The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Who Will Save Damon?

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With Damon force-feeding Elena, Tyler transitioning and biting Damon, and Klaus turning Jenna into a freaking vampire, The Vampire Diaries was insane last Thursday.

Who can even guess what's to come these next two weeks!

Well, executive producer Julie Plec doesn't have to. She knows, and shared some insight with TV Guide on what happens next for our favorite residents of Mystic Falls.

Excerpts of Plec's comments on various TVD topics below:

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Jenna went from being blissfully unaware vampires even exist to becoming one - and an integral part of the long-awaited ritual at that. It's a lot to process.

"The next episode takes place over the rest of the night," Plec says.

"It is Klaus' attempt in executing the sacrifice ritual to break the curse, and what everyone else has to do to try to keep her from being the vampire that Klaus sacrifices."

Damon's werewolf bite has no known cure. So what does he do?! "The finale is basically the end of the road of Damon's journey for the year," Plec says.

"He's done so many things and made so many choices that have been so screwed up and now he's at the end of his life, so he believes, and needs to come to terms with all the decisions he's made in the year, and since Katherine seduced him 145 years ago."

"[He'll] relive the mistakes he made with Katherine [and] try to get Elena's forgiveness."

Stefan will try to save Damon, teases Plec, and is "determined to do anything he possibly can. Stefan's whole cross to bear is, 'Wait a second, my brother is finally showing his humanity? The humanity that I took away from him 145 years ago?"

"With no cure, what the hell is he going to do? That's the finale."

Elena does not want to be a vampire, which marks a divergence from Twilight. "When we started the show, the similarities were so extreme," Plec says.

"This was a way of closing the book on that chapter of similarities. I was happy to have this introspection when the choice has already been made for her."

Damon will try to get Elena's forgiveness, but after what he just did, that's not gonna be easy. "This is [Damon's] biggest lesson to learn," Plec says.

"You can love someone with all the power in your soul, but you still have to remember who they are and what they want. In the final episode, Damon needs to seek her forgiveness for what he did and he desperately wants it."

His extra reason? The bite: "'I can't die with you hating me,' that's his point."

Damon can't really die though, right? "Anybody can die!" and "Who needs Ian Somerhalder?" Plec joked, but adds that she's not afraid to make tough choices.

"There will be severe and tragic consequences, and loss of life [will] be extreme over the last several episodes," the shot-caller adds. "It's a vampire show, and in a vampire show, the stakes are high and the death count has to match that."

"If you guys don't believe the consequences aren't life and death, then we're not doing our job. Unfortunately we've set into motion a ritual that needs a lot of sacrificial elements. We hope that the audience trusts our decision as storytellers."

"There will be decisions that are not popular, always."

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if damon was killed off, there wouldnt be the brotherly suspense, or anyone to fight over eleana. there really isnt a vampire diaries at all without damon. if he is killed off then there is not much point in watching the show. i'd be one fan that would not continue watching im afraid. damon is one of the MOST important characters. it would be like Twilight with no Edward or Jacob?! ...


The suspense is KILLING ME !!! .... lol


Tyler wasnt completely transformed when he bit him. I think Damon will ''die'' then reawaken as a hybrid like Klaus, but a good one, that doesnt need to have the werewolf 'deactivated' if that makes sense?


I don't believe either he's gonna die. Or let me rephrase: he might die, but he will not be written out.
I think the most interesting storyline now would be to kill him of and revive him, BUT let us know after some time. Like when people (read: Stefan) are grieving and not coping etc. Like Stefan turning into a bad-ass self-destruct machine like Chuck Bass in GG. And then the almighty Damon would come to rescue. As for somebody dying.. I think it might be Jenna, because the flowers were placed near Gilberts.. so it has to be either Jenna, Elena, John or Jeremy. I think we can rule out Elena, cuz even if she would die and wake up as a vampire she couldn't hide. Nor do I think it's John, cuz his character has a lot of pontentially good storylines.. so either Jeremy or Jenna. My guess is Jenna, because they've already done the turning into vampire thing twice and basically used the only 2 outcomes that it has(either struggling and dying or coping and becoming awesome). + Elena HAS to become a vampire at some point in the series.. so that would be too much I think. Bonnie's the only witch (if Greta doesn't switch sides) so hardly likely they'll kill her off. Same goes for Tyler.. if a werewolf is gonna die, it's gonna be Jules.


Well if Damon does die they might as well kill off Stefan and Elena and Jeremy and Bonnie and the REST OF THE WHOLE DAMNED CAST cos Damon was the only one keeping the show from crossing into twilight territory. And if that happens, I think the show will end midway through season 3. Honestly I don't think he will die because screenwriters and producers aren't fools. They read forums and blogs. They know who is liked and who isn't. I mean in True Blood Lafayette dies in the first book but not in the first season of the show because his character was so popular. The Vampire Diaries will lose many viewers if Damon is killed off. That I guarantee the producers. So if they're reading this and think I'm right, then they should go back and re-write and re-film every mistake they've made


The show ends for me if Damon dies. It seems "Plec" doesn't really care about the opinions of the viewers. I'm not happy with how these last episodes have gone down and how they have made Damon look. I will finish the season but unless something so freaking amazing happens, I don't know how much of the next season, if any, I will be watching.


If damon would die, there going to lose a lot of vieuwers, but he can't die. or Miss Plec will die 'evil laugh'.
Seriusly Damon can't die.


*lose, sorry


He's not going to die.
Not because he is one of the most popular characters, but also because the major plot line behind TVD is the live triangle between the two brothers and elena. Loose one of the brothers and you loose the basis for the show. Without him there would be no structure or grounding.
Let's all relax, he's not dying.


I love Damon and I hope they don't kill him off!! I reckon, Damon will die, but as this episode told us, Elijah has an elixir which he claimed would bring Elena back to life. She doesn't need the elixir as she drank Damon's blood. Hence the elixir is available for Damon's use?? Or it will be a choice between Jenna drinking it or Damon drinking it. If Jenna dies, then Jenna dies but they can't kill Damon.

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