Nikita Season Season 2 Scoop: What Now?

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Next week, The CW is expected to officially pick up Nikita for season two. And it darn well better, based on how this week's episode left so many storylines open for the fall.

How will developments involving Alex, Percy and Amanda shape what's in store? Showrunner Craig Silverstein spoke to TV Line about the upcoming direction of his show...

Nikita Season Finale Scene

What does future hold for Percy? There’s a whole journey for Percy to go on, but the plan was never for him to get killed. It was actually to put a finer point on what really happened to him...I want to put Percy through his paces; strip him down and work him back up again.

What about Division with Amanda in charge? It will undergo a bit of a change. It might look a little more palatable at first, but that might be an illusion.

Will we see Alex going after Nikita? It’s not like Alex hates Nikita and wants to kill her, but her [arrangement] with Amanda will be: You help us catch Nikita and stop this crusade that she’s on, and we’ll help you get back your birthright.

Silverstein also confirms that Mikita will be on the run throughout season two, and Birkhoff will "definitely be back."

What did you think of the finale?


I love this show so much! Love the r/ship between Nikita and Alex. Those two are definately standout characters.
And Nikita and Michael? So glad they get to be together, even if they are now on the run :)
Loving the power shift at Division, and Amanda's revelation that she's really working for the higher-ups/Oversight. Such a cool finale. But I want more!
Give us more Nikita. As many seasons as possible, so long as the story remains as good as it is right now. Thumbs up from me :D


Nikita....i can't find the words to say how amazing and great this show is..there must be a seaon 2 it has to's a really good show and I'm excited to know what's going to happen next :)


so i loved nikita the 1st time i heard it being advertised over the radio and man did it live up to expectations and then beyond that. i'm happy to hear their bringing it back after being dissapointed that my other fave CW show, Hellcats, was canceled (though at least they dd it after the finale).I sort of wanted to see nathan again but i guess that wouldnt work wit alex current life. But other than that cant wait to start watching the second season.


i really love nikita .. but it would be more amazing if nikita's stunts is like her movie before NAKED WEAPON it was a blast.. hoping you would listen to viewers opinion...


Hey hey nikita is so interesting cant wait for season 2,so guys when is season 2 gonna be out and how many episode is in season 1,cos i think mine is fake


Nikita is so fantabulous. Cldnt stop watching. Hope to see more of Mikita cuddles! And dont,DON'T!!! cancel it!


I like the direction the show is going. I hope to see Alex and Nikita work together as a team again.


okay, so looking through most of these posts I see not many people realize this kinda is season 2... That is if you watched La Femme Nikita.. and it was my favorite show on earth.. devastated is a good word to describe USA dumping it.. Being an old fan of the original story I had trouble with some changes in the story like with Section 1 / Division, Operations/Percy and some other changes to the story.. I like seeing Madalyn in the final episode even though shes not her original character it's good to have some old ties in there.... (Almost jumped out of my seat with excitement) Oversight kinda fits her... she always was a mean b.. kinda like Amanda is now.. although it did take me a while to like this Michael, now that he's not trying to kill the woman he loves he's cool.. Some old scenes like Him and Nikita in bed just where La Femme Nikita left off was a great sight to see.. I'm excited to see this next season... Just don't cancel it again... or we fans might have to hire a cleaner LOL j/k. Great job guys.. Glad to have her back.. She isn't my old Peta Wilson but she is definitely hot, and lives up to Nikita's persona... and a blast to watch! Thanks for bringing Nikita back!!!


nikita has definitely got my attention once i start wAtching i cant stop extremely happy that there will be a season two thanks for not dissapointing us like you did with point pleasant etc i wasnt really griped by the season finale but in my opinion season two should definitely not be based on alex and how she will gain back her thrown


Realy dope bt was left with so many questions.

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Percy: At least one good thing came out of this: now you know who your real friends are.

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