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When I had watched the first episode of season 7 to see Owen and Cristina get married I knew there were going to be problems soon because I always felt the rushed it. I mean in season 6 they were still doing all that Teddy, Cristina and Owen stuff right up until the end when he finally made his choice.

I never felt it was a good season opener as a result because I didn't think they were ready.

In fact, this whole child thing is the biggest reason why. It is clear they didn't really talk things through. That or Owen worked under the assumption, like Burke, that Cristina would change for him just because, with no regard to Cristina and who she truly is.


I think if you really look at the show, everything fits together perfectly. And the more you hear Shonda explain it, the clearer it is to understand why certain things are the way they are.

I also believe that Richard is going to take responsibility for the trial, probably spend whatever little time he can with his wife, setting up for the next Chief of Surgery----Bailey.


Dr. McDreamy is a pompous doofus with way too much time on his hands. Even if it's only a tv show; I know people in real life who wax on monotonously about what's right and what's not; what a JERK. I nearly switched channels.


I thought Shonda said Derek and Meredith were fine no more break-ups, walking away from one another anymore. Meredith did it for Adelle, that should mean something. Christina pregnant come-on how rediculous, she can get pregnant but meredith can't, I guess adoption is the in thing like the celebritys do. Come on Shonda, At least have the show end with dignity, It seems like the 7 years meant nothing this season, no real good stories, this will be the first season I will not own. I was a true GA fan but this season has left me cold.




Get a life,it's a TV show, not reality TV.


Mer and Cris gonna have a heart to heart chat at home about babies etc. Mer will convince Cris to keep the baby and not go through with the abortion only for her suffer another miscarriage.

Derek is still AWOL, not answering Mer's calls and cos she is suspended from work they don't see each other.

Alex ask's Derek how Zola is settling in and as he doesn't know she is at home with Mer he ask's what are you talking about?

Cristina overhears the conversation as it takes place at the reception desk.

Come end of 1st epi of season 8, Cristina is the one who tell's him to pull his head in, in true Cristina style with a remark of you don't even know Mer is home looking after a little africian girl, because you choose to ignore her calls, you would know if you cared to answer your damn phone or even respond to messages.


OMG!! This isn't about selfish. This is about protecting life, something doctors are suppose to do. How on earth can anyone watch this show? Here we have a medical doctor who doesn't just not value life but considers the killing of her unborn baby to be appropriate action due to her over large ambitions and a baby will just get in her way. This is a medical doctor who thinks killing a fetus is OK. That is too disgusting to even consider.


Shonda promised us emotional devastation- and that was exactly what she delivered!
Who would have guessed that by the end of this season...the only couple remaining intact would be Callie and Arizona? But they have gone through devastation already in the musical episode, so I guess Shonda wanted to give them a break..
I wish both Derek and Owen would get over their high horses soon.
Derek, not everything is right or wrong, they are shades of Grey too in life. You do have a right to be angry at Mer, but you've to understand where she is coming from.
Owen, yes, starting a family needs the consensus of two individuals. I get that you want to be a father. Too bad Cristina doesn't want to be a mother. Didn't both of you discuss this before hand? Cristina- ever heard of contraception?

Mark and Lexie- please get back together already! I was pleasantly surprised by Mark's mild exchange with Jackson.
April - congratulations of winning Chief Resident, you deserve it :)
Jackson- you know, the someone you're looking for might be right in front of you- her name is April. Just saying ;)

I'm still confident though that by the beginning of next season, the couples would have sorted themselves out..

As for the plane crash- the storyline should definitely have been told better. Instead of only one crash survivor- bring in more survivors and show their stories and the hospital staff trying to save their lives! And it would remind me more of Lost ;)


I agree, is she going to kill the baby each time she gets preg. I would respect the character so much more if she got her tubes tied.

"Its simple, if she didn't want kids then she either diesnt have sex or ties her tubes! Killing babies is not the answer and will cost Greys some viewers. It can work both ways - yea, Owen should have known she doesn't want kids but she should know that he does."

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