The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "As I Lay Dying"

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Fans are still talking about the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. And for good reason.

Below, TVF Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal is joined by senior staff members Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger for an in-depth Q&A discussion of "As I Lay Dying." As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


By turning himself over to Klaus, Stefan acted... Nobly? Stupidly? Desperately? Other?
Matt: Selfishly. He was acting out of guilt, which was sadly ironic because Damon admitted to Elena that he didn't blame Stefan for turning him. But Stefan only made such a drastic decision because his conscience was weighing on him. As a result, numerous innocent people may now die.

Steve: Nobly. In the abstract, perhaps saving Damon and inflicting far greater torment on humanity at large wasn't a good trade-off. But in Stefan's mind all that mattered was his brother. Save him first, suffer with the consequences later. Gotta give him credit for that.

Eric: Desperately. We've all made rash decisions in haste, haven't we? Granted, most of the time they don't result in blood sucking, life taking and girlfriend abandoning. But I once felt pressured at a supermarket check-out line and bought the wrong kind of gum.


Elena kissed Damon because she.... Felt bad for him? Wanted him to be quiet? Loves him? Other?
Matt: She loves him. But is she in love with him? That's the question that may never get answered. Elena, and viewers, may need to study Damon without his shirt on a few more times to figure it out.

Steve: All or none of the above? The ambiguity of that moment, and their complicated relationship in general, make this question infinitely debatable and delightfully open-ended.

Eric: Pitied him. Damon actually killed Rose in a similar situation, remember. Emotions run high and people take pity on those suffering in any death bed scenario.

Your reaction upon seeing Anna and Vicki was... WTH?!? I've missed them! They must just be visions. What about Lexie?!? Other?
Matt: I literally laughed out loud because it was so ridiculous... and awesome! It would have been enough for the season to have ended on Stefan's bloody, intense face. But this is The Vampire Diaries. There's always another twist you never, ever, ever see coming.

Steve: WTH?!? What a great way to finish the season. Delena's kiss and/or Stefan devouring that girl would have been amazing endings, but neither came out of nowhere quite like Jeremy's new "power." He sees the dead now? Will they torment him? Make him avenge their deaths? Where was Jenna? So many fun questions ...

Eric: No offense, Lexie, but I wondered about Jeremy's parents. Will he see them next season? Will they somehow come back to life? How awesome would that possibility be?!? 

Is Elijah actually dead this time?
Matt: Yeah, right. And Katherine is really gone.

Steve: Sure he is. But when all you have to do to bring him back is pull out the dagger, eventually, someone will probably do so a third time.

Eric: No way. We're looking at the Season of the Originals, right? And he's an Original, no? Case closed.

Will we see Katherine again?
Matt: Yeah, right. And Elijah is really dead.

Steve: No way. This was a close one! Too close. She can't risk running into Klaus by showing her face in Mystic Falls. She'll enroll in a vampire witness protection program and never be heard from again.

Eric: I hope so. My one beef with season two was that the show lost direction with Katherine. If we track back all her storylines and manipulations, would there even be a straight path? Why did she come back again? What did she actually want? The major nemesis a season and a half became pretty useless in the long run/big picture.

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@matt,hw can u say stefan turn himself over to klaus selfishly,to mi dis isn't selfishness,it was a noble act trying to save his brother coz he can't stand the chance of watching his brother to die,and to mi stefan luvs damon morethan elena,since he can sacrifised evrytin including his luv 4 her to save damon,and elena kissed damon coz she luvs him she doesn't knw dt until dat point in time wen he was about to die.


ok well first off, i dunno why everyone was making a big deal about a "delena kiss", when it was hardly that, elena didnt put as much passion into the kiss as she cud have, it was barely even a peck on the lips, her top lip just brushed his top lip. in season 3 im hoping there will be a steamy delena scene, prefferably in bed! or just a hot make-out session, im not picky! I hope elena won't want stefan back too easily, and she explores her feelings for damon more, forget season of the originals....let it be season of delena! wooo! team delena all the way bro!!!! :P


Let me jst say dat b4 we resort to 'labelling' wht Stephen did as being eithr selfish, noble or desperate etc lets luk bck to da 1st rxn he had whn Damon showd hm da warewolf bite. The guy truly felt sry 4hm n ws rly heartbroken, al dat evidnt 4rm da tears in hs eyes as he tried 2re-assure hm tht thy wud find a cure no mattr wht! Dat 1st rxn is vry importnt, bcoz da 1st rxn of a persn says a lot bwt wht thy truly fyl inside(b4 al the thinkng n othr fylngs cum into play). Now, wth tht 1st rxn in mind n at dat moment, its clear tht Stephen wud hve acceptd any solutn he ws presentd wth or wud hve dne anythng inordr to save Damon, simply bcoz despite thr neva-endng-feud thy always had each oths back, ALWAYS tried to save each othr in life-threatning situatns. Nw Klaus presentd hm wth a solutn n Stephen did wit he had to do. Of course he felt guilty bwt turning Damon(he always has) bt thn wht ws he supposd to do?turn dwn Klaus' offr so ppl wudnt thnk he ws selfish? Nw DAT wud hve bn selfsh! Lets nt 4get wht Delena fans wud b sayng had Stephen nt acceptd da offr. I love Stephen n Damon n da relatnshp thy hve n frankly dnt cre who Elena ends up wth. I dnt recall a tym whn thy ddnt try to save each othrz lives. I'd rathr hve a brothr who wud save my lyf out of guilt than one who wud let me die out of pride, so wth dat said.....wht Stephen did ws mre than noble! N he didnt abandon hs gf, he ws saving hs brothr n Elena shud b mature enuf to undrstand n respect dat......its nt always gona b bwt her! Damon wud've done da same thng if he'd bn in Stephen's shoes(at least dats wht i think) n dat wudve fueld Delena fans to glorify hm evn mre, so lets nt crucify a man who had no othr option bt 2do wht he had to. Besides, Damon is in luv wth hs brothrs gf n hs makng moves on her......i dnt knw bwt any of u bt 2me one cn neva get any mre selfsh thn tht!


Hey charlotte just one thing. Kevin Williamson likes Damon the most and so do fans. They coincide, obviously as the CW's highest rated show ever and the second season gaining more viewers then the first...people love Damon. Of course I'm being general but most people talk about him. Fabulously multi faceted character, seriously he fascinates me. Same goes for Delena and. The journey they will go on next season


well im sure stefan meant well,but it was pretty selfish what he did,he just felt guilty about making him change all those years ago..and he did leave elena too:L elena kissed damon..BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM, not because she 'felt sorry' for him or wanted him to shut up,yes it was an ironic moment,but STILL,isn't it obvious? she forgave him in 2 seconds,and then kissed him:)


well im sure stefan meant well,but it was pretty selfish what he did,he just felt guilty about making him change all those years ago..and he did leave elena too:L elena kissed damon..BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM, not because she 'felt sorry' for him or wanted him to shut up,yes it was an ironic moment,but STILL,isn't it obvious? she forgave him in 2 seconds,and then kissed him:)


To begin with. The vampire diaries is my favorite show,good job to everyoneee! I hope stefan return back,cause I am against DELENA.In my opinion Damon is so selfish. From the season 1 we were seeing STEFAN trying to approach ELENA and he finally did and they were(ARE) the GREATEST couple. Since they've been trough sooo many things like John,Katherine,Claus and the still love each other I find it SO U N F A I R damon starting to "love her". wow. Yeah,he was in looove with Katherine who loved Stefan and of course damon was jealus and now he's making he's own "revenge" by stealing elena from Stefan. Damon has always during the 2 seasons been selfish,heartless and idiot. But I don't think that by loving Elena he could be the "good" guy. That's why I don't like him.
Now for elena.I understand that she loves Stefan. ok,I understand that Damon is hot,but ENOUGH. I can't get it. Since she has an amazing,great and so strong love with stefan,why she want to mess up with iy by kissing DAMON? Anyway I hope that she'll be back again with STEFAN. STELENAAA


First I want to start off with I'm not on Team Delena or Stelena. I am a fan like alot of people, "the whole show". That being said, I have heard Kevin (producer/writer) on many interviews and has stated that Ian is his favorite character to write for. After hearing that and watching Season 1 & 2 well it's obvious Ian is his favorite. Damon is great to watch but come on not every episode about him. Which it has been. After hearing Kevin's latest interview that season 3 is going to be about Elena and Damon. I thought wow, please enough is enough. The kiss she gave Damon in Kevin's view was not a pity kiss. But, a lead into there journey for Season 3. Meanwhile, like I said Season 1 & 2 was about Damon's journey. To be honest I didn't sign up to devote an hour a week to watch a show about 1 character on a show. I signed up to watch an entire show about an entire cast of people. Needless, to say I am disappointed. Why don't they make it easy on everyone and change the name of the show to the Damon Show. I'm hoping that things change for the show and for the hard working actors on it.

David and sabrina 2014

I thought that this big part of the season finale was surprising. Will Elena fall for Damon and forget about Stefan? who knows. I thought that Elena did this for Damon because she felt sorry for him. Now that Damon is free from the bite, I hope that Elena asks him to help get Stefan back. No story is ever great without love being involved. I also hope that Klaus is out of the picture later on in the 3rd season, Katherine should be gone too, and who knows what will happen with Anna and Vicki back and around Jeremy. I can't wait to see what else will happen when the next season arrives. XD =)


hallo boyz why dont you have a woman on your panel btw? i think that kiss elena had with damon just didnt have the sensuality in it to hint at a suppressed in-love feeling on her side. but frankly, she should be a tad more in love with Damon because lets face it he is a tad more fascinating than his bro. (stefan needs to be more expressive with his feelings not just his feelings of inner turmoil but in his responsiveness to others(probably wont happen). i mean you cant imagine he's really good in bed at this rate can you? he also needs to darken up a bit and of course thats now gonna happen with the help of the very helpful klaus. But! will he be able to show ambiguity and ambivalence about his inner darkness in the way Damon has been able to? i mean THATS what makes damon fascinating. or will stefan now just turn into a terminator (continuing the theme of woodeness). We await with baited/bated breath!!

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