Coming to 90210: Navid's Evil Uncle!

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Forget the Fockers. On season four of 90210, viewers will meet the Shirazis.

As previously reported, the show is casting for Jasmeen, Navid's 18-year old sister who is described as a "troublemaker."

Now, we can also confirm (via E! News) that Navid's uncle, Amal, will also recur on the 2011-2012 season.

Liam and Navid

The character will be Navid's father's former business partner, someone who "is ruthless," according to network notes, and "will do whatever it takes to make more money. Money is his priority, first and foremost. He isn't someone you want to mess with."

When might you mean him? 90210 premieres season four on Tuesday, September 13.

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first Navid becoming an business man, just like Chuck Bass in season 3. now the uncle? alright, the next thing i'm waiting for: Navid trading Silver or Adrianna for his hotel. ops, he has not a hotel...


Sorry, Spindae. Indian? The Shirazi family are supposed to be persian.


Considering how much of a douchebag Navid became in season 3, I'm really not eager to see more of the Shirazi family.


An Indian Chuck Bass! Have really noi idea who could play it! Maybe Tony danza ( the one from who is the boss) !


I foresee Navid's uncle forcing Navid's sister into pornography.


okayyyyy.. Navid's sister, Navid's uncle. so who's next? Navid's step-grandmother?

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