The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 65

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The 65th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest was a close on.

Reader "lillian" made us laugh with a reference to Stefan's "Tuesday look," but our staff has awarded this week's top entry to "Tessa Willingale." She cracked us up with the words she put on Damon and Stefan's mouth.

Check out the winner below and don't worry if you didn't think of it: There's always next time!

Hi There, Elena

Stefan: After 3?
Damon: Yes. After three. One... two ... three: SMOLDER ATTACK!!!

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Stefan: Ok, let me get this straight. . .you want to hook up with Bill Compton, Sookies old squeeze?


Stefan: So, I'm liking the purple top, but the holes in the jeans have got to go.
Damon: I don't know, Stefan. I kind of like the red top with the leather jacket.
Elena: Did you hear what I said? Klaus is coming to get me!
Damon and Stefan: *still studying Elena's outfit*
Elena: Tonight!
Damon: Are you wearing clean underwear? I heard somewhere that you don't want to die wearing dirty underwear.
Elena: Are you kidding me?
Stefan: No, he's right. I read that somewhere too.
Elena: That's it! I'm jumping out the freaking window!


elana ~ im a lesbian
stefan ~ excuse me?
damon ~ welcome to the dark side


Stefan: How are you feeling, Elena? Do you feel strange?
Elena: I'm starting to remember things. I remember Damon telling me he loves me.
Stefan (to Damon): I told you history would NOT be repeating itself and you went and told her you loved her anyway?
Damon (to Stefan): I compelled her to forget. She couldn't remember unless ...
Elena: That's right boys. I'm a vampire and Damon, I love you too.
Stefan (to Damon): You just had to give her your blood, didn't you? You ... wait, what?


Elana ~ ok tell me the truth are you two incestually gay?
Stefan ~ Excuse me? uh Where did you hear that?
Elana ~ Katarina said you two were wonderful together and a sight to see and she had photographs and I just didnt get it until now!
Damon ~ Humm Yeah we are good together arent we?


Elena:: you wont believe this but someone has pictures of us ::cough:: intimately! They want to print it in some magazine!
Stefan:: Excuse me who has what and how?
Damon:: ::wispering:: I remember those...nice....2 grand per..still got the negatives..::loud voice:: Yeah who what and how?


Damon: What are we, five?
Elena: I'm not going to let Bonnie remove the spell until you two work out your issues.
Stefan: Can I get some bunny blood?
Elena: No, but you should both get out and enjoy the sunlight. Oh wait, you can't.
Damon: Real mature, Elena.
Elena: You'd know.


Damon says to Aleana: you look like a size zero... maybe you need 2 in ya. (Smirk)
Stephan looks like he may be confused...this could work he thinks in his head.


Elena: You two can pretend to be plumbers all you want, but a threesome is NEVER going to happen.
Damon (to Stefan): So, wanna go find Katherine?
Stefan: Right behind you.
Elena: Seriously?


Elena to Damon: You are depriving some poor village of its idiot.

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