The Good Wife Review: "Getting Off"

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Now this case really fit the circumstances surrounding Alicia's personal life.

Last week on The Good Wife, I couldn't find even a distant connection. This week - wow. I'm not even sure if the title "Getting Off" was a blatant referral to the case or had some a innocent connotation that I didn't connect.

Putting Alicia on first chair solely because her husband cheated on her, and telling her this as she sat facing Kalinda, was so uncomfortable.

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There was no winning side to the week's case, as none of the parties involved gave any reason to feel for them.

They consisted of a woman who cheated and ran a website to help fellow cheaters (because she thought her husband didn't care) and a woman who refused to believe her dead husband was willfully cheating on her, in spite of the fact he had created a profile on an adultery site. Not a lot of intelligence being bandied about in the court room.

Mamie Gummer was back as the hard to swallow Nancy Crozier, opposing counsel.

She obviously studied law and theater simultaneously in college, because she is incapable of representing a client without a flair for the dramatic. At least she provided some ridiculous light moments to an otherwise disturbing civil case.

Everything that was happening with both Alicia and Kalinda had me saying "oh no, oh no" again and again during the show. Every action and reaction seemed to have such dire consequences.

As I suspected would happen, Alicia showed more emotion when she confronted Kalinda than when she did Peter. It was troubling how she closed the door on Kalinda, telling her there was nothing to say after she slept with her husband. Just nothing. To see two of my favorite women in such pain wasn't fun to watch.

I have absolutely no love for Jackie Florrick, but I never imagined her to be evil. Inserting herself into Peter and Alicia's life was bad enough. To use the children was horrific. Kudos to them for shutting her down, but she planted a seed that blossomed anyway.

Kelli Giddish as Sophia, was an interesting choice for Kalinda's potential new boss. I liked her on Chase, so I'm glad she is still getting interesting roles. Alicia told Will the Florricks were separated, but even after giving her notice, she still didn't share her secret with him.

I loved how shaken up Alicia was when she was talking to Stephanie, and realized that although she was married, she knew she had feelings for someone outside of her marriage - Will. It was a telling moment and one I hope will stay with her as she decides who will remain inside her circle.

The final confrontation between Alicia and Kalinda opened a door I never new existed. When did Alicia ask her if she ever slept with Peter? I did not recall that, and it changed my feelings toward Kalinda.

I blamed Peter more than Kalinda in the whole mess, strictly based upon the fact that Peter lied when Alicia asked him if he was hiding anything else. If she asked Kalinda and she lied, as well, then there is little difference between them.

That was a very difficult realization for me. Even worse, Alicia shut her down, and Kalinda closed up. She's lost the emotion she had embraced as Alicia's friend because Alicia wouldn't hear her out.

There was that one quick moment when Alicia said she felt like a fool for thinking Kalinda was really her friend, when all the while Kalinda was only doing it to save herself. Kalinda tried to refute that belief, but it didn't take.

I still believe Alicia will crumble, hear Kalinda out and forgive her. But it will be doubly hard now that Kalinda has put up her shield.

She said she doesn't like to feel bad, and she seems to close out anything that makes her feel that way. I do not like them at odds. Their relationship brings such light to the show that I can hardly imagine what it will be like to watch without their growing intimacy.

What have you thought about Alicia's actions as she dealt with both Peter and Kalinda? I think the best confrontation so far with with Jackie. She doesn't care about their relationship, so it seemed easier for her to throw her thoughts out there with very little emotion. Her apprehension at losing either Peter or Kalinda made those encounters far more intense.

I wonder what the finale will hold, and my fingers are crossed that the three year contract Alan Cumming recently received is indicative of a third season pickup.

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My vote is cancel the show now, if it goes on people will drift away and the network will just pull it off anyway. The ratings have been slipping downward for several weeks and CBS is looking to cancel two shows in this one is one of the junior shows.
Another season would be a complete changed format that would not be within the title of the show, and probably would end up being a nasty fight by the SA office against everything L&G AND Alicia does. This kind of storyline would turn people off and lose valuable commerical backup which the network needs to continue or be forced to shut down.


Since the season2 has come to an end and ALicia is looking to another lawyer for divorce advice why can't she do it herself. I'm getting a vision for the future if there is one that she will reconsile with Peter because if she hasn't started divorce proceedings now she still has a gut feeling that all this mess now is because she can't stop feeling she will make a bigger mistake and destroy the one thing she cherishes plus she doesn't want to make the same mistake as her mom and dad.




Good wife is the best show in years on television that isn't premium. Great writing but HATE the fact that kalinda and alicia are at odds. this is the one time that characters arn't making sense. how can alicia hate kalinda for doing something years past when she didn't know her? wasn't a betrayal at all. anyway, wanted the family to reunite for a while anyway, wish they hadn't let that detective get that information on the election night. Alicia does need to get laid tho, relax girl.


Very interesting twist with these last 2 episodes ~ and the finale finish next Tuesday will be painful to wait for! I am glad Kalinda is not leaving, I like her and Alicia's relationship (even thought they're on the outs now) as it gives us insight to both women who tend to hold their thoughts and feelings way too much inside. Jackie is a character I enjoy seeing Alicia set straight as she did these past 2 episodes. I'm wondering how the Cary and Peter relationship will unfold. Especially in light of Peter and Alicia's seperating - will Peter be spiteful and Cary play a part? I hope this series continues to keep a kind of balance between good and evil intentions and a thread of hope ~ not go all into the darker sides of the cast. It is what makes this show real and keeping me coming back to be surprised by the evolution of everyone.


I have only been watching this program for a short time with my fellow sisters and we have turned it off, if the lord wanted all to be so inmoral and sinful he would have started that way. By reading all these comments it seems that everyone keeps condemming the husband and not showing any forgiveness even the wife, but she is on the same pace with her boss. Does she expect forgiveness from her family for committing adultery before any divorce.
Also the consences is that the children don't have any say in it, she says they are her life so they will be able to see right through any lies that will come from her. God bless


I enjoyed this week's episode because it showed Alicia becoming increasingly aggressive. The anger she's been sitting on for the first season and a half is finally coming through. She's considering herself and her feelings for once. I'm very happy to see that and I hope we get to see the more vulnerable side too. I liked the interaction between Kalinda and Alicia in the beginning of the episode. I like that it's hard for Kalinda not to be able to talk to her best friend. But I'm not sure what Kalinda's look meant at the end of the episode and I sincerely hope her attitude won't be as smug as her face seemed to be when she walked into the conference room to participate in the next case. Although Kalinda tries to hard her emotions, losing Alicia as a friend hurt her. I hope she doesn't behave otherwise just because she decided to stick around. I hope she works to restore what she broke in a sincere way. Cary's character needs work....and lots of it. He's still crying over Lockhart/Gardner's decision to keep Alicia and cut him and it's REALLY old and annoying at this point. I want to see Cary develop his own story lines and maybe even need help from L&G, or at the very least Kalinda, from time to time. Right now, he's a kid crying over milk that's been spilled, spoiled and cleaned. Dude, move on. This character is so much more interesting than what happened in Season 1. I loved that Alicia visited with David (is that his name??) about protecting herself. That was VERY smart and it would have been unrealistic for her not to do it since, after all, she is an attorney and understands the importance of legal protection more than the average Jane. And I think it's great that David was very sensitive (more than usual) to her situation but I loved that he told her he was billing her and rounded up...classic! Jackie is a pain in the a$$. I'm glad Alicia told her not to meddle and not to visit without permission first. As for the children, they are FAR from babies and know first hand what it was like when their father was locked up after learning he cheated on their mother. I don't want them to hate Peter - he's their father regardless - but I want them to actually CARE for their MOM. I haven't seen that from either of them since the show began and I'm growing tired of it. They had to move, their Mom had to get a job and provide for them, they had to change schools, their Mom was embarrassed and harassed by the media, people were sending terrible videos to their home to hurt her and the list goes on. Loving your father despite his mistakes does not mean sh*tting on your Mom because she can no longer deal with your father's publicly humiliating mistakes. As old as they are, shouldn't they be questioning why Alicia suddenly left Peter? Zach was trying to "investigate" to prove his Dad's innocence. Why not investigate to figure out what made your mother take such rash action against him? Clearly, something happened because before the election night she was standing by his side and attempting to fix the family PETER broke. Am I the only one that feels this way about the kids? As for Alicia and Will, I think it's great that Kalinda (see, this is why she can't be smug. She has to have Alicia's back even if Alicia doesn't know she does!!) told Will about Alicia's separation. She knows Alicia needs someone to talk to right now and deserves to be happy. I hope Will remains a gentleman towards Alicia. I hope he helps her heal and I hope he becomes a true partner to her. She deserves it.


"Alicia home life will be very gut wrenching after the kids find out the whole truth about her relationship with WILL." OMG, you mean her kids might actually "find out" about the kind and gentle guy who saved her life when their cheating bum of a dad went to jail, who has always treated their mother with kindness, consideration and LOVE, and who has been waiting patiently for her to come to her senses? The horror! Seriously, those kids have already seen their rotten father betraying their mother with hookers, in the computer lab at school. And they'll find out soon enough that Peter couldn't keep it in his pants with Kalinda either. Nice family values there. To anybody sensible, Will is definitely a HUGE improvement over that. Peter really needs to be gone, ASAP.


I think the best scenes of the episode were when alicia confronted Jackie. And the short scene between will and Alicia, when Alicia was staring at will and he mouthed and asked if she was okay. that scene made me fall in love with will even more!


I don't want to bust anyones bubble but down the road I see Alicia running head-on into a major jam with the firm. Good old Will is going to be put through the mill over his past and blow the lid of his relationship, here she goes again all those lies. Kalinda will be playing a very hard role that will help Cary get back at both Lockhart&Gariner and Alicia on illegal handling of a client that could be grounds for disbarrment.
Don't count Peter out he is still in the thick of things to come, and Alicia home life will be very gut wrenching after the kids find out the whole truth about her relationship with WILL. don't forget the family meeting regarding the whisppering phone call that Grace overheard and Alicias reasonwe will see the kids in a much demanding and control of the situation.

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