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I know Elijah said that his father slaughtered the entire family of wolves once he discovered that Klaus was half-wolf, but I would love it so much if we would get one Original Wolf on this show.

Maybe the cure is to drink his or her blood. Yeah, it's far-fetched, and it's a show called the VAMPIRE Diaries, but I'd still like to see them play out the werewolf aspect a little more.


My favorite quote and scene was the funeral scene. perfect. anyone else notice elena wearing jeannas earrings? johns letter, alaric throwing the rose on jeannas grave, elena remembering her parents aswel.. and of course damon portrayed as a sort of black angel walking away not wanting to upset the girl he loves. & one last thing SKINNY LOVE

Biggest shock: Jenna's death. devastating. so quick for such a good character. john was a shock also, but just so perfect for him. Bonnie should have and could have finished off klaus herself

Katherine will take advantage of a heartbroken Alaric and theres our new couple

LOVE Caroline&Tyler together., so glad matts out of the picture, these two are perfect together,. still one of my fav scenes of the season is when they have their fight after caroline was attacked and she slams the door on his face. great chemistry

As far as Damon's survival,stefan will go off find a cure and leave Delena to finally realise theyre meant to be together. sin e!


My favorite quote and scene was when Bonnie was being a badass and she told Elijah to kill Klaus or she'll kill them both and Elijah told her she'd die and she was like I don't care. The way it happened was badass and if I was Elijah, I definitely would have been scared not even going to lie because she really took down Klaus a lot more than I thought, her nose didn't bleed, and I think she could have killed him on her own.

Biggest shock: Jenna's death. And I'll leave it at that. My jaw dropped to the floor I didn't even know what to say or do for 5 minutes and then I just started crying. She did go out like a G tho. Trying to kill Greta; i liked that. I wish she woulda taken a bigger chunk out of her neck. And can i add that Carissa is so slow... like when has a vampire in this show turned to dust? Like really? smh she must have not really been paying attention the vampire diaries

I thought the tethering spell was unique at first i was like wtf like thats so weird and i was kinda with damon but it worked at i thought that was cool tho I would have liked elena to be a vampire, i wont lie.

I dont know if Katherine has a next move or if I want her too. I dont even know if shes allowed to leave again but she did leave to lure Jenna out of the house but I'm not sure. If she does have a next move, she'll probably stay and create a lot more problems. I don't think she'll run considering that Klaus is now out there somewhere again doing stuff and she would hate to have to come across him

I'm all for ForWood! I was hopeful of Matt accepting Caroline when he told her the past few days were amazing and then he just crapped on her heart saying he cant be with her like that actually killed me and I didnt like him anymore. I think she should be with Tyler. It was more than evident that they have some type of feeling for each other, and despite their supernatural differences, I think they are amazing together. They definitely need each other.

As far as Damon's survival, I love how everyone is coming up with all these crazy things as to how he will survive I actually love it because my imagination was low in just thinking Bonnie will find some spell to cure it and thats it. But then again, what type of show would Vampire Diaries be if thats all it took?


I wasn't so shocked by Jenna death but it was tough to watch. I like that she didn't go out begging for her life . I was shocked that they killed off John the only parental figure left for Elena and Jeremy. And I loved the funeral scene with Johns touching letter to Elena. I guess Elena can never question Johns love for her. As usually Caroline and Tyler scenes are unbelievable! I think a werewolf and vampire romance is something new and different and it needs to happen between these two. Can we get more screen time for these two as well?


I wasn't that shocked with Jenna's death but that made me cry like hell! John's death made me cry too.


human damon? that would be so funny,when he turns human in the books i nearly laughed out loud:L I'd still love him all the same:) Team Damon/delena


I guess there has to be some logic with the fact that Damon got the bite while Tyler was still transforming( he wasn't fully transformed while biting Damon).This fact might help somewhere.As of now,Damon is just in danger coz of the bite.Ofcourse he's not going to die.


Damon does turn human in the books.The show is so much better than the books.The books are too..plain

that funeral scene was so tragic especially looking at all the people she has lost. We see Bonnie's reaction as Elena walks to her parents graves and that sums it up.
As for Katherine, she will get along just fine with Alaric


My favorite scene was the final one between the Salvatore brothers (with the funeral a close 2nd). The way Damon plays with his ring (contemplating his own demise?) & Stefan's reaction to his brother's bite. He goes through so many emotions in that few moments & his hand shaking as Damon walked away alone undid me. Ian & Paul give beautiful & subtle performances that make me forget I am watching fiction.

I predicted Jenna but was SHOCKED by John. It was so well done, too, I felt for a character I have always despised.

I was fine with the spell because I wanted Elena to stay human and I'm pretty sure Katherine is stuck in that apartment. At least for now. Though I think it's Katherine in the preview saying "you made the wrong choice" or Damon is hallucinating her.

I have not forsaken Wonder Boy yet but some how I became Team Tyler after this week. Not sure how that happened...I would love to see a juicy love triangle for Care.

I think Damon will need to bite Tyler to be cured. I keep going back to Jules saying "bite me" when asked for a cure for Rose. Can't wait to find out & I love reading your thoughts!


@steve (poster) - I so want to see a drunk Katherine stuck in the apartment. It can be the new restaurant. It's safer and damn that girl has fun in there.

@Bobbie I've thought about what happens to Elena and Jeremy. Don't they need a guardian? If I recall, Elena just said she was only 17 the episode before this. Something has to change.

@dominique Yes, of course I watch. However, as I watch every vampire show available, sometimes I get them mixed up. I watch a lot of TV; and I'm not perfect.

@shirarose Yikes, the loss of Stefan's soul would just crush an already weakened Elena. If Damon turns human, that would help her, but she'd always be missing Stefan.

From what I understand, the series isn't following the books closely at all. Damon becomes human in the books? Does Stefan lose his soul, too? What the heck is in the books?

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