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Now this case really fit the circumstances surrounding Alicia's personal life.

Last week on The Good Wife, I couldn't find even a distant connection. This week - wow. I'm not even sure if the title "Getting Off" was a blatant referral to the case or had some a innocent connotation that I didn't connect.

Putting Alicia on first chair solely because her husband cheated on her, and telling her this as she sat facing Kalinda, was so uncomfortable.

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There was no winning side to the week's case, as none of the parties involved gave any reason to feel for them.

They consisted of a woman who cheated and ran a website to help fellow cheaters (because she thought her husband didn't care) and a woman who refused to believe her dead husband was willfully cheating on her, in spite of the fact he had created a profile on an adultery site. Not a lot of intelligence being bandied about in the court room.

Mamie Gummer was back as the hard to swallow Nancy Crozier, opposing counsel.

She obviously studied law and theater simultaneously in college, because she is incapable of representing a client without a flair for the dramatic. At least she provided some ridiculous light moments to an otherwise disturbing civil case.

Everything that was happening with both Alicia and Kalinda had me saying "oh no, oh no" again and again during the show. Every action and reaction seemed to have such dire consequences.

As I suspected would happen, Alicia showed more emotion when she confronted Kalinda than when she did Peter. It was troubling how she closed the door on Kalinda, telling her there was nothing to say after she slept with her husband. Just nothing. To see two of my favorite women in such pain wasn't fun to watch.

I have absolutely no love for Jackie Florrick, but I never imagined her to be evil. Inserting herself into Peter and Alicia's life was bad enough. To use the children was horrific. Kudos to them for shutting her down, but she planted a seed that blossomed anyway.

Kelli Giddish as Sophia, was an interesting choice for Kalinda's potential new boss. I liked her on Chase, so I'm glad she is still getting interesting roles. Alicia told Will the Florricks were separated, but even after giving her notice, she still didn't share her secret with him.

I loved how shaken up Alicia was when she was talking to Stephanie, and realized that although she was married, she knew she had feelings for someone outside of her marriage - Will. It was a telling moment and one I hope will stay with her as she decides who will remain inside her circle.

The final confrontation between Alicia and Kalinda opened a door I never new existed. When did Alicia ask her if she ever slept with Peter? I did not recall that, and it changed my feelings toward Kalinda.

I blamed Peter more than Kalinda in the whole mess, strictly based upon the fact that Peter lied when Alicia asked him if he was hiding anything else. If she asked Kalinda and she lied, as well, then there is little difference between them.

That was a very difficult realization for me. Even worse, Alicia shut her down, and Kalinda closed up. She's lost the emotion she had embraced as Alicia's friend because Alicia wouldn't hear her out.

There was that one quick moment when Alicia said she felt like a fool for thinking Kalinda was really her friend, when all the while Kalinda was only doing it to save herself. Kalinda tried to refute that belief, but it didn't take.

I still believe Alicia will crumble, hear Kalinda out and forgive her. But it will be doubly hard now that Kalinda has put up her shield.

She said she doesn't like to feel bad, and she seems to close out anything that makes her feel that way. I do not like them at odds. Their relationship brings such light to the show that I can hardly imagine what it will be like to watch without their growing intimacy.

What have you thought about Alicia's actions as she dealt with both Peter and Kalinda? I think the best confrontation so far with with Jackie. She doesn't care about their relationship, so it seemed easier for her to throw her thoughts out there with very little emotion. Her apprehension at losing either Peter or Kalinda made those encounters far more intense.

I wonder what the finale will hold, and my fingers are crossed that the three year contract Alan Cumming recently received is indicative of a third season pickup.

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I'm waiting for more focus on Will's character. The way he behaves when around Alicia and how he nonverbally connects with her is a beautiful thing to behold. Hopefully we'll now have more photos and add spread of Will with Alicia. Here the writers are giving a how to be a supporting good man with the woman he loves and respects. This Josh Charles actor should receive more attention and applause it seems to me.


I await for season 3 of Good Wife to further develop the personal growth and self insight of both Will and Alicia as their relationship is explored and continued. This search for love happiness life goal intertwined within the legal profession life is what will keep me returning. My senior girlfriends and I hope Alicia experiences some well deserved joy and comfort with Will in this season best she can now that her character's trust issues of self and of others is hanging at cliffside.


The best hour of Tv for this show.


I've never seen a show that captivated me more than this show. Family structure has evolved and changed over time and the FLorricks are no different. No one should be in a loveless marriage just out of obligation to wedding vows. Seldom does love return after an affair but a very public affair with prostitutes? There is irony I'n calling this show "the good wife" because you don't know the situation until you've walked a mile I'n their shoes. Alicia is evolving and I think in a good way. She strong and independent


For me the show has been very flat, boring and somewhat stupid this season altho I continue to watch hoping for some original greatness. I'm quite fed up with the lack of emotion from Alicia to equal her emotional roller coaster ride her life has taken but every episode we see her rigid and not showing any emotion at all which is quite ridiculous. And uninteresting. Kalinda's even worse and her demeanour is getting tiresome too. Until last nite and then it was poorly placed. To not show her confronting the husband is just not realistic as that's the first person a wronged wife does confront. And that idiot opposing stupid and theatrical female lawyer they keep introducing in court is more than I can stomach. For her I have to channel surf. She adds NOTHING to the show other than to extremely annoy and further show me the show's hardly worth keeping up with any more. Not to mention the entire law suite they carried on with last nite which was just too stupid to even consider it entertaining. But hey, that's my opinion for what's it worth which I'm sure isn't much.


I love this show and I hope we get some inbetween the sheets time with Alicia and Will. I so like those two. I feel bad for Kalinda but lmbo at what happened at the new job. I'm glad she is back and Carey needs to be careful but he was funny in his office.


Best-written series on commercial TV. No one has mentioned Sarah Silverman's performance, which confirms my impression that there wasn't much there to mention. She's not the actress, say, Jeanane Garafalo is, and her usual little-girl cluelessness didn't really work for this character. And I'm liking Kalinda less and less. Maybe she'll learn a little restraint and empathy after this thing with Alicia blows over. And what's with the clothes?


I know the vast majority of fans probably wish the same thing that happened to the murdered husband in this episode would happen to Peter, but before anyone gets out a rusty pocket knife, let me offer this explanation (not really a defense) of what Peter did...or didn't do. First, he didn't cheat on Alicia again after swaearing he would never do such a thing again. It happened years ago, probably around the time of "hooker gate." And it happened once, when Alicia didn't even know Kalinda, but yes, obviously, it was still cheating. So does the fact that he didn't come clean about Kalinda to Alicia mean he really hasn't changed, and as he claims, wants to become a better man? Of course not. I know few will agree with me because the hatred for Chris Noth's character is so intense, but I think Peter probably thought telling Alicia about Kalinda would only complicate, not only Alicia's life but Kalinda's, given they were now co-workers and had become friends. It had happened once, meant nothing to either of them and would do more harm than good to reveal it, harm more to others than himself. What, was he afraid that if he told Alicia about his one-night stand with Kalinda, she would be even MORE mad at him? I doubt it. So Peter lied to his wife about sleeping with another woman. Never a good thing and I totally agree that Alicia already had ample reason to leave the guy. But if we are going to focus on Peter's dishonesty, I don't think Alicia should get a free pass as the wronged spouse. Yes, her deceptions are much less serious, but can't be dismissed entirely because of what Peter has done. During the let's "lay all the cards on the table" talk she had with Peter last season, she didn't confess to kissing Will, to going back for something more serious with him but finding him gone (that timing problem). She has never mentioned Will calling her just before he announced his speech and Alicia telling Will she needed to hear his plan before she would leave her husband for him. She didn't tell Peter during the time she was at least trying (finally!) to reconcile with him that she still had strong feelings for Will. So forgive me if I don't think that Alicia should win the Most Honest Spouse Of The Year award. That doesn't mean I don't agree that she is, by far, the most wronged person in this whole sordid affair, but for me her outrage at Peter for not being totally forthcoming with her is slightly less justified than it probably is for most fans. Now it appears that the Florick marriage may be over, something many will celebrate, I'm sure. And now the path is certainly clearer for Alicia and Will to finally get together (looks like they are going to work out that timing problem). Sorry, but I actually wanted things to work out between Peter and Alicia. What he did to her was disgusting, but I guess I wanted him to prove he could be something better than he had been and he and Alicia find a way to overcome such a dark time in their marriage. And I actually believe they were on the right road to doing that. Maybe the Kalinda revelation was simply just too much for Alicia, given everything that has happened. I get that. But did her feelings for Will play any part in decision to separate from her husband. There is no doubt in my mind that it did, even if only subconciously. Her feelings/passion for Will run too deep for it not to have played some part. And now things are about to get hot again between Alicia and Will, according to the previews of next week's S2 finale. A lot of viewers will cheer and say "Finally!". I won't be one of them.


The critical setup in this ep was when Will predicted to Kalinda that she'll have to lower her defenses at some point. She'd just agreed to stay on at the firm - but she shut him down; there'll be no defense-lowering for Kalinda EVER!!! - but that's just the verbal equivalent of Checkov's 'shotgun on the mantle'. You can bt that in some time in the future, Kalinda will have to come clean, and when that happens it will be Alicia that will be there and then we'll see what happens to that incredibly complicated and interesting relationship, because there's always much more to Kalinda than she lets on (and hey, isn't she just about the savviest investigator on TV, perhaps - ever?) My only quibble with this episode was too on the nose in terms of HOW MUCH the case mirrored Alica's predicament. As Peter accused last week, Alicia clearly understands that her feelings for Will are more than just 'a crush' from their past, and this week her client reinforced that observation in their examination dialog.
Jackie - what a piece of work that one is. Shut down, TWICE - which was deserved and well appreciated considering how dark the rest of the episode was.


If they are lucky to have a 3rd season the title has to be changed to the Mother of the Year, one more lie to the kids and they find out what really is going on with her and we will see the biggest waterfalls come out. So far there has been 4 commandments broken 7,8,9,and 10, that should help the writers with their storyline.
PS---The clock is ticking yes or no.

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Cary: Thirty year old Sean Briglio, found in a room 606 at the St. Martin Hotel. Handcuffed, ball gag in his mouth and his penis severed from his body. Yes, its making me wince even just talking about it. The severed member was found in the ice bucket.
Kalinda: You're kidding.
Cary: Yes, on ice with the champagne. There's probably a joke to be made about shrinkage, but I won't go there.
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Sex outside of marriage, sex with more than one person, sexual bondage. I'm sorry, I keep imagining my parents listening to this.

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