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Yes! When Sam grabs Andy and drags her around the corner and then it's like he doesn't know what to do with moment of the show.


sorry i meant luke and andy


Such a good opening!!! The moment when Sam grabbed Andy and took her around the truck, my heart squeezed! The way he was looking at her, caressing her face, moving her hair out of her face. I love these two together and the chemistry is so much more apparent between them than Sam and Andy. Can't wait for more episodes, more cases, and more relationship drama to come!


Really loved this season premier! I can't wait for Sam and Andy to be together! Its like get on with it already! Haha Although the only thing I'm gonna say is that Andy's 'I'm fine' line was very Meredith like on greys or was that just me?


that season premiere was really good, i seriously enjoyed it of course.. when Andy got shot and Sam ran over there so quick (i want them together so bad) but it was a really good episode ive been waiting all summer for this show to come back


My only issue with the series is that Andy is constantly needing rescued, I mean what's up with that anyway? lol...Other than that, I LOVED last night's season permeire, it was sooo awesome!


I quite enjoyed this season premiere. It opened up very well and was actually very surprising. I honestly didn't see the bullet coming at all.
I am a fan of this new character, Jo Rosati. Her first appearance was really exhilarating from my perspective. I can tell she's got attitude. :p
I noticed the little spark she shared with Sam. I like the idea of that, except, I don't like the idea of another love-triangle, as well as a love-quadrangle.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Andy did the right thing and stayed with Luke and gave their relationship a chance, but I don't wanna see her and Sam go together and then pull away. It's a tease to the audience and I find it really annoying quite frankly.
As for Chris and Gail, I must say that their relationship would be my favorite. It's just really amazing and you can see the chemistry. However, I foresee a break-up between the two and her getting with Dov. No idea why, but I just had a feeling about it when I was looking at the two talk at the bar.
Overall, it was great opening to season 2 and I look forward to next week. :D

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