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I think Damon will have to drink the blood of Tyler to survive, and this was the plan of klaus and elijah all along


weell here I am in england uk and an episode behind you lot but wow love TVD am 50 something sad but think Damon is one hot totty

Cant wait for series final ( we are two eps behind ) but being a spoil sport had to read your reviews on The Sun Also Rises cant wait to see on tues 10th May ITV 2 thanks guys keep up good work


Killing Jenna after her being a vampire was right. Too many vampires as regulars to ingest...


Jenna dying= me crying for an hour... So unfair!! Poor Elena and Jeremy and Alaric... What were the writers thinking??
Well although that scene that broke my heart this episode was completely amazing!!
And of course Damon is not going to die!! Maybe he becomes a sexy were-vamp or maybe a human again...
I can't believe how much he has change since season 1, from he saying "let's go drink elena's blood" to "she can't lost anyone more" and leaving her for her own sake... So heartbreaking...
Btw, John I forgive you for being a such a jerk in the first season... XP


FORTUNATELY is not the last episode because the ITAlian fans have not seen what a real KISS for DELENA,the end must be DAMON ELENA,we are tired.DAMON was wonderful at the end of the episode,saying not to stefan say the bite worried for her,when you love ELENA DAMON we are all hoping for a beautiful love storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


Gosh, this was an epic episode! I couldn't stop crying. Definitely TVD is the best show now, and I'm completely more than obsessed.


great show...when there's this much suspense you know you have some great writers!


I don't understand why the elixir would save Damon, didn't we go over it wouldn't work if vamp blood was in the system. It would just seem like a real macguffin if they used that, wait for Damon to be on the brink of death just to revive him with a potion. Since VD is mostly unpredictable i rather see Damon die then come back human with no explanation then for them to use that.



Are we talking about Damon taking that restorative elixir that was originally planned for Elena to take before Damon force fed her his blood? I don't remember seeing Elijah ever taking it out of the Boarding house... That would be something else..

Any thoughts?


I'm thinking the blood of the doppelganger can cure a werewolf bite. However, Elena is already on the brink of death from being drained by Klaus and if Damon drank her blood it may kill her. I am really looking forward to some Delena moments in then next episode and I would be soooooooo sad if Damon actually died. Without Damon there is no balance between the brothers and no more love triangle. It'd be a very boring story after that.

On another note: Did anyone else feel a little ripped off by the whole Elena sacrifice scene?? I mean there was no flash backs of everything she'd been through, no silent I love you to Stefan, no single tear drop, nothing. I was a lil disappointed. Klaus bites, drinks (10 seconds) and Elena hits the dirt. What up with that?? I did love the don't come back as a vampire cause I will stake you myself and the I couldn't handle you hating me forever lines from Damon. Love this show sooooo much and the entire cast is amazing!!!

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