Patrick Dempsey Confirms Grey's Anatomy Departure

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Start planning your going away party, Grey's Anatomy viewers: Patrick Dempsey will exit the show after next season.

With just one year remaining on his contract, the actor made his intentions clear in an interview with the latest issue of Italian Vanity Fair. He told the magazine:

“It’s gonna be my last. I do not know what’s going to happen to the other characters, but for me it’s done," adding that the decision is “bittersweet because it’s been great and a great part of my life. But I can’t see me doing it anymore.”

D-Shep: The Man

Shonda Rimes has been preparing to bid farewell to both Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo after season eight, though the latter is yet to give official notification.

At least the creator now has time to plan our an official goodbye for Derek. What do you think? Does this guarantee Meredith leaves with him? Sound off now and react to Dempsey's announcement...

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good now they can both leave and the show can be about cristina!


Gar, my guts churns more and more just thinking about what is going to happen in season 8 and everytime i read the stories online it churns more.
Can we just remember he was saying this to an Italian magazine not the American media. Dempsey and co are on vacation not even working, ABC probably hasn't even approached them yet and most likely won't until they get back to work on July 15 when they commence filming next season.
Shonda has already said next season will be more Mer/Der and their struggles, their struggles to raise a family, work fulltime etc, THEY ARE NOT DIVORCING the fans would stage a riot on here if she does that no doubt. Think the actors themselves should have a big say in the script this season if it really is going to be their last year.
Also with all the sounding off happening with PD his publicist and himself are probably going wow we are loved, Yes Patrick you are the star of the show! with Ellen in second position.
So look forward to season 8, if you think about it pictures may leak come july/august to help appese our emptiness currently and long live Mer/Der in happy blissful marriage with Zola and Derek jnr maybe it's Seattle, maybe it's New York closer to his family, for seven seasons Derek has always said he has a close knit family maybe it's time for us the fans to see that. But will happen to the dream house if they leave?


I have to add this. What incentive have they given to Patrick to want to stay. He's had very little airtime, ridiculous storylines, etc. Does that sound like remotely any incentive for an actor to want to stay? He's been very loyal, never a hint of discontent, lived up to his contract and what did he get for it. The last two years he's been in the background unless Shonda needed a spoiler or two to make people watch. Then there would be all this hoopla about something that was going to happen with him, and then nothing or a one minute scene. I think it was disrespectful to him as an actor with a long career and an actor that many fans to the show. He didn't go public and act like Katherine Heigl all disgruntled. No matter what he privately may have felt, he never said anything, at least that I heard of. He went to foreign countries for his charity work and along the way he was great advertisement for Grey's. But what did he get for appreciation. Oh yes, less screen time. Or what about his racing fans that he brought to Grey's? Any normal person who is marketing a show would have taken advantage of that. I hope Patrick's PR rep is telling him how much we will miss him but understand totally. I appreciate the fact that he is a Hollywood actor who leads a wholesome life, great family man, does so much for charity, never slams his show or the producers or the networks, when clearly who would blame him. The show has no one to blame but themselves for him leaving. What incentive did they give him to stay?? But that's okay, I will watch his other projects.....


I sincerely doubt as evil as she can be that Shonda would say they split. I'm betting neither will renew and when Lexie becomes the focus they'll refer to them having quit SGH to focus on their family or possibly to start an alzheimer's clinic, etc.


Let's hope mer goes with him and they start their own pratice,hospital wherever!
Please Shonda! Let them go towards the sunset in a horse just this time!!!!!


I prefer an amazing happy end of the show than they leave or broke up again!!


Here's a quote from EW :
"The actor’s publicist released a statement to EW that suggested he was taken somewhat out of context during a recent interview that’s set stirred up Grey’sfans. Dempsey told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair that he won’t return to Grey’s Anatomyafter next season. “It will be my last,� Dempsey said. “I don’t know what will happen with the other characters, but for me, it’s done.� That sounds pretty clear to us. But Dempsey’s rep says he was only referring to his contract being up after next season and it’s uncertain what he will do next:  “He was referring to the fact that his contract is up at the end of next season and we have no idea what the future holds.� "


If he's going away i prefer meredith leaving with see them slipt up again is to sad for me to watch.
I'll watch it for cristina and april and lexie...


the remainig part of my childhood just died...


@katiej: Yeah, they don't have feelings. But the people who watch it, do! You may think I'm over-reacting, but the truth is that I'm just passionate about it. And if you clearly stated: "we don't need to like it anymore", then you need to stop commenting on posts of shows you simply don't like anymore.

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