The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "As I Lay Dying"

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Fans are still talking about the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. And for good reason.

Below, TVF Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal is joined by senior staff members Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger for an in-depth Q&A discussion of "As I Lay Dying." As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


By turning himself over to Klaus, Stefan acted... Nobly? Stupidly? Desperately? Other?
Matt: Selfishly. He was acting out of guilt, which was sadly ironic because Damon admitted to Elena that he didn't blame Stefan for turning him. But Stefan only made such a drastic decision because his conscience was weighing on him. As a result, numerous innocent people may now die.

Steve: Nobly. In the abstract, perhaps saving Damon and inflicting far greater torment on humanity at large wasn't a good trade-off. But in Stefan's mind all that mattered was his brother. Save him first, suffer with the consequences later. Gotta give him credit for that.

Eric: Desperately. We've all made rash decisions in haste, haven't we? Granted, most of the time they don't result in blood sucking, life taking and girlfriend abandoning. But I once felt pressured at a supermarket check-out line and bought the wrong kind of gum.


Elena kissed Damon because she.... Felt bad for him? Wanted him to be quiet? Loves him? Other?
Matt: She loves him. But is she in love with him? That's the question that may never get answered. Elena, and viewers, may need to study Damon without his shirt on a few more times to figure it out.

Steve: All or none of the above? The ambiguity of that moment, and their complicated relationship in general, make this question infinitely debatable and delightfully open-ended.

Eric: Pitied him. Damon actually killed Rose in a similar situation, remember. Emotions run high and people take pity on those suffering in any death bed scenario.

Your reaction upon seeing Anna and Vicki was... WTH?!? I've missed them! They must just be visions. What about Lexie?!? Other?
Matt: I literally laughed out loud because it was so ridiculous... and awesome! It would have been enough for the season to have ended on Stefan's bloody, intense face. But this is The Vampire Diaries. There's always another twist you never, ever, ever see coming.

Steve: WTH?!? What a great way to finish the season. Delena's kiss and/or Stefan devouring that girl would have been amazing endings, but neither came out of nowhere quite like Jeremy's new "power." He sees the dead now? Will they torment him? Make him avenge their deaths? Where was Jenna? So many fun questions ...

Eric: No offense, Lexie, but I wondered about Jeremy's parents. Will he see them next season? Will they somehow come back to life? How awesome would that possibility be?!? 

Is Elijah actually dead this time?
Matt: Yeah, right. And Katherine is really gone.

Steve: Sure he is. But when all you have to do to bring him back is pull out the dagger, eventually, someone will probably do so a third time.

Eric: No way. We're looking at the Season of the Originals, right? And he's an Original, no? Case closed.

Will we see Katherine again?
Matt: Yeah, right. And Elijah is really dead.

Steve: No way. This was a close one! Too close. She can't risk running into Klaus by showing her face in Mystic Falls. She'll enroll in a vampire witness protection program and never be heard from again.

Eric: I hope so. My one beef with season two was that the show lost direction with Katherine. If we track back all her storylines and manipulations, would there even be a straight path? Why did she come back again? What did she actually want? The major nemesis a season and a half became pretty useless in the long run/big picture.

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Thoughts and hopes for the third season 1.) Elena will tell Damon that kissing him was just because she thought he would die. And she will ask him to help her to get Stefan back. 2.) They will find Elijah and get the dagger out his heart to bring him back to life. So they can build a union to fight against Niklaus. Together with Bonnie, Alaric etc 3.) During this fight-journey the major tension between Damon and Elena is building up.
And I`m really hoping for a real kiss like he shared with Katherine. 4.) They get Stefan back and everything seems to be okay, but deep down it isn`t, because being with Klaus change Stefan. 5.) Damon tell Elena that he must leave for while, because he couldn`t be around any longer just watching her and Stefan being happy together. But he promise her to come back sometimes. 6.) Elena doesn`t admit it to anyone, but she`s absolutely devasted about Damon leaving. 7.) And in the last Episode she will tell him “I can`t loose you� and will beg him to stay. Hoping for this…smile..and a lot of
great action like it was in season 2..
And I also hope the writers will go on with their great work..


Off course Elena haw feelings for Damon, even though these feelings are mixed, because she's been mad at him for all the things he has done and hurt her in the past....that's why she hasn;t realized what she feels...,she didn;t have to kiss him on the mouth out of pity, she would never do such a thing, she kissed him on the mouth, this wasn't out of friendship either....,she could have just kissed him on the front to show him kindness or tenderness, she knew what her heart needed at that very moment and gave it to him, to please him.....


Well... my point is that Stefan Sacrificed himself for both Damon and Elena.
1 For the cure to save Damon
2 Stefan also knew that Klaus will leave town if he accepts to be his Wingman.


Just a thought, but does Jeremy really have the power to see the dead or did Anna and Vicki come back to life (or dead I suppose since they're vampires 0_o ) To me, it makes more sense that they came back from the dead, because when Bonnie was bringing Jeremy back, didn't she say something about the ancient witches she was contacting wanting a balance. So wouldn't it make more sense that if one mortal who is meant to die ends up living, that someone would be brought back from the dead of the supernatural world? Maybe I'm getting too complicated, and I guess that wouldn't exactly explain why both Vicki and Anna are back, but just a thought. Nonetheless, I love that Anna is back! As much as I do love Bonnie and Jeremy, I have to say I think I still favor him and Anna.


Its just that Damon would never pick anyone, even his bro over his love. That is the difference between the two.


I don't see why everyone's using the point oh Stefan abandoned Elena, Damon would never abandon Elena, etc. against him. Well it was either abandoning Elena or abandoning Damon. Abandon Damon, he dies and obviously that would suck. No one would watch the show anymore. So the most obvious choice would be abandon Elena and save brother. I'm pretty sure if Damon was in Stefan's shoes, all the fans out there will be applauding his nobleness. So to answer, I think Stefan acted nobly. Not saying he doesn't also feel guilty, but that doesn't mean he did it to settle his own conscience. I think Stefan would still have saved Damon if there wasn't any guilt involved, since he loves Damon. Just my 2cents lol


She kissed him cuz shw wanted to, she's had feelings for him for a while now. She is a young girl and doesn't know what love is. She will fall in luv w/ Damon eventually and ironically Stefans bloodlust will be the catalyst. Sound like Dawson/Joey/Pacey doesn't it?!!!


OF COURSE, Katherine will return. Someday. Maybe not in the first episodes but AT LEAST for season 3 finale. Jeremy seeing dead people makes sense after thinking about what the witches said and everything but it stays a bad storyline, although I loved seeing Vicky and Anna back, both at the same time! But what does it mean? He just sees them or are they back? Now that would be awesome. Bonnie bringing one dead back to life, against nature, there could be some more "walking dead"?! Elena does love Damon in a different way that she loves Stefan. And she thought it would be her last chance to accept her love, so she did. Out of sympathy, out of love, out of guilt. Out of everything and nothing. Stefan.. oh, Stefan. For me, he acted at first nobly then stubidly and then he acted the way he wanted to act for a long time. So, selfishly. Because the good and selfless Stefan was getting (a little) annoying.
To see his other side means pushing Elena closer to Damon and Stefan closer to danger and the dark side. Both kinda awesome.


I think Stefan acted nobly. He did what he had to do to save his brother. I have total respect for that.
Elena kissing Damon I think was because she does love him in a way, but not in love with him, so she wanted to give him something as sort of a 'goodbye', so that could be mixed with pity also.
My first reaction to Anna and Vicki was OMG! I have missed Anna, so it was like the highlight of the episode for me lol. I adore her and Jeremy. Vicki on the other hand, WTH?
Elijah is not dead. That would be stupid.
Of course we will see Katherine again!


No way! Elena has feelings for Damon cos he is Human, n also that Damon knows she loves him so much

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