Nikita Season Season 2 Scoop: What Now?

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Next week, The CW is expected to officially pick up Nikita for season two. And it darn well better, based on how this week's episode left so many storylines open for the fall.

How will developments involving Alex, Percy and Amanda shape what's in store? Showrunner Craig Silverstein spoke to TV Line about the upcoming direction of his show...

Nikita Season Finale Scene

What does future hold for Percy? There’s a whole journey for Percy to go on, but the plan was never for him to get killed. It was actually to put a finer point on what really happened to him...I want to put Percy through his paces; strip him down and work him back up again.

What about Division with Amanda in charge? It will undergo a bit of a change. It might look a little more palatable at first, but that might be an illusion.

Will we see Alex going after Nikita? It’s not like Alex hates Nikita and wants to kill her, but her [arrangement] with Amanda will be: You help us catch Nikita and stop this crusade that she’s on, and we’ll help you get back your birthright.

Silverstein also confirms that Mikita will be on the run throughout season two, and Birkhoff will "definitely be back."

What did you think of the finale?


Omg,that was agud one.cant wait for the next season.release eager.


Hey Niki l love yu i can't wait for next season


i love Nikita and really cant wait for the coming season..


I have a complete 22 episodes of Nikita Season I, I'm a little upset because the number of views turned out to be decreasing ( maybe because its like Alex turns out against Nikita,,heheh kidding)..but despite of the decreasing number of views,,I still love Nikita,,,Wish this season 2, they will have a good episodes,,,


yehey,,,september is here,,and nikita season 2 episodes are about to be released....please make it faster..heheh,,,kidding,,I simply love every scenes of Nikita,,,only that I am envious with Michael,,,coz he hugs NIkita,,hahahha


Hey guys can anyone tell me when we can see the next season


Men when are we going to se the next season coz i just love it the story,operation arrangment,the action...just love nikita.


I am have not seen other than NIKITA that suspend my heart each part but suddenly stops i feel that my heart has being felt please send the season two as possible.


Nikita is great! I like the storylines, the action scenes, all Mikita encounters and scenes and Alex/Nikita. Please keep it going!!!!


does anybody know when do the secons season is going on air .?

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Nikita Quotes

Nice. Awkward. Girls like awkward. Makes them feel special.


Percy: At least one good thing came out of this: now you know who your real friends are.

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