The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Review: The Choices We Make...

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It was all about choice on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries.

While Damon's fate was never really a question this week - yes, this show kills off more characters than any other on TV, but the odds of Damon dying are lower than Lindsay Lohan turning down a drink - we were left to wonder just how the brooding, sarcastic Salvatore would be saved.

And the answer was an exchange I never saw coming, just one of many choices that highlighted "As I Lay Dying." Let's review them all, along with their consequences...

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Stefan trades a sibling for a soul. Might as well start with the biggest of them all, right? The series gave us a glimpse into Stefan's dark past on "The Dinner Party," but I never dreamed we'd see that side to him again. Remember his conversation with Elena on that episode?

Elena: He described you as a monster.
Stefan: That's what I was.

And that's what he now is again. It was shocking to see Paul Wesley with blood tricking down his mouth this week, a sight only made more disturbing by the faint smile on Stefan's lips as he embraced the beast that had been bottled up for so long.

A noble act to save his brother? Perhaps. But Katherine pointed out the other side to that seemingly benevolent coin upon delivering the cure to Damon: didn't Stefan also abandon Elena by doing so? And how many innocent lives, starting with that girl Klaus served up, will now die as a result of Stefan's decision?

No matter how much you love Damon, you have to wonder: is his life really worth all that?

Damon chooses to accept his fate. Oh, the cruel irony. Just as Stefan was paying the ultimate price for what he deemed to be his ultimate mistake - turning his brother - Damon was realizing that he has no one to blame but himself for the events in 1864.

He was manipulated by Katherine back then, he made the decision to love her anyway and it was that triangle which sealed his and Stefan's future. An amazing job, as always, by Ian Somerhalder, bringing every painful emotion to the forefront as Damon lay dying.

Elena plants one on Damon. Because he was literally on his death bed? Out of pity? True feelings? Only she knows for sure. Actually, she probably doesn't.

Bonnie decides to save Jeremy. My biggest problem with the show is how it has occasionally used Bonnie's powers as a crutch. There seems to be a spell for every scenario, as we witnessed last week when she suddenly discovered a way to save Elena.

But, wow, it's hard to complain too much when the spell results in such a What-the-Hell-just-happened-and-what-could-it-possibly-mean development as we saw to conclude this finale. Jeremy sees dead people?!? Are Anna and Vicki actually alive again? Are they merely visions? Will they be joined by others?

Caroline's mother accepts her daughter, fangs and all. A nice family moment here, and one that also leaves the door open to storylines on season three. Will Liz now use the power of her position to defend the supernatural beings in Mystic Falls?

A few more observations from an incredible final episode:

  • Jeremy has now died twice. Might he eventually be revealed as a cat? Seven more lives to go, buddy.
  • You've gotta love the spirit in Mystic Falls. The only busier people than the vampires in this town must be the costume shop owners.
  • RIP, Elijah. Probably. We think. As we've seen, it takes A LOT to kill this guy.
  • Will Alaric adopt Elena and Jeremy? There was definitely a fatherly vibe to the way he cared for the latter.

So, the only piece of good news following such a riveting finale? We have plenty of time to discuss it before a new episode airs. Do so now in the Comments section and/or our Vampire Diaries forum!


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I also think eiljah will come back by Katherine and she will save Stefan. Who knows maybe her and Stefan will be an item and Damon and Aelaena will be an item and they will all be happy!


Agreed Jamie, Elena did instigate the kiss, but then again, Damon has been pursuing Elena practically since this series began. Out of respect for his brother (barely) and the fact that for a long time Elena truly loathed him, he has usually managed to keep his vampire enhanced libido in check. And as for the meaning of the kiss, I don't think it was just out of pity because Elena thought Damon might die. She could have just held him, but she decided to do a little more than that. I think what the writers are trying to portray is that Elena has mixed feelings toward the guy, for obvious reasons. But there's no doubt she is attracted to him on some level. Maybe it's the bad boy effect, which has led many a woman down a path of self-destruction. What a strange world we live in. As for Delena being inevitable and how right Damon and Elena are for each other, I couldn't disagree more. Is Damon the kind of guy that a lot of girls would love to do the mattress mambo with? Oh yeah. Does that mean therefore, Damon and Elena should be a couple? Not hardly. Besides, after sacrificing everything to save Damon's life (again), Stefan should then lose the woman he loves to his brother as well? On what planet (even TV Land) is that a good thing? No, that's just sick.


I was dissapointed that Stefan had to give up his life basically to save Damon. I always knew Aelana had feelings for Damon. I think Stefan knows that Damon will take care of Aelana and will b there when he can come back but I think she will feel like her chose Damon over her ( because he did) and she and Damon will b an item when he returns.


I get Stephan's thinking. Even if he goes along with Klaus, 10 yrs isn't much to him and it gives Elena time to 'live a normal life'. But I think he's banking on Catherine and Damon finding Elijah and bringing him back, along with the rest of his family.
Either way, it looks like we're in for some fun.


I know it doesn't really make much difference to the story line either way but how DID Elijah get into Alaric's house??


I DIE. What an awesome finale. Where do I begin. I didn't think we would see klaus till season three. Even tho I like is asshole ways. He's not loyal he killed his brother. N there family. Smh. Damon poor thang. I kno elena loves him I wish she would of said it. And I called it when klaus blood was the way to save damon. Now he is saved and stefan is bout to be the ultimate bad ass. Jer can go on somewhere I'm not a big fan of how it ended seeing anna kool I fux with her vickki I wasn't a fan of hers. Until september folks see u then.


I think that Kat was able to enter the house because Elena "officially" died. When she walked in with the cure she said to Elena..."I thought you were dead". Stefan didn't fill her in and she saw that Klaus was a werevamp so she could only assume that the ritual went as planned. Though if the house is now unsafe any vamp can just waltz right in. Not sure how I feel about the Delena kiss. To me it was overshadowed by the fact that he was dying similar to the Leyton school shooting kiss from OTH. I really liked Delena Season 1...Season 2 Damon turned into a sappy mess and Elena was all Stefan Stefan only Stefan. Season 3 should be interesting for the triangle. I'm really excited to see more of the Original Family and the Jeremy situation.


Okay, whoever said we Delena fans can have half of season 3 but that it will 'always be Stefan,' I disagree. Elena might have said that in the beginning of the season vehemently, but when Damon brought it up, she did not say a word. And when Katherine said it's okay to love them both, she didn't even protest or try to deny it. Speaks volumes in my personal opinion. I honestly don't believe the Delena kiss was out of pity whatsoever. I think Damon being on the brink of death might have stirred up some feelings Elena didn't even realize she had until she was faced with the possibility of losing him forever. Dominique, I completely agree with your entire post, especially the part about Delena. I too think Damon will be the one Elena ends up loving more as well. michaela, I disagree. I think Delena is inevitable and will happen. And, I completely agree about them being made for each other. Rachel, completely agree with both of your comments. Champsy, my sentiments exactly. I'm so excited to see the Ripper and am totally rooting for DE and SK in the endgame. :) Stefanie, you do realize that the whole premise of the show is a love triangle between Stefan/Elena/Damon, right? So while they can bring another love interest in for Damon, that love triangle with the brothers is central to the storyline. Then again, I am very pro-Delena and anti-Stelena. lol Lauren, he's been drinking it gradually to build up a tolerance. But, Klaus was forcing him to throw back bag after bag of blood. It's not that surprising he'd turn back into a monster after that IMO.


tabitha, Damon didn't go after Elena though. SHE'S the one who kissed HIM. You can't put that on Damon.


I may be completely off base because not one person in the comments thinks what I think... Jeremy is a vampire. I think that he died & Caroline fed him her blood. At that point everyone assumed that it didn't work but like we've seen plenty of times before... It takes a while after dying for you to wake up & become a vampire. Bonnie took Jeremy & we knew from her own description that they were not willing to help & even Bonnie herself believed when the candles blew out that the witches abandoned her. Then all of a sudden Jeremy is alive! Did the witches save him & help Bonnie after all OR... was Jeremy always going to wake up... a vampire? After waking, Jeremy said he felt strange. That was the point when I was convinced he was a vampire. We just saw Jenna saying similar things to Elena just last week when she woke up a vampire. The clincher for me was Jeremy seeing his dead vampire girlfriends. Vampire?!?! I think the proof is in the x-girlfriend pudding!

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