The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 65

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The 65th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest was a close on.

Reader "lillian" made us laugh with a reference to Stefan's "Tuesday look," but our staff has awarded this week's top entry to "Tessa Willingale." She cracked us up with the words she put on Damon and Stefan's mouth.

Check out the winner below and don't worry if you didn't think of it: There's always next time!

Hi There, Elena

Stefan: After 3?
Damon: Yes. After three. One... two ... three: SMOLDER ATTACK!!!

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Damon: There's too much blood in my caffeine system


Stefan: Elana we need to talk to you
Damon: Just 2 seconds
Elena: Save your breath. You'll need it to blow up your date!


"Let me get this straight, place left hand in arm pit, flap right arm like a bird(will a bat work?)and this is a fun trick?"


Elana: I'm leaving you both for Klaus.
Stephan: After I just sold my blood addicted ripper body to him , and saved Damon?
Damon: For once brother we agree here... Why?


Elena: Stefan He who laughs last thinks slowest


Elena: So..want me to take my top off?
Damon: Eh.. no, Im good.
Stefan: Im sorry, what?


Elana: Stephan my eyes are up here..I expect that from Damon.. Damon: (sarcastic laugh, puzzeled look) what? But I love ya Elana Stephan: Oh A I'm sorry ...(clear throat, mentally search for words).. What were you saying Elana? Damon: Dude... seriously.. Not like you haven't seen them before..


Damon: U made me smile so wide……I can eat a banana side ways.


Really Damon you did it again!


Damon: What's she thinking?
Stefan: Women like silent men, they think they're listening. So shh...

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