Chyler Leigh Teases Transitional Grey's Anatomy Season Ahead

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Are Mark and Lexie over for good on Grey's Anatomy? Yes? No? Maybe?

To hear Chyler Leigh tell it ... we're still not sure. But the actress did open up about the subject along with other Grey's Anatomy topics in a chat with TV Line.

Some excerpts from her talk with Matt Webb Mitovich appear below:


On whether Lexie is really digging Jackson or just using him as a distraction from Mark: "Well, it’s a complicated situation. As far as Jackson goes, they have so many similarities ... They’re both very driven, they’re both up-and-coming in their careers."

"They’re into the same things, and there’s something that’s really refreshing about that for her. He obviously really cares about her, and she really cares about him, so there’s that blossoming of something new. But yeah, there is a distraction [element to it]."

On who needs to grow up, Lexie or Mark: "I say Mark, but you know - whatever!"

On Lexie's reaction when Mark stepped aside: "I was very careful in the way that I chose to play that, because I didn’t want there to be too much of her searching him, saying, 'No, tell me to stay!' She had to make a decision for herself."

“[She had to say], You know what, this isn’t where I’m at. I’m with somebody who makes me happy, and who I can see some sort of a future with and still be able to focus on my career and not have to worry about being some step-mom.”

On the season ahead, which may be the last for some original stars: "The great thing about the show in general is that it has so much legroom to continue to grow. You can continually bring in new characters, so it’s an ER situation in a sense."

"There’s always someone coming in, the prospect of interns, the residents now having interns, which we really haven’t gotten to see yet ... There’s a lot of room for new storylines and growth. I can represent the Grey [in Grey's Anatomy], I’m not going anywhere!"

Follow the above link to TV Line's full interview with Chyler!

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Mitha you have to re-watch all of Grey's Anatomy, the voiceover's have been done by other characters, Meredith does do the majority of them, watch the Callie musical that is Sara talking not Ellen.


I think Lexie is a great character. But she can't replace Meredith. She's not even one of the originals. Mer's voice always be the opening and closing for every episodes in 7 season, they can't just change it with Lexie's.


I love Lexie, but she can't be THE Grey in Grey's Anatomy. She just can't.


Season 8 needs to start with a boom, to me that's a Shonda Rhimes written double episode, with loads of Mer/Der especially Derek going home to find his girls.
Mmmmm maybe he'll answer the phone if Cristina calls him and in her your nasasistic way tell him to get his butt home and help with Zola cos i don't want a kid.


I agree with Chyler, I thought it was time for her and her class to be given interns to torture, just like Meredith, Cristina, Alex, George and Izzie. Let's see Lexie start the I have 5 rules follow them, rule number one, pagers, nurses will page you, rule number two, answer every page, rule number three, get as much sleep as you can, use an oncall room when you can, rule number four do not wake me unless it's an emergency, and the patient better not be dying or you woke your resident for no good reason, do I make myself clear, rule number 5 when I run you run. I can see that over and over again, loved Bailey doing it to her interns then her interns doing it to Lexie and her classmates. I would like Grey's Anatomy to go on for a few more years. Lexie has problems like Meredith, I think given the opportunity Lexie could carry on the legacy of Grey's Anatomy if or when Meredith leaves Seattle.


Love the Grey Family!


I love Chyler Leigh, I love Lexie Grey and I love Grey’s Anatomy, so I’ll definitely stay. But I do agree that Meredith Grey and Ellen Pompeo make the show. However, I definitely willing to give it a shot even if she leaves..


They might as well make a spin-off once MerDer are gone after next season. Start it over. Or Shonda should just know when to quite and focus on her new show, Scandal as well as Private Practice. One show is already a lot to deal with especially as the head creator and executive producer and writer. She's gonna have a stroke if she doesn't cool it for a while. I think Season 8 would be the best place for GA to stop, while it's still relevant and good. (YES, I still think it's good!)

Sofia doremus

I HATE how people are saying their gonna watch greys after thw orginals leave not cool i will NOT be watching greys if MerDer r not coming to season nine


I would still watch Grey's Anatomy if Lexie took over, I would. If you think about it, even when we did see Meredith and Derek scenes this past season, they werent that memorable except for some of the stuff that happend in the first few episodes of season 7. They're already gone through so much and other relationships on the show still need to get to the point that Meredtith and Derek have gotten to. Those two characters have matured so much and this show is about growing a lot of the time. Lexie has so much mroe growing to do than Meredith, therefore she could make a good lead in a show like this.

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