Kaley Cuoco Interview: Raj and Penny?!?

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After Bill Prady and Steve Molaro exited my round table at Comic-Con, they were quickly replaced by the adorable Kaley Cuoco. I was quick to ambush her on the hottest Big Bang Theory topic out there: the Raj-Penny hookup!

Unfortunately, much like Prady, the actress didn't have much to divulge. Unlike Prady, though, she at least had an excuse: actors don't receive scripts until mere days before an episode shoots.

Kaley Cuocoo at Comic-Con

From there, we moved on to an area near and dear to Kaley: Penny's acting career.  

"Penny is not a very good actress, which I find really funny," she said. "I would love to see her get some new acting jobs, but she's so terrible at it. I'd love to get out of the Cheesecake Factory."

What show would Kaley love to see Penny star on? The Real Housewives of Pasadena.

Next up, we had to return to 'ships. This time, it was the show's main love story. Will Penny and Leonard hook up on season five?

"I hope so. She was such a cockblock this whole season. From what I'm hearing, Penny might be having feelings for Leonard again. He's got two chicks that want him and he's still not getting laid at the end of the day."

Yeah. Safe to say our table was obsessed. We had to return to Penny hooking up with the rest of the TBBT crew. Her thoughts on Penny hooking up with anyone but Leonard? 

"Raj won't talk to her, Sheldon is a robot, Wolotize is getting married, so it's gotta be Leonard."

Her reaction to TBBT fans' obsession with Sheldon and Penny?  

"The whole Shenny relation is very special. I don't know if he respects her, but he tolerates more than any other woman. After she stood up to him and called his mom, he's respected her since then."

Coming soon: My interview with Jim Parsons!

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