NCIS Promo: Who is the Port-to-Port Killer?

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A copycat was busted on last week's NCIS installment, but the real sociopath is still in our midst. Tomorrow night, the stakes will be raised, and the casualties may be severe.

After new evidence reveals that the Port-to-Port killer has infiltrated the agency, the NCIS teams chase every lead in a race to track him down on this week's episode.

CBS' promo for "Swan Song," the second to last episode of the season, teases: They Know Who The Killer is. He's Closer Than Ever. He Will Strike At The Heart Of NCIS.

Who do you think the killer is - and who will his victim be this week?

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I totally agree with you Janet. If we can only get through the next 2 shows without any "personal contact" between you-know-the-two-I-maan!! I See 'goof' making another idiot comment again? Also Janet just watched a preview for tonights episode and OMG Ziva actually touches Tony around the neck and give Barrett a disgusting look. Looks good !! Although I want you to know I am not as forgiving as Ziva and I'd kick that Tony's butt for what he is doing..just sayin'..but it looks cute!enjoy tonight's show eh ?


editor I agree I don't think it be any of the main characters and I know a lot of ppl don't like EJ and she won't be next season too many fans dislike her expect 10% of the fans who like


SO when Hetty tenders her resignation on NCIS LA maybe she will come over to the mothership


I don't think any of the main characters will die and that includes Palmer - I'll bet it's Mike Franks and I have no idea who the second one is. ej ? Please... apparently on her twitter
she has said she would happily return in Season 9 if asked and someone replied 90% of the fans want her gone gone gone. So, luckily we only have to see her face for 2 more episodes. Can not wait for tonight !!


I agree with Janet. Palmer won't be the P2P killer he maybe the victim. I don't want any of the main characters to die.


drewski we dont need people like you giving crude comments on this site.


ncis lord dont think jimmy is the p2pk but he may be a victim.


we will all have to wait patiently all will be relived just hope none of the regulars bites the dust.


I think Jimmy could either be the P2P killer (because of the medical knowledge) or the next victim. Anyone agree with me???


Vance will not be killed. According to a promo for NCIS Los Angeles, he shows up in episode 24, which airs as the finale of NCIS Gibbs goes off the air. Pretty unlikely for him to die at 8PM and appear at 9PM.

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