Chyler Leigh Speaks on Grey's Anatomy Future

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During a recent red carpet appearance, Chyler Leigh spoke about Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo potentially leaving Grey's Anatomy after this season.

No one wants that to happen, but if nothing else, the original cast will have one last great run this year, and Chyler - who joined the cast in Season Four and is still under contract for several more years - is ready to carry the Grey mantle if needed.

She's also got a cute new hairstyle! Check it out after the jump:

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@smileyglen With regards who was left from Lexie's class were Steve Mostow (Two), Ryan Spalding (Four Point Two), Lexie Grey (Three) and Graciella Guzman. Megan was only rehired when Derek was Chief. The rest of them were cut. Notably, Steve, Ryan and Lexie were Cristina's interns.


I think Chyler Leigh should stop making comments about potential cast departures. This way, she would not be attacked by Meredith Grey fans and not seem over-eager for her cast mates to leave. Especially since both Ellen and Patrick have backed off their previous "definitely leaving" stance and have adopted "we don't know what is going to happen" approach. Personally, I would want all of the original cast members to stay.


Lexie can't be the lead. The whole thing about Grey's Anatomy is that Meredith was all twisted when this started. She had her whole daddy issues going on, a sick mother, commitment issues, putting her hand in a bomb.. she doesn't see things in just black and white. Lexie's only real troubles are with her mother dying. She had a great childhood, and part of what made us being drawn into the show was the fact that Meredith was a dark character that we could relate to in some way. This show needs to end after season 8. Everyone is beginning to grow up and evolve into better human beings/adults. It was a transition from being a child (intern) into an adult (last year of residency/attendings). They can't keep throwing in ridiculous storylines like accidentally pregnancies, and Mark's daddy issues. Meredith has grown as much as she needed to on the show.


I dont want them to leave at all because then everyone will stop watching but not true grey's anatomy fans i will never stop watching it no matter what happens in life..


Uh, I would'nt want Lexie to be Chief Resident and revolve around her and Mark. No thanks! She is not an original. If the show does go on (which would be stupid if merder leave) at least focus on the orginals and that MIGHT make people who were die hard MerDer fans (which is a LOT of the viewers) want to watch since it does focus on their other orginal favorites. I like Lexi, I really do. She is so cute and lovable...but not so lovable that I would enjoy seeing her in Mer's shoes.


Just watched Season 6:03 and it's safe to say Interns Pearce, Dani and so on were part of the 3/4's of the class that got cut and Intern Steve, Lexie and Graciella were the only ones left, from there group, even though Derek did hire Megan back we never saw her only April.


Further to my previous comment. It will be fascinating television seeing Lexie Grey as Chief Resident. April is going to be the currant one. Lexie will have a great time being the next Chief Resident, lets see Intern Steve, Intern Graciella back working along side Lexie, they were there during season 6 finale and survived the shooting, saw Intern Steve during the trauma training episode, we need to see more of Lexie's class, it can't be just her now, if so what happened to the rest of them her class just upped and disappeared on us, there was Intern Megan (married to Intern Steve) there was Intern Pearce, Intern Dani, Intern Claire. I know Intern Pearce left after the merger but the others should still be there.????


I think Lexie can easily slip into Meredith's shoes, she has her own dark and twisty problems of her own. Watch Lexie in the Season 7 Premiere in the flashback segments when she yells at the patient do you want me to kill you, then Mark admits her into psych. If or when Derek and Meredith leave Seattle Grace, I would want Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan take on the lead roles, Mark and Lexie together are one of TV's sexiest couples. I would love to see Cristina, Meredith and Alex all become attendings and have a whole new class of interns to teach while Lexie becomes the new Chief Resident.


When and if Ellen and Patrick leave, the show is done there is no one left to carry it on. That is when the show should definietly call it QUITS. Please don't keep it on like ER did, that show ended years before they actually ended it.


more video of Chyler and JR

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