Justified Season 3 Scoop: The Future of Ava, Raylan and More

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A murder. A suicide. And a main character fighting for her life.

The season two finale of Justified left jaws dropped and viewers stunned around the country. How will various events impact season three of this fantastic FX drama? Among other questions, that's what TV Guide asked producer Ned Yost...

Timothy Olyphant in "Reckoning"

Will Ava survive? I would be very surprised if Ava wasn't in the show. We love Joelle, and we love Ava.

What will Winona's pregnancy mean? We honestly don't know where we're going with that. We'll figure it out. We just thought it was a good complication.

What is Raylan's professional future? I can pretty much guarantee you that he will be a Marshal. That's our show, but [people] do go through these things in life, where you think, "I'm just going to chuck it all and move to Vermont." We all get those moments, and we wanted to explore that.

Any more season three spoilers? We spent a whole season getting Boyd back to being Boyd. I would not be surprised if we find ourselves looking again in a more concentrated way at the Boyd-and-Raylan relationship. Their stories ran parallel this season. But if we don't do it in Season 3 and if the heavens allow a Season 4, at some point it's got to come back to Raylan and Boyd.

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I miss MAGS. I hope the third season startts out in an ER with MAGS alive in a hospital bed.


Tis is a Home Run of a show..
waiting for the next and the next and any more you can produce..


This is one great show to me it's the new Miami Vice. Vice was a breakthrough in the 80's, Justified is the breakthrough now. please don't let this show die.


With all the New York cop dramas out there, this show is a breath of fresh air. So much color and depth, woodsy small town charm and big city intrigue, I love it. Easily one of the best shows on TV and the actors are fantastic in their roles. Looking forward to season 3!


greatest show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't wait for the next season. Anyone know exactly when it will start? I actually live in Harlan County Kentucky....not quite as extreme as the series makes it look. But love the references that are made between actual citizens of this county and the characters on tv....like Mags Bennett...twist in the name but a woman like this actually existed.


When is my favorite show starting the new season? Is there going to be a 3 season, if not I will cancel my cable. This is the best show on TV. I am born and raised in the South(Alabama) and I have family that are similar to the characters in this story line. I love this show, it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


John and I LOVE watching this show together. Being that I once lived in the Kentucky backwoods for a short time, I love how well this show reflects what life can be like outside of suburbiaville.


This is what GOOD tv is all about. I'm so glad that the network finally get's it.I,m so tired of reality tv. It sux big time!


the premiere for seas.3 will be in january not in feb.

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