Who Will Die on the Nikita Season Finale?

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Thom and Jaden are already dead.

But Melinda Clarke has disturbing news for Nikita fans: another character will soon be resting in peace. Simply put, the actress tells Zap2It: "I can say that somebody dies in the finale."

The episode, titled "Pandora," airs on May 12.

Staring Down Nikita

Of course, there is a pretty big problem for the show in general: The CW has not picked it up yet. Still, Clarke remains positive.

"Season 2 could be really, really exciting and I'm hoping that it has a lot to do with the relationships because in the finale, there's a moment, for me as an actor, there's one line where you see her as a human being," she teases.

Anything else Clarke can reveal about what's ahead?

"Alex is in really deep shit."

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Alex better not die she's my favorite character and they can't cancel her because we just started finding out alot of shocking things about her and her life also nikita and michael can't die cause there to important to the show just like alex I dont think amanda or percy will die cause there the only main bad guys in the series so i think birkoff will die cause they dont have much more to do with him and hes a big character but not as important.I cant wait till the season finale its killing me not knowing whats going to happen.cant wait for the 2nd season.i am obsessed with nikita its m 2nd favorite show in the world.if alex dies then i dont think i will watch the show that much any more and the show woulnt be as good.


i don't think they will let one of the main actors die , it might be ryan , the CIA agent who helps nikita , he can't really defend himslef , although i don't want him to die because he is a good character in the show


I don't really have much of an idea of who dies... but the show is called Nikita so it wouldn't make much sense to have it w/o her, Alex is too closely tied into the story but I do think that Michael has a slight chance to be the one to die... but I'm leaning more towards Percy and then the next season will possibly be them going after 'Over Sight' or w/e their name is. Still i hope they get to make a new season i look forward to Nikita every Thursday!!!


Pliiiiz, renew the show!! it so deserved to be seen for a 2nd season, for once a new series we can enjoy among the usual docs/vamps/telenovelas' 1s...I hate Nikita is still hanging like that!! :-8) Fingers crossed


So I'm thinking Alex knew all along it was Nikita that killed her dad - the "killing" Nikita thing is sort of a ruse to make Percy believe Nikita is dead. Or maybe that's me being hopeful. About who is going to end up six feet under -everyone knows Nikita can't die, but I am wondering about Alex. Since Michael and her covers are blown having them both around seems a bit like a waste. But I'm guessing Nikita, Michael and Alex are all safe. Percy too. So it's probably one of these; Amanda, Fletcher, Birkhoff and Nate(Alex's boyfriend.) Amanda has too interesting of a story-line and killing Nate would be kind of cliche. That leaves Fletcher and Birkhoff... I'm really looking forward too seeing what going to happen next season (there have to be one or I'll have to write a lot of very angry letters) It's going to have to have a whole new and different tone because so much is changing. But that's good TV for you...


omgomg I am obsessed with this show, I dont think nikita is dead and im really hoping shes not cus then the show can not go on and it will be so strange without nikita i mean nikita is the one helping alex and telling her what to do without her alex is going to go bad. ye i agree i feel that amanda might end up doing something nice and helping out nikita and her people. i wish nikita was on more than once a week the suspense is way too long!
why would they cancel the show?


it better not be ryan i will be so pissed off. hell no how many people can u kill


After that last episode my mind is still in shock. I'm sorta wondering what will happen. I know who won't die for the most part. Right now I'm thinking it might be Birkhoff... I think that as far as the plot line for him goes it's sorta ending. Oh my gosh this show just keeps getting better and better. They can't cancel it or I will be so upset, like this is one of my all time favorite shows. Right now I'm crossing my fingers that Alex, Nikita, and Michael don't die. I'm also wondering if Nikita actually knows what's going on. But any who I'm sorta think that Amanda might help them. I think she's a bit mad right now cause she doesn't know what's going on, but who can be sure...


whoa, i assume nikita didnt die since she "is" the show but wow. Alex overreacted quite a bit. I have a feeling that Amanda is going to help Nikita and Michael escape and Percy has her killed. As for Alex, she goes rouge with a new mission to Kill Nikita and take down Division. CW would be complete and utter failures if they discontinue this. So many theories to what happens next. I want to know!!!


Has anyone thought about the fact that maybe if Percy does die Amanda could take charge of Division? I sure would like to see what she would do! And I agree with whoever said that this show has the perfect mix pf absolutely EVERYTHING! I don't know about you guys but personally I'm addicted to Nikita!

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