Justified Season 3 Scoop: The Future of Ava, Raylan and More

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A murder. A suicide. And a main character fighting for her life.

The season two finale of Justified left jaws dropped and viewers stunned around the country. How will various events impact season three of this fantastic FX drama? Among other questions, that's what TV Guide asked producer Ned Yost...

Timothy Olyphant in "Reckoning"

Will Ava survive? I would be very surprised if Ava wasn't in the show. We love Joelle, and we love Ava.

What will Winona's pregnancy mean? We honestly don't know where we're going with that. We'll figure it out. We just thought it was a good complication.

What is Raylan's professional future? I can pretty much guarantee you that he will be a Marshal. That's our show, but [people] do go through these things in life, where you think, "I'm just going to chuck it all and move to Vermont." We all get those moments, and we wanted to explore that.

Any more season three spoilers? We spent a whole season getting Boyd back to being Boyd. I would not be surprised if we find ourselves looking again in a more concentrated way at the Boyd-and-Raylan relationship. Their stories ran parallel this season. But if we don't do it in Season 3 and if the heavens allow a Season 4, at some point it's got to come back to Raylan and Boyd.

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This has been my favorite show since it began and it's one that I really anticipate coming back even though it seems like forever when it finally does. Keep up the great work, the great actors looking forward to the new Season 3. Let's Roll.


I hope we get alot of bad ass Boyd in season 3!!!!! He's my favorite character on the show & Walton was also 1 of my favs on The Shield. Just a terrific actor!!


when is season 3 starting????????????


Justified is the best show on tv hands down.FX needs to let the fans know something about when season 3 is going to start.Has anyone heard anything ? It's killing me.I agree with Mickwy who left a comment,I wish they did'nt kill off Mags,She was a mean b%#ch & you better not cross her.


What you mean their actually leaving a quality show on the air! No more useless reality shows!


hurry up and start already


It's about time we had a successful western on TV!!! Justified is the best show on TV. I cannot wait for season 3.


Ok, it's now Sept 10-11 so when is the next season of justified starting?


JUSTIFIED had better be back! I agree, its the best! I am sick and tired of great shows that hook you in get cancelled!! Also, I hate that they killed off Mags... one of the greatest characters that you love to hate!! I think Raylan is a modern day Clint Eastwood... strong silent type. Love him!


when does season 3 begin?

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