Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Review: "Unaccompanied Minor"

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With promises of a season finale that would solely focus on the three original characters, a much quieter ending, and only an hour to tie up any loose endings, Grey’s Anatomy wrapped up its seventh season in its classic, emotionally-charged fashion.

Although there was neither an unforgettable ferryboat accident nor a haunting shooting this year, "Unaccompanied Minor" held its own when a 757 crashed and required our SGMWH surgeons’ attention more than ever.

Furthermore, this remarkable season finale will go down as another to remember as the stakes were high and the emotional toll was unbelievably heavy.

Mer and Alex Photo

I can honestly say that I was shocked by the 757 crash storyline. I never expected to hear that nearly every passenger wouldn’t even make it to the hospital. The scene in which the families reacted to the bad news of losing their loved ones was heartbreaking.

As my tissue box sat inches away, I realized that I hadn’t needed it for Grey’s Anatomy in quite some time. Thankfully, the tissues with aloe still do just the trick.

It was such a moving and touching moment when the families stuck around to be there for the unaccompanied minor. Regardless of their circumstances, these strangers came together to be there for a young girl and her mother. That’s really saying something.

I loved the scene when MerDer were planning out where the baby room and crib should be. Although I am frustrated by the way things ended for MerDer on this episode, I get why Derek needed some time on his own.

Whether or not Meredith was helping Adele and Richard, she was dishonest and the Alzheimer’s trial was extremely important to him.

Something tells me that Derek will be back with his McFamily at the start of next season. Besides, how could he resist baby Zola? Also, how great is Meredith with Zola already?

Although Meredith kicked Alex out, I almost wished he had stayed. He would have been great helping Meredith with Zola.

There was much more baby discussion when Cristina found out that she was pregnant. Like Owen, I know precisely who Cristina is and how important her career is to her.

However, Owen was right in saying that she needed to at least consider what he wanted. The decision ought to have been made as a married couple.

Heck, he even offered to be the one on leave with the baby and repeatedly told her how much he loved her and wanted much more for them. Not surprisingly though, Cristina made an appointment to terminate her pregnancy.

Do you think that Cristina will really go through with her appointment? If so, is this the end for Owen and Cristina?

I can’t say that I was surprised when Owen finally chose April as the chief resident. With all that’s been going on, she was definitely a shoo-in. I’m looking forward to seeing how she will run the show.

Lil Grey

It drove me nuts when Lexie and Mark had their heartfelt talk. While I know that Jackson is very capable of making Lexie happy, I can’t help but to continuously root for Mark. Yes, this is whether or not he gives his blessing or simply lets Lexie walk away.

Then again, if you really love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If not, it wasn't meant to be. Right?! Surely, Mark has heard of that and still believes it. And you can’t simply just forget when someone says that they’re going to always love you.

While Henry finally confessed he was in love with Teddy, I was glad that she chose him over Andrew. Moreover, I was disappointed in Alex when he didn’t ask Lucy to stay. That’s Alex for you though. He’s down now, but I’m hoping he doesn’t go back to the jerk we once knew him as. He’s come such a long way now.

As Bailey and Eli walked off holding hands, I wished we had seen more of them recently. I hope their relationship continues to grow next season because I certainly have missed seeing Bailey. 

Overall, I thought “Unaccompanied Minor” was a fitting close to a very fickle season. After weddings, babies, a musical, and more, Shonda Rhimes definitely delivered as promised with a quieter than usual season finale focusing on Meredith, Cristina and Alex.

I, for one, couldn’t have asked for more. I am especially looking forward to what season eight holds for our Seattle Grace Mercy West doctors.

What did you all think of "Unaccompanied Minor"? What do you expect to see in season eight of Grey's Anatomy? Sound off below!


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guys the room that was empty was alex's room not merder's!!so derek is not gone!!


Shonda Rimes promised a quiet finale and she lived up to her promise. No shootings or heavy situations just vintage Grey's Anatomy emotional circumstances. The focus on the three original characters was something I've been thirsting for this season. Meredith-Derek: I'm so frustrated that they're on bad terms right now. But I do know they'll get back together. It's just a rough patch. And with Zola, they both need to be there for her. Cristina-Owen: I hope the two figure out their problems and agree on what's best for them. Owen knows that Cristina puts her career over anything and she's scared of loving the baby and she might have crossed the line of marriage for not telling Owen about her plans to abort the baby. They both needed space. Alex: He was such a douchebag. Really? After seven years of friendship? Seriously. I know what Meredith did was technically wrong but it's Meredith and she does what she thinks is best. I just hoped that after all he has been through that he realizes that Mer and Cristina has always been there for him. He should've have let Mer handle everything. Lexie-Mark: Oh c'mon! Lexie! Mark! I can't even say anything just please I hope they get back together. Lexie is happy with Jackson, yeah..but that's just that. April-Jackson: The remaining Mercy West residents. Ahh. They've had a pretty good year. Jackson with Lexie. April as Chief Resident. I hate it. I mean, I don't hate that April is the Chief Resident but she really deserves it. After screwing up last year, she learned and she got what she deserves. Jackson, urrgh, they just had to pair him with Lexie so he will not get off track the story. I hate how the Mercy Westers are happy in the end. Teddy-Henry: FINALLY, TEDDY! I love Henry so much. Bailey: I want more Bailey! I hope she gets interaction with April because she was the former Chief Resident and April might need some guidance. Arizona-Callie: Ooooh, those wedding rings! :) I just can't wait for Season 8! :)


Didn't I hear somewhere that ABC had agreed to two more seasons of Grey's?


Joe, I'm thinking that Christina isn't selfish just because she wants an abortion. She just has come across that way (to me) ever since I've been watching the show. I guess she really lost me when they let her go on and on with her PTSD. I know it is just a TV show, but sometimes I get into it.:-) (We all do, or we wouldn't be here talking about it.) I wanted to shake her and say, "Get a grip!"


I have to say that Owen was being fickle when he said he'd love Christina no matter what, but just kept rejecting Christina's insistence she couldn't have the baby. He's being just as stubborn and stupid as she is. And Derek telling Meredith she'd be a bad mother was just a low blow. Like seriously? Do you have to say something like that when you're upset? What happened to the sensible Derek?


@grandmah, How does Christina scheduling an abortion make her selfish? It's her body and Owen has no right to make her feel bad if she has no desire to grow a child in it. It wouldn't of changed things if they sat down and talked about it because he would still want it and she still wouldn't want it and he would still be angry at her because she has a right to not conceive a baby if she doesn't want to. That doesn't make her selfish. And besides, she should be focusing on her career, and being pregnant would only interfere with things. If he wants a child, he should try to compromise a later date or adoption or something.


@Jayne- no, she had scheduled an abortion and it was all
Going to happen until they found out it was an ectopic pregnancy


Wasn't Cristina going to keep Burke's baby when she was pregnant the first time around prior to the miscarriage?

Jesse james

Well, I cant wait for next season...I so hope its not the final season. Grey's is an addiction of mine, ever since season 1. Been a true follower of the show.
As for the finale, as mentioned before, it was quiet, but it still kicked ass and had moments where my jaw dropped and as always, had me teary-eyed.


I definitely thought the most moving moment was the 747 loved ones remaining for the unaccompanied child THEN when the mother arrives the woman saying, her son was going to be fine, too. NO raining on her parade...then her complete breakdown...heart-wrenching.
Thinking seeing Meredith with Zola is going to bring Cristina around. Owen so gets her...hope they work it out. I LOVE the Henry!!! Loved him on The Unit...great to see him in this role...though I am not a huge Teddy fan...for his sake I am glad she got smart.
These are fictional characters....these are fictional characters...THESE ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!!!!
Liking Bailey and her man, too!!

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