Glee to Clean House in Season 4: Who is Out?

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Ryan Murphy has already said various Glee cast members will graduate high school after season three, but there was still the question of whether or not they would remain on the show. That question has now been answered by creator Ryan Murphy:

Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer will definitely not be returning "at all" next season, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic,” Murphy said. “Or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year."

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Citing the "integrity" of the series, Murphy added:

“We’ve never done anything by the book. We made that decision and I involved Chris and Lea and they thought that was a good idea. They both trust the writing and trust me and felt that it would be great to have an open and closed experience for them to go out while they were on top.”

So, will Rachel and Finn end up together? Will she head to NYC with Kurt? There's plenty of time to debate what will happen and what should happen, but for now, let's just react: What do you think of this risk?

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I'm so gutted they are leaving, they ARE def the best characters in the show and i've been watchin it to follow them, me and a number of friends wont be watching it anymore after they have gone. Rachel and Finn make the show and the producers are stupid if they think the show will have the same impact without them.I cant wait to see whats goin on in 3 though and i'm hoping they will keep them together, they have just got back together and are in love so will be ridicious if they just break up again, whats the point in any of it if they do that, i think they should show Finn running after her to join her in NYC cuz he cant be without her, ahhhh see that would be loads better lol!!!!!!!(PLS DONT BREAK THEM UP LOL) We could have watched them develope in NY to so we didnt have to lose the characters!!!!!!!! Im hopeing season 3 has a bit more of season 1 feel to it, Season 1 got me hooked but thought 2 was def lacking something. Im also hoping they do a kinda spin off show wiv rachel, finn and kurt in NYC if they are def not comin back, i'll be watching that n scaping glee for sure :) Roll on 3 cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't see why they couldn't return as guest stars at all what bullshit ! Integrity ? Integrity goes out the window when 3 of your mains get writteb out because they're "seniors" uhm what about the other kids who are clearly the same age ?


The thing is.... The cast all signed 3 year contracts when the series started. Then Fox made them do mall tours and 2 concert tours which involved 2 a day concerts on many days. They have milked all they can out of the few dollars they paid these newcomers. Now that they are stars and divas, contract talks could be difficult and I doubt Lea even wants to come back. She wants to do Funny Girl on Broadway.


well we saw them taking electives which really you can be in 10th grade and take a class with 12th grader if something that is just an elective which Home ec or their cooking class falls under.
We also only actually seen them in Spanish (which you have the option of continuing taking after two years and you can test into a higher level). Also I can see how Puck could end up being held back from graduating.
Also people can repeat classes.


I honestly have loved the show, for the music, and the stories, since it started. But if they take away the characters we've all grown to love and bring in a 'new class', it just wont have the same feel, and I think I'll be done.


Aren't pretty much all the kids the same age (think it's only Sam I've yet to see in a class).
Being a Brit I'm not entirely sure how US school systems work (juniors/seniors/sophmores etc. I don't even know what the hell a sophmore is!) but seeing as Tina/Mercedes/Kurt/Brittany were all in the same home ec class I'm assuming they're the same age. Were they not all in the same class when Holly first appeared (didn't she teach them all together). We've also seen Mercedes and Mike in the same class as Finn (during sex ed). Puck and Finn are also in the same classes and we've seen Lauren with Puck in class too so they must be the same age. Blaine MUST be older than Kurt cos he's already been to his junior prom before Kurt went to his.
So surely my point is (other than Brittany cos she's dim) they are ALL on the chopping block? Why focus on Lea/Chris/Cory, by the sounds of it they'll be getting rid of practically everyone (which includes me, I'm not sticking with the show for Mr Schue, Emma and Sue, Brittany will be no fun without her friends).


ok i think this is BS. I don't really like these characters (except Rachel) but lets face it these 3 characters makes the show. this is a really stupid decision and it will ruin the show. hopefully Mercedes and britana gets to stay. and as a someone said; many shows made time jumps why cant glee?? and like one tree hill, they could still involved the high school!!


To erin: I was getting ahead of myself and didn't release at the time that there have only been two seasons so far. It almost seems to me that Glee has been on forever. Sometimes I tend to think too far ahead. ^_^;


I used to like Glee but it just seems like it has gotten really stupid now. "The integrity of the show" lol yea right Lost, One tree hill, True blood, all stretch time and mess with it the integrity of the show..just sounds like your lazy and wanna try and fit them into the series because it'll be too costly.


Aww. Bummers. Rachel, Finn and Chris are my favorites and I think it will kinda ruin the show if they leave altogether. I'll totally missed them but hey it's the best decision to be out when you're at the top. I'm positively sure that Lea, Cory and Chris will be success in whatever they're doing after Glee. As for the main lead of the show. I'd rather they cast someone new to replace 'Rachel' and 'Finn' rather than promoting some of the remaining Glee Cast.

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