What was the Best Season Finale of the 2010-2011 Season?

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With the crowning of Scotty McCreery as American Idol champion, the 2010-2011 television officially came to an end last night. What did we learn from the conclusion of various shows?

Dundler Mifflin might really miss Michael Scott. Bradley Whitford makes for a surprisingly awesome serial killer. And, seriously, anything can happen on The Vampire Diaries.

Castle Season Finale Pic
It's Red John!

From shocking deaths to unexpected proclamations of love, it was quite the eventful last couple weeks of television. There's solid programming ahead this summer, but let's stop and look back for a moment and decide:

What show aired the best season finale?

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Wooohooo! Castle is leading! B) Also, tho thought of Castle losing to Vampire Diaries or Glee is just mortifying. I mean, what the hell? I understand that a lot of people looove those shows, and I AM a Gleek, but honestly I couldn't care less who got together with who because they're just going to break up soon enough anyway. That's all that happens.
And I've never cared much for VD. It is MUCH better than Twilight and I know it. I also know that it came out before Twilight. But a vampire-human love triangle is a definite no-go for me; I don't know about the rest of you. Anyway Castle wins. Castle freaking wins. I mean, who expected it? I have watched that episode a zillion times and cried EVERY SINGLE TIME. I regret nothing. It was just soooo..emotion arousing. Lol. I am not even sure if I was supposed to feel all those emotions because of a TV SHOW, to be honest. WOWOWOWOW. Is all I can say. I always like Castle but it was season 3 that made me love it.


although it was'nt my fave where is gossip girl !!!??? hey it was kinda surprising ?! since it's not there i'm voting glee... apart from the amazing location, songs and some funny jokes glee actually put finchel back together !!! yay !!! now if they stayed together and the gossip girl writers had put chair together it would hve been a great year for tv ( in my opinion ) !!!


The Vampire Diaries all the way. . .


Absolutely NO comparison :D :D


Justified i know its not on ur list but it was awesome so it should be


Sorry but Brennan's pregnant, the bones finale as been on my mind the whole week. About the pregnancy i vote in Leah for a girl...


I love The Mentalist but the season finale of Castle blew me away, Finally he admited he loves her. Awww! can't hardly wait for the 4. season


and where is pretty little liars?


CASTLE FTW!!!!!!!!!!


I totally love Vampire Diaries! But I voted for Castle xD