Combat Hospital Review: Lucky Charm

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What is luck? Combat Hospital raised that issue on "Inner Truth." Is there such a thing as good fortunate? Or if we actively make our own.

The story of Pvt. Flax was both sad and hopeful at once. Did his good luck really rub off on those around him or was it merely coincidence? And did fortune finally turn from him when he died or did it simply carry his luck to those who got a second chance from his organ donation?

Inner Truth Scene

I loved the fact that he was motivated by a comic book to donate his organs. Great inspiration can be found in odd places.

Rebecca questioned her own inspirations for trying to make the organ donation possible. Did she want to save lives and fulfill a dying man's wish or did she need to compete with Bobby's new found success?

I truly believed Rebecca's heart was in the right place. That said, she was a lousy friend to Bobby up until the end. 

Rebecca has a deep need to be the best. Suddenly, her friend was the competition and she couldn't rein in her jealousy.

However, I did respect her for admitting her own weakness, as the scene between she and Bobby was rather sweet. Rebecca confessed to hating him, just a little for his success and he acknowledged that he tries hard to be nice and helpful so that people will like him.

Rebecca's awkward friendship with Simon continued to grow, even as he hid his secrets. Unfortunately, due to Simon's bionic hearing, Rebecca couldn't hide hers as he overheard her quip to Pedersen…

Rebecca: He does have a great ass for a selfish, arrogant, neurosurgeon. | permalink

Regrettably, it appeared that Simon was so distracted by other issues that he was barely able to enjoy the comment. And in a completely random Star Wars reference, Col. Marks hoped for a future with lightsaber scalpels. Well, what doctor wouldn't wish for that?

So was Flax lucky to have his final wishes granted or unlucky due to his untimely death? Did Bobby and Rebecca make their own luck or was it simply luck of the draw?  Has Simon's luck run out and what's your guess on his deep, dark secret? 

Inner Truth Review

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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

He does have a great ass for a selfish, arrogant, neurosurgeon.


Against regulation. Well, all good things in life are.