Hawaii Five-O Review: "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau"

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The beginning of "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau" had me wondering if I had somehow missed an episode. I know that Agent Kaye had been investigating Wo Fat for McGarrett, but it would have been nice to get even a hint of what eventually led the Five-O to the front door of one of Wo Fat's safe houses. 

With the end of the season looming large I suppose some things can be forgiven, especially with all the information that was jammed into this story that centered around an investigation of possible bio-terrorism.

It wasn't bio-terrorism really. It was pretty much straight forward murder with a loose connection to a bio-terrorist organization.

Five-O Runs the Show

Was that a little disappointing?

It was, but the other revelations in the episode made up for it. For me the conclusion of the bio-chemical mystery just had too many moments where things fell conveniently into place. Plus, I may be a bit impatient for a big Wo Fat show down.

However, there was some juicy stuff going on this week ...

Danno and Rachel are pretty much an official item. I'm actually okay with those two getting back together, though I do wonder about the implied infidelity on Rachel's part. It makes me almost feel sorry for Stan. Almost, not completely.

McGarrett's reaction to the discovery seemed both supportive and heartbroken. Or maybe saddened is a more appropriate word. McGarrett obviously considers Danno a close friend, and it is always disappointing when information isn't shared. It does seem like something Danno could have, and should have, trusted McGarrett with. Not that McGarrett's exactly an open book.

Sang Min and his achey-breaky hair returned. It was only a matter of time before the escaped con reemerged, and fearing for his life he turned to the Five-O for help and protection from Wo Fat. I can't imagine that this character has much life expectancy left. I think even in protective custody Wo Fat will find a way to kill him.

The loose ends to Chin's false confession about the stolen police money were pretty neatly tied up.

Kono best voiced how I was feeling about the matter. She laid it all out very plainly, asking how it was worth everything Chin had lost and would lose if he continued. And she was absolutely right, it had gone too far.

Chin obviously was going to stubbornly protect his uncle till the end of time if he had too. Though, being an officer I am surprised he took the misinformation about the missing inventory logs so seriously.

My opinion of Agent Kaye hasn't really improved, but it hasn't become any worse. Right now she's just sort of this perky distraction who seems to have a lot to offer the team. I think my aversion to her comes from worrying that the writers might try to set Kaye and McGarrett up in a relationship. So, it's a little wrong to be so hard on a character for something that may never happen. There's just this slightly annoying factor to her.

Despite everything that was revealed in this episode, and will continue to be explored in the finale, I think my favorite moments occurred between Danno and his daughter, Gracie. There were some earnest connections between Danno and Gracie in the hospital. Also, the added bonus of some Danno and Kamekona love/hate banter always makes me smile.

What did you think of this week's Hawaii Five-O episode?


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Another outstanding show that had me literally glued to the television set. There were different story lines that made it all that more interesting. Agent Kaye serves a purpose but I don't think it is permanent. Frankly, I think her heart will be broken when she realizes that Danno is back with his wife (yes, I said it, I think her interest is in Danno and not McGarrett). So happy that Chin will be exonerated and what a twist at the end when Sang Min walks into 5-0 headquarters and begs for policy protective custody. Can't wait to see Wo-Fat (Mark Dacascos) again...this character will see it through Season 2 and maybe beyond is my bet. He is the infamous "thorn in my side" for McGarrett. Great job to the cast....keep up the excellent work!


Giggling at Joe, driving a truck through plot holes. Yes true, they seem to focus on character at the expense of plot, but i must say, i love it. I love those characters and i love the actors playing them. They have completely won my heart this year. So let em let the perp out the back door. McGarrett will get em in the final minutes, in a magnificent flying tackle. Happy happy happy.


I loved it!! I love the show period!! I, like others were surprised to see kay back on the show without anything leading up to her return. I love this show and I am glad that chin isn't going to jail that they saw through his plan!! I love the fact that Danno may get back with Rachel!! I think Steve is a hottie and that Komo is georgous!! this show rocks and i will so go through withdrawals until the new season starts!!!


Well...I think last night episeode TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!! I love all these guys they are all wonderful!! I look forward to Mondays for this show!! Love you HAWAII FIVE O GUYS and Gals!!!!!!:)


I like Agent Kaye and I loved the episode. I believe she would be good as a full time regular on the show.


Another shootout, another car chase, and Sang Min escapes - and on a tiny island, too. Just how incompetent is 5-0 allowed to be? It never fails: the Swat team goes in the front door, the perp goes out the back, and no one ever thinks to surround the house, even with a dozen men standing around in flak jackets. I like this show better than the original, largely because of the cast, but you could drive a truck through the plot holes.


I very like h50

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Gracie: What's a hangover?
Danno: It's a... You'll figure it out when you're about...thirty-five?
McGarrett: Thirty-five... thirty... sixty...
Danno: Forty or so.

McGarrett: Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a car attached to you?
Kaye: Oh? Weird.