Justified Season 3 Scoop: The Future of Ava, Raylan and More

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A murder. A suicide. And a main character fighting for her life.

The season two finale of Justified left jaws dropped and viewers stunned around the country. How will various events impact season three of this fantastic FX drama? Among other questions, that's what TV Guide asked producer Ned Yost...

Timothy Olyphant in "Reckoning"

Will Ava survive? I would be very surprised if Ava wasn't in the show. We love Joelle, and we love Ava.

What will Winona's pregnancy mean? We honestly don't know where we're going with that. We'll figure it out. We just thought it was a good complication.

What is Raylan's professional future? I can pretty much guarantee you that he will be a Marshal. That's our show, but [people] do go through these things in life, where you think, "I'm just going to chuck it all and move to Vermont." We all get those moments, and we wanted to explore that.

Any more season three spoilers? We spent a whole season getting Boyd back to being Boyd. I would not be surprised if we find ourselves looking again in a more concentrated way at the Boyd-and-Raylan relationship. Their stories ran parallel this season. But if we don't do it in Season 3 and if the heavens allow a Season 4, at some point it's got to come back to Raylan and Boyd.

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This is my favorite show on TV. Timothy Olyphant is great in this role.


regarding season three and a Royd Raylan showdown...I was just starting to like Boyd. To me, Boyd does not work that well as a straight up villan. He was more interesting as an asset to Raylan. I understand their history but Boyd has pulled a gun on Raylan at least twice since he has been out of prison. Isn't that a paroll violation? and, hasen't Raylan thrown him back in jail for less? I would like to see them take down new, local and corporate, villans together with Boyd on the inside while they compete for Avas' affection.


LOVE the show and all the characters EXCEPT Wynonna! Drop her and find Raylan a new love interest, preferably Ava! Great chemistry there... none with Wynonna.


Season 2 premiere was on February 9 not season 3. Maybe read the date of the articles you are reading. 2/9/2012 is not a Wednesday.


Zac: I've been all over the Justified website and can't find anything saying the show starts on 2/9 so I'll just take your word for it.


Honestly all you have to do is check the website. It says it big, bold letters 2/9


If you're boycotting because they haven't had a premiere date then you need to start paying attention. They already announced the premier for season three. Its at the beginning of next year like it always is.


It is dumb to boycot a show because they haven't released the premiere date yet. It is this way every season with Justified. You just have to keep checking, they will release it eventually. I agree with Leilah, Winona is okay but Ava was better for Raylan. My husband and I both think that Winona is selfish and shouldn't be with Raylan.


enjoyed reading everyones comments. Mags was a great charactor, loved the writing on the way she went out, very clever. How many of you watched Deadwood first? I did. Great show. I like seeing some of the charactors from Deadwood on this show. Justified is also one of the greats but I would like to see further charactor strgenth, developement, and conviction to personal adjendas. Ava flipped, Boyd flipped and flopped, now he is flipping back to old Boyd. Winonas charactor seems disconnected from everything (even this show). The other Marshals are almost non-existant featuring them in an episode or two, and revisiting, could give more credibility to the big picture of law enforcement in a small backwoods county and create a common goal for the good guys. Raylan is a surpurb charactor and Olyphant does a great job but someone has to have his back or it becomes too unrealistic. I like the fact that he gets the crap kicked out of him once in a while, this aspect reminds me of The Rockford Files. Running out of space, absolutly love this show or I wouldnt bother to post.


I watched Season 1 and 2 just by chance i read a good review of season one. Lots of gun, killing and stuff in it. Is it real in USA? Anyway, I really liked the show. Good acting , good story and continuation which is good. Connecting stories and characters etc. Prefer Ava to Winona, I feel the ex-wife is selfish. Her love for raylan came back in a flash after saying she really loved her husband...that's hard to explain.

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