Supernatural Season 7 Spoilers: What's Ahead?

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Supernatural concluded its season with a series of shocking developments, the most prominent of which involves Castiel. Catch up on the finale with our review NOW.

Hell or High Water

How will those events affect what's ahead? The CW offered a few hints via the following press release, which the network sent out along with its fall schedule:

In season seven, the Winchesters will find themselves in an increasingly sinister, changing landscape, up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought. They’ll find their old tricks, weapons and hiding places all rendered useless. All they’ll have is each other. And the certainty that, like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they’re not going down without a fight.

Who might this "new foe" be? The new God we met on the May 6 episode? Sound off with your thoughts now!

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What if everything we see is in Sams Head, and he's still in the Cage?


And then there was silence...the suspected foes, Cas and Bobby, both dead. Killed by an unslayable entity called the Leviathans, the leader of which in are in a public position very ala Anti-Christ. Our heroes, trapped in psycological turmoil; Sam, struggling with the "fall of the wall" and Dean,on never-ending guilt trips and stomping-feet tantrums mumbling about how much the life sucks, left without their chariot, their trusty Impala, and their only friend, a conspiracy theorist that probably fed Agent Mulder some info a few years back too. And the questions remain: Will Cas come back? Is Bobby a ghost? Was Chuck God and if not who is? What happened to Jesse, the "Anti-Christ" boy of season 5? Ash couldn't find Mary, John, Ellen or Jo in heaven, so where are they? Will Sam have a demon-blood relapse? Will Dean ever get pie? And why don't they just team up with Mulder and Scully for a case or two? Why, I ask you, WHY!?


I know that the actor who played lucifor originally auditioned for the role of cas, but was instead offered role of the devil. Altho everyone now know the levaithian to be the big bads in s.7, im more interested in lucifors role, after all they wouldnt just throw him back in unless a come back was possible. As for god? Dean and sam were chosen as michael and lucifors vessels by destiny. Therefore gods vessel in theory should be thier father, john.


i figure out who sam is going to marry its that girl from when sam quit hunting..season 5 ep 3


I definitely want to see the Trickster again, but I think the priority of season 7 is that Cas is brought back to his old self, the angel. He didn't seem happy about his changing in "The man who would be king" and he is part of the winchester family now. His situation with souls is a lot like Sam on demon blood, we want the old Cas back! We want the loyal comrade and friend he was before!


be well good if sam bcame lucifer and dean bcame micheal to take out cas.


The only thing I really want in season 7 is Sam & Dean's bromance back. I miss how they were in the first 3 seasons. Also Sam, please get a hair cut :)


I think Cas will want more power and may go after gods soul? (just a though, he might become power obsessed) I want Balthazar back, he was a great character! I think god is more powerful & who knows, maybe he has plans for Cas?? How many souls does god have etc?


I'm a huge fan supernatural always have been ever since 05 when it first came out
My fav brother dean
My fav recurring charecter jo(bobby
My fav line dude where's the pie
My fav vilian yellow eyes
Who should be brung back john
Who should be the one watching out for the boys mainly dean jo
Who should be the new big bad jess
How it should play out jess should be the new big bad with sam joining her because she's his one true love dean should be sitting at the spot where sam left him and joined jess and jo should show up tell him she's been watching out for him ever since she died back in carthege and take him to meet john where they fight and win same back and kill the evil possesing jess and save her dean should relazie his love for jo and tell her right as ellen bill and mary walk up both familys are happy and the brother get to live there lives however they want but still remeber everything and everyone they saved is still saved also it should be yellow eyes possing jess


Whoever they bring back I think our dear Tickster should make an epic comeback. I mean it would be so easy for him to have survived or be revived. O.o what if Cas teams up with Lucifer, I mean, he already has a jacked sense of team loyalty, what if he gets it in his head the devil would help him overthrow the lord or whateber his plan is.

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