon and Bonnie get together like the books. Hope season three is better then season two.


Grammar correction from my previous post *****FOR


So you're trying to tell me that Stefan wont pine of the cheating Elena?? NO FRIGGIN WAY. I knew I liked Stefan for a reason. He doesnt pine like his creepy brother.


I would'nt mind either!


Are Stefan and Becky gonna kiss? :o

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