Covert Affairs Stars Speak on Season Two

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We're just a day away from the second season premiere of Covert Affairs. What can viewers expect this season from Annie, Auggie and company?

Let's find out from Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham, who participated last week in a revealing conference call with reporters. I've summed up a few key points from it below:

Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham

A blind business: How did Gorham learn to play blind? He has been blindfolded various time on location and left alone in the streets of Toronto. Such lessons will continue to pay off this season, as Auggie will be using an iPhone and a nifty portable braille keyboard, both of which will allow him to work throughout the building; and both of which are legitimate products.

Do Annie and Ben have a romantic future? No (flustered) comment from Perabo.

What about Annie and Auggie? Not any time soon, at least. Look for the latter to continue dating around on season two.

Globe-trotting teases: Episodes have already been filmed in Istanbul and in Paris. The former will feature Auggie in the field, during which we'll see flashbacks to a time when he could see; the latter will take Annie inside the Louvre.

A crisis of conscience will serve as a personal and professional turning point for Auggie.

And it all gets underway tomorrow night. Return to TV Fanatic for a detailed review of the second season premiere as soon as it concludes.

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