Justified Season 3 Scoop: The Future of Ava, Raylan and More

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A murder. A suicide. And a main character fighting for her life.

The season two finale of Justified left jaws dropped and viewers stunned around the country. How will various events impact season three of this fantastic FX drama? Among other questions, that's what TV Guide asked producer Ned Yost...

Timothy Olyphant in "Reckoning"

Will Ava survive? I would be very surprised if Ava wasn't in the show. We love Joelle, and we love Ava.

What will Winona's pregnancy mean? We honestly don't know where we're going with that. We'll figure it out. We just thought it was a good complication.

What is Raylan's professional future? I can pretty much guarantee you that he will be a Marshal. That's our show, but [people] do go through these things in life, where you think, "I'm just going to chuck it all and move to Vermont." We all get those moments, and we wanted to explore that.

Any more season three spoilers? We spent a whole season getting Boyd back to being Boyd. I would not be surprised if we find ourselves looking again in a more concentrated way at the Boyd-and-Raylan relationship. Their stories ran parallel this season. But if we don't do it in Season 3 and if the heavens allow a Season 4, at some point it's got to come back to Raylan and Boyd.

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on one of the season 2 streaming videos, it said that season 3 will return in 2012. no other indication of when, but at least it exists...


Great and entertaining character and a TV series production that is a very refreshing and a cut above most of the TV series we are subjected to. We can't wait for 3rd season. Too bad Emmy's don't always give awards to some real talent this show has acquired with it's actors and writers.




As a person from White Co. TN (a rural area in East TN & very close to the KY state line). I can tell you that the culture, as well as the mindset of the people depicted in "Justified" is so real to life that it is scary. In fact, I have relatives that have lived there all of there life, and actually remind me of some of the characters. I dare not say who. After having been out in the world, and becoming more educated or well rounded, anyone who is familiar with that culture would be able to relate to Raylan's character. From his acquired perception of the culture, to the way he is treated. He doesn't wish to be reminded that he is one of them, and no longer fits in. However, no one understands the culture of Harlan better than Raylan. Nor do they realize that his way of dealing with the local criminal culture is the only logical method that will work. Great irony. The show must go on!


Will this show ever return. I hated when they killed off Mags and no way she will be resurected as she is now a regular on "A Gifted Man". Of course I should never say that as who knows how long that show will last.


When will season three start ?


Will justified get to come back? Every time I get interested in a program they always take it off the air. That's not fare!!!!


I just want to know......Is there going to be anymore Justified??? I certainly hope so. It is the best!!!!! Does anyone know if it is going to continue???


Best show I have ever seen. Olyphant is the only man that could have played deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan GIvens for sure. It's almost as if he was meant to play this character. If this show doesn't keep going, then tv is obviously flawed by the hands of a**hole executives. You will neverlose me Asa follower!


I really hope there is a season 3, without Winona. The Raylan character was meaner, funnier and sexy before he fell back in love with his ex. Let Boyd have Ava and lets explore Raylan's sexy as a single, shall we?

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