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I also find the background music a little too loud. I want to hear what they are saying and sometimes I miss it because the music over rides it. I love the show, one of my top 2 favorites . Didn't think Steve's broken arm looked realistic with how he was using it in the scenes after - it's suppose to broken, not just pretending with a cast. Got to make each scene believable and he wasn't in enough pain when he hit the cast in one of takedown moves
Great job to all - hope it stays fresh and gung-ho so it can last a really, really long time.


I love the Hawaii 5 o program and all my family watch together...however is it just us, or does anybody else think the backround music is very loud most of the time.. This is a real pain. Comment please...


love this show but i still do not understand why the governer would set up a task force to take down people like Wo Fat if she is working with him.


i'm watching it again, and i gotta say, as MUCH as rachel and danno are cute, i kind of hate her. she makes his life hell, makes him move to hawaii, fights for custody for grace. then once he's all set up, with friends and they get back together...she makes him move again? or what, he won't see grace again? MAJOR dislike.


i also think that the police is so stupid for thinking steve would kill the governor! why cant they see burn marks? i mean those stings guns thing leave burn marks right?


i loved the season finale! in the beginning of the series i was wondering why the Governor would need steve but i would have never thought that she had something to do with it until the few last episodes. i think chin saw this coming and that's why he accepted the offer. i think rachel being pregnant is a bit to much but i saw that one coming. i heard that grace park might be leaving, that would be awful! i like the team the way it is with steve, danno, chin and kono and sometimes agent kaye. i know some people dissagree to this but i think kono and steve would be cute. i like catherine but not for steve, she's to nice.
i can't wait for season 2! i actually want to fast forward and skip my vacation! and i personaly think this tv show is the best since CSI:NY and CSI: Miami! wow that was a long comment! :)))


Ok, I'm new here but had to comment on this great show!

Firstly, I think the team will be back together by the end of the first episode of the new season - Chin is obviously trying to help Kono/Steve/both from the inside.

I think Kaye will only be around long enough to help Danno with any info he might need to go after whoever he needs to, to free Steve, and whoever takes on the Governer's role will want to keep Five 0 going.

So my worry is, where is the Rachel/Danny thing going? I think Rachel is such a selfish woman, expecting Danno to follow her all over the place just to see his own child, she makes me want to scream!
But Danny can't be leaving yet, so either he is not going to get to see Grace, which will destroy him, or Rachel and Grace will be killed, which would also destroy him.

So I don't think it's looking good for Danno next season :-(


when does the next season come out!???????????


My Prime Time On Demand say it will end on June 3. Is there still more to this finale?

Some possibilities that wouldn't surprise me:

Rachel and daughter have exited the show because Wo Fat had the plane bombed in an attempt to get Danno who was supposed to be on the plane.

It's been said already, but I agree Chin took the police dept job to get into a position to help clear his comrades.
Steve's recording was also being sent somewhere where it will be discovered and get him off the hook.


i don't want to wait for next season. i love the new and the old Hawaii Five-O. KFTY (MeTV), channel 31 on my comcast cable box, is showing the original Hawaii Five-O series. The clothes are great! the season ended WAY too early.

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