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"Those that created him must now pay." - Ducky

The hunt for the Port-to-Port Killer reaches an epic conclusion next week on NCIS' eight season finale. But what will the cost be for a team that just lost one of its own?

In "Pyramid," the killer continues the assault on Gibbs' and Barrett's teams, who are still reeling from Franks' death. It looks like Ziva specifically is attacked by the killer.

David Dayan Fisher guest stars again as Kort, while Muse Watson also returns as Franks. Hopefully Gibbs' fallen mentor can guide him through one last case.

Watch the NCIS season finale promo and comment below:

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fran loved your comment everything you said is true.


I don't think Ziva was even introduced until AFTER Kate was killed!! Ziva definitely did not kill Kate. She saved Gibbs and helped close Kate's case by killing Kate's killer who was Ziva's own half-brother. She and Tony are great for each other. When they get close, there is such chemistry between them.


I hate that they killed off Mike. He was a great recurring character and I think it was a mistake for the series. I hate EJ and all the new characters they have brought in. I was half alseep when I watched it but it looked like EJ was in danger and I think Ziva being in danger or at least the outcome about her might be the cliffhanger. You know that have to have one to brifge season 8 with season 9. I was wondering how Mike Franks gets a Marine Honor Guard for his funeral. Is that because he was a federal agent? I don't get it.


Michael just thinks hes right and everyone else is wrong but we all know the truth. and Janet I never thought Michael put different name he probably did only thing I agree with "dianne24" is about Criminal minds but nothing else he/she said about Mike Franks she/he is wrong about that.


hi editor it was a great episode dont you for michael the best thing is to ignore him and dianne i think is michael he made another account with the name dianne as the writing on both comments are written by one person how can i tell mistakes of a 5th grader.


For the very last time - although I realize Michael that you are far too much of a total IDIOT to understand this but maybe some hope for diane -or maybe she is just a Ziva hater too. ZIVA DID NOT SHOOT KATE. ZIVA SHOT THE SHOOTER THAT SHOT KATE !!!! got it !! Janet - interesting about the relationship with Barrett chick and SecNav..if that were true wouldn't that be somethig ??? I hate the sight of her stupid face and how ugly was that last scene? I could see to her tonsils for heaven sakes with that big month...but anyway, I think that she will be 'dismissed' somehow by Tony next week and I doubt that they will carry their relationship over the summer and solve it in September. At least I hope that !!!! As for Ziva - not to worry about her..Tony has her back. But I must say I looked like she might have been going into CIRays Apartment ? Would love to hear Tony grab McGee and say "Come on McGee - we need to find Ziva - we lost her once - we're not gonna lose her again !!! ahhhhh I wish !!! Anyway, I am loving these last 2 episodes because no connection with Tony/ej. Do ya think that the writers got an ingling how much she is hated and how she was starting to pull Tony down with her ?? I do...I have now watched the elevator scene about 5 times...wonderful !!!!!


Ziva not going to die she sign a two year deal Mark sign a few months back and the rest sign last summer. And Michael Ziva didn't help kill Kate. but I know you think otherwise but your wrong Ziva thought Ari was innocent dianne24 is right Criminal minds isn't the same without the two females but dianne24 JJ comes back for good next week so that's good news.


Ziva was standing behide abby how can it be her funeral also it had Mike Franks on the Tomb Stone so that was a Give away


See these is what wrong with the world it has people like dianne24
in it @dianne24
I don't like that after Ziva help kill Kate and made Tony a ass for 3 season but that does not mean I stop watching the show because as a REAL fan I take the good with the bad


looking at it again, its not ziva's funeral, which is one thing- not american, not military

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Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
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