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This episode was fantastic! I've never been a big Bonnie fan but the girl definitely rocked in this episode. I did not see that coming with Jenna and then Damon getting bitten by Tyler. I was sobbing from then on. They definitely have to save Damon - he is the hotness of the show. How Elena can resist him is beyond me. Can't wait for next week!


OMFG best episode yet and thats really saying something because they always have great episodes. Ok so lets get this started the whole jenna dying thing sucked but still had relative reasons. Greta the witch im so confused as to y she did what she did but really happy damon snapped her freaking neck. Stefan offering himself was nice but so stefan, is anyone else besides me gettn tired of his whole sweet act? The whole caroline and matt breakup fantastic now she gets to make tv history and hit it off with a wolf which breaks all the rules perfect. Bonnie was great!! And as much as I hate elaina she was really honorable takin what she took da way she did!! Now Elijah I hope his brother ends up trickn him and rips his neck off: the joy of irony. Elijah was so bogus and yet he claims to be honorable if that was honor kill me now. OMG please dont kill my damon I love him I mean everything hes done was to protect elaina. Does anyone else see that him turnin her was love. Excited 2 c how their goin 2 top dis 1!!!!


Katherine isn't stuck in Alaric's apartment because Damon gave her vervain. She's not longer being compelled by him so she can leave if she wants to.


Good. It could have been better. Klaus not dying is better plotwise but seriously degrades Elijah's intelligence. John, Elena having vamp blood and needing the tethering was too complicated. Elijah's potion will figure in at some point. Caroline and Tyler need to be good friends and/or a couple. I'm not sure Kat is stuck in Alaric's appt.


I agree with your wife. BEST EPIOSDE EVER
& also the most heartbreaking one
still havent stopped crying really
john completely redeemed huimself
but the fact Elean was wearing Jeannas earrings at her funeral and when Alaric threw the rose on her grave tahtw as when it hit home. not only is jeanna dead, but alaric is alone again :(
also the end damon scene, portraying him as a sort of martyr (&when he carried elena over to stefan) jsut amde em fall more in love w/ ian somerhalde


Loved this episode, so many excellent scenes and story line. Bonnie was amazing, awesome and looked so beautiful and powerful fighting Klaus. Everyone's acting was spot on! OK, so, now we can get rid of Matt and let the shipping between Caroline and Tyler begin!

A few things that did not make sense to me
1. Have to re-watch but it did not seem like Klaus had totally drained and killed Elena... well, he is an original so I guess he was that fast.

2. Why would any witch- Greta I am talking to you. Witches are the most powerful supernatural beings on this show. They keep the balance, they can bind people, curse people, so, why would they want to be a mere worker to a vampire and help him change the balance of power. Was Greta a rogue witch?

Looking forward to next week and they cannot kill Damon they will lose more then half their audience!


AMAZING! I will truly miss John, he found his way to my heart!
That scene when Damon told Stefan he was bitten was so gracefuly played. COngrats for both actors!

Waiting anxiously for next week's episode!!!!!!!!1
Hope Damon turns out fine, as wonderful as he always is :D


As I said before, I LOVED THE EPISODE and each week I end up saying that it was THE BEST done so far.

I as live in Argentina, I had to watch it online and I remember moving the mouse over the time line just to check the time. Everything happened so fast that I couldn't believe only 20 minutes had past and the ritual was over. I did not know what to expect next. It was awesome.

As I said before, too, I "liked" that Jenna and Jhon died (maybe liked it's not the most accurate word, but I can't find another). As sad as I was, I also believe that these deaths are the ones that make the show as popular as it is. Unpredictable show.

So, I believe, we have the 3 DEATHS OF MAJOR CHARACTERS RIGHT HERE: Jenna, John and Elena. Damon may come too, I don't know what will happen to him.

It would have been great if the episode was called "THE SACRIFICE" (dunno if there's another one named like that on TVD). Everyone acted out so flawlessly and they made the episode (that could have been hyper-eventfull) into a comprehensible lines of stories. From the sacrifice, to Katerina, crossing trough Caroline and Damon's bite, ending on Elijah's "betrayal".

It was awesome, I can only wait until next week to see the finale. I'm so exited, and I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!!! Too bad I can't say the same thing for GG... they are, most definetly, doomed. More than Damon and his mortal bite.


but I still have a question which seems important to me for the "normal" facts (againts all the surnatural events of Mystic Falls). What will happen with Elena and Jeremy now that Jenna died and was buried anonymously? Even John is dead so they have no one to be their legal gardian(almost Jeremy since Elena must approach her 18th birthday). It maybe a very practical question but they can't go live with the Salvatore or stay at their house pretending Jenna is out of town or somethin, could they?


oh the look on Elijah's face when Klaus told him their family were not burried at sea...I am sorry I can't help it, Elijah is so great and that scene proves he loves his family more than his honor (which I never doubt he has), isn't it sweet? What a man...
As always, a fantastic VD episode! I admit that the way to save Elena was founded quick but as you said in the review, the way it ended was beautiful (if I can use this word when people have died^^)
I admit I cried at the cimetary scene, I actually began when Elena started reading John's letter. I actually like John character and I agree, his last act will be remember. It was so sad when he died alone...

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