The Finder to Fill in For Bones in Mid-Season

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Bones' spinoff The Finder will debut in mid-season, Fox said Monday.

The new show, introduced last month in an episode of Bones appropriately called "The Finder," will also coincide with Emily Deschanel going on maternity leave.

The Finder will take the place of Bones Thursdays in early 2012, probably for 10-13 episodes. Bones will air its normal slate of episodes this fall and next spring.

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Are you excited to see the new series from Bones creator Hart Hanson?

Many fans were lukewarm to the new show, but largely because it ate up an episode of Bones. On its own merit, The Finder at least partially won over the Fox brain trust.

Geoff Stults, Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan showed promise as the anchors of the new series based on The Locator novels, however. Do you agree? Discuss.

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We enjoyed the show, it is refreshing to have a show outside of the box. We watch/listen for the clues to solve the "mystery," We quit watching Bones so this was a pleasant surprize. Keep it on the air!


I always threw a immature hissy fit when shows I liked got moved over for the winter spots too... Seems more like people are just whining because they have to wait for their shows to come back in the new season... If you're that much of a die hard fan suck it up like those who loved The Walking Dead and had to wait a year to see the new season, or Justified. The Finder was decent and entertaining, you all who whine probably think Michael More is a credit to cinema... The Finder is a nice change from repeats and the same old predictable rape/robbery/homicide dramas... Buck up little campers... your shows will be back, TV loves you...


A total waste of my time..... in other words. The Finder was
a piece of CRAP.
I doubt is will last a full season.
Most of the posts have been negative on the writing and acting.
Even with Burrows leaving the show will remain bad


I don't care what anyone else on here says, The Finder was awesome. It will make a great show and it will be a hit. The spinoff episode was great and if it continues the same it will get even better, especially with such a great writer. The characters were great and the actors chosen to play them were picked wonderfully. I guarantee, not only speaking for myself, that every episode will be recorded by my dvr and I will not miss a moment of Hart Hanson's great brilliance.


By Far Best Bones Ever!!!!!


The Finder was great I think it has potential ,but everyone deserves their own opinion I suppose. The only thing that I find odd is how can you call it bad writing when it's the EXACT same writer as the show you all know and love Bones....guess the writing for that must be shit awful as well ,yet it's so popular
must count for something to the Finder's chances.


No way i'm watching that sorry hart hanson


one thing what i noticed...
here are a lot of comments, about a show we dont like
but at posts about bones there are lessss comments
i dont get it


I have NO interest in watching The Finder next season or when
ever it is on. I did not like the pilot. The writing was
lame and the acting was very poor. Thank God I have cable and have other channels to turn to when
this garbage show will be on.
Sorry FOX, but if this is what you believe will be a hit.
You are sadly mistaken at least as I and many others
are concerned.

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