Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Princesses and the Frog"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, TV Fanatic Editor Mister Meester is joined by THE shot-caller himself, our company President Gossip Guy, for a discussion of "The Princesses and the Frog."

Our colleague DANdy is still off partying in Asia, but hopefully, like Jack Bass, he will be back on the East Coast next week. It's a two-man show again for now:


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: I want to give it to newcomer Charlie. Girl gave it to Vanessa when she told her she didn't know how to win Dan or she wouldn't be studying aboard. Snap. We all know you get bonus point from Gossip Guy for any insults directed at V.

Mister Meester: Louis proposing. I'm a sucker for that not-French-sounding but still adorable accent, and for anything that will make the Queen happy.

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2. Who are you more disappointed in, Serena or Chuck?

Gossip Guy: The weird part is I'm a little more disappointed in Serena. That's not at all saying I condone any of Chuck's actions, I've just come to expect this kind of drunken irresponsible behavior whenever he learns about his past. Serena, however, trying to ruin the rest of her supposed best friend's life after a fake apology? So low. Even for jealous Boobs McGee.

Mister Meester: I don't condone what Chuck did in the least, nor am I making excuses for him. I let him have it in my Gossip Girl review, and am pissed at what he did to Blair. That said, I can at least see where it came from. Dude is a physical and emotional mess and has slowly become so over a period of weeks. Serena, on the other hand, is acting like the worst friend ever for seemingly no reason, and her nonsensical reasons for trying to derail Blair's dreams almost make me more angry at her.

3. Is Charlie the new Georgina (resident crazy girl in training)?

Gossip Guy: Woh, woh Mister Meester. Don't say things you can't take back. Charlie lying to oust Vanessa is never crazy. That's just standard UES behavior and if anything commendable.

Mister Meester: Georgina's the craziest of the crazy, but Charlie could be her understudy. Like the Sith Lords of Star Wars, there must be a master and an apprentice ...

Couple of Princesses

ROYALLY CUTE: Come on, royal people. How can you not love Blair?

4. Will Blair actually marry Prince Louis?

Gossip Guy: I normally am the biggest supporter of Chair for the endgame, but Chuck's latest self destruction has made him harder than ever to root for. And this is from the guy's original fan from season one.  Sorry, buddy, I'm officially on team Blois. But that's only because Dair is off the table in this question. So to finally answer your question? I sure hope so. But I know she won't :(

Mister Meester: I kind of hope so, if it means more of that curly hair. How cute does that look on Leighton? But seriously, since the writers basically assassinated Chuck and left Dan out to dry last night, I'm about ready to get on board with Louis. The fact that I was immersed in Royal Wedding coverage all last weekend doesn't hurt.

5: Rate last night on the Vanessa Uselessness Scale (1-10).

Gossip Guy: She not only was somewhat relevant to tonight's episode, she basically admitted to her uselessness this week! So really, V, I turn the question do you. What would you rate yourself on our VUS? ... No? Nothing? Fine, then I'll give you an 8. Bitch. So glad you're leaving us to study abroad in an unnamed destination.

Mister Meester: 5, for basically validating the existence of this very scale, and for peacing out of the show at the end. Anyone sad about that plot twist?

6: Jack is back next week. What do you think for?

Gossip Guy: Well clearly he'll gladly accept a call from any random girl (read Raina) and will fly halfway across the country to help her destroy his nephew. This is Gossip Girl and that is Jack Bass. Hopefully he'll bring back DANdy on his returning flight. We sure do miss him here at TV Fanatic.

Mister Meester: If the writers are looking for a way to make Chuck a sympathetic figure, having Jack and Russell Thorpe team up against him is a good start. Come on. He's made a mess of his life, and that's on him, but hasn't he been through enough? Does Jack want Chuck dead? What else can he possibly do to ruin his nephew?

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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Okay, this seals it, from BB2's link--Josh Safran is actually insane and/or stupid:
"He punches the glass because he has rage, but he has never, and will never, hurt Blair,"
"We all make mistakes. No one goes through perfectly," Safran recently told Zap2it. "I don't think that Chuck necessarily needs to be redeemed so much as he actually needs to find his way, which is different." Josh, how can we break this down for you? When a guy grabs a gal and throws her down on a sofa, swings his fist in "rage" and ends up breaking a window that cuts her face, HE IS HURTING HER. He has committed assault and battery, Josh, you hapless fool. Blair should never again be part of him "finding his way" unless you do, in fact, do something to "redeem" him. Something like therapy for anger management, extensive apology and recompense, and probably some kind of alcohol rehab. Otherwise, YOU ARE CELEBRATING ABUSE if Blair can just forgive and move on past this. You are teaching all those junior high girls who worship your show that this is okay. For that, really, I hope you work on your soul.


More which made me more angry is that I'm SURE that Blair will forgive Chuck again. What I always liked on Gossip Girl was the personality of B. She went after what she wanted, not let anyone even think of doing anything with her, especially if placed on top of all. And now she has become a zero, is constantly humiliated by Chuck and always forgives him. If you stay in the sole of the shoe of someone always being crushed by direct he is love, so I do not even want to imagine what is hate. I watching the episode and ask me: What happened to Blair? Where's the girl who fought, gave the change and NEVER lowered his head? If you think I'm "overreacting" see:
Season 1: Chuck spread to everyone that Blair slept with him and N. the same week. And also likened him to his father's old mare (q okay he made a toast beautiful for her) more then he left her waiting for him while he slept with some girl.
2nd season: He saw that she was happy with Marcus tried to destroy, he called her a "plunger" sex, took her to the throne of school when he pitched for Serena and Dan with that girl, she sided with him when his father died and how he rewarded? Staying with a prostitute. Then when he stopped to play with her, was behind Blair. And had all that business of "I love you." She stooped and said to him first.
Season 3: (but we had many things to those who had hurt her more) She changed her for the Hotel and slept with Jenny.
Season 4: Was Eva, Raina, not even there for her ta ... Almost ended her academic career, (yes she walked away from Eva) plus this is no reason for him to avenge her the way he did. Ah, there he has a problem when he runs to her, kissed her when he discovered that Dan was just trying to make a play to end it all, now and in the last episode, tried to end her dream of being a princess. And what made me hate when he discovered that she was betrothed to the prince, threw her on the sofa (which seemed to me that he would "rape" her) thumped the glass window and injured her face ... And worst of all, she will forgive him and come back with him !!!!!!!! Is not that love is a disease. Why GG descended at the hearing and was climbing through DAIR, but now going down again .......


I'm sorry but I have to come in Vanessa's rescue. Where does this hatred come from people? How can you hate someone who only tried to open her best friend's eyes but failed more than someone who traded his girlfriend to his uncle for a bloody hotel? Seriously, I like every character of this show (except maybe Jenny, but it might be because of Taylor Momsen and not the storyline) and Dan is for sure the one that I'm always happy to see. But come on, would you really give up so easily on a childhood friend for some blond rich brainless girl who spends way too much time on her back? When Vanessa told Dan that she wasn't the one who sent this (very believable) scandal about Serena having an STD, he chose to believe Serena. If I were in this situation, this friendship would have been over right at that instant. And of course, she wanted revenge (who doesn't in this show?) but afterwards, she tried to apologize, she still wanted to be Dan's friend. And now who are his true friends now? Serena? Yeah only when she has no one in sight (although I really want Derena for endgame, but not the point here). Blair? Hum I'm sorry, she's about to run off to get married to a prince, so the Josef Beuys exhibits field trips ain't gonna happen anymore (and btw, this is the kind of things that he could have done with Vanessa). Charlie? Yeah, might as well go back to Georgina and raise her child, her crazybitchness only increase her class (class that Charlie completely lacks). So please, give Vanessa a break. To me, with Eric, she's the character who approach the most the real life people. But that may actually be the reason why you hate her.


@ commie, I like Chair and I'm a university graduate working in the government. Oops, there goes your theory. P.S. I am in a great relationship and would allow no man to ever abuse me. Just a reality check for you... you are aware this is a TV show? These aren't real people.


You're too emotionally invested in this, and I can say the same about many fans. But if it's any consolation, read on... Chuck is a very central character, or they would have long ago turned him into a pathetic nate. Whether we like where Chuck's story is going, the fact remains is he is never marginalized as a character. They know they have plenty of time on their hands, so they are taking their time to play out Chuck's story. It bothers fans because 1) it's taking rather long, and 2) it often involves nonsensical 'revelations' and 'twists'... And since it is indeed taking rather long, they can't really keep B on ice indefinitely. Therefore, they need to exploit various (often nonsense) 'possibilities' for B, labeling them as "character growth", "moving on", "tired", "4 years in the making", "prince/shmince", etc. What else would you have B do while they are putting Chuck through the meatgrinder? Be there for him all the time? That's boring. They want drama in your face. Daddy issues, mommy issues, uncle issues, mental issues, abuse/amuse issues... Good or bad, they want the viewer to be disturbed FOR the character. It's not incidental that in the past 4 years they have really have no intention of developing another real love interest for Chuck. Eva, Raina and whoever else might come along are just fillers. After 4 years, they deliver that "You're mine.." notion, and that makes it pretty obvious that they'll have him struggling to get her till the very end? The writers just happen to think that this tortured dark soul approach has great appeal, even if it's getting way out of hand, while the fans are rather tied of waiting. They in fact want the fans to be emotionally involved even if it takes lies, disappoints, empty promises, etc. All the ingredients of an messed-up relationship that you can't seem to let go of. :-) I don't take all this nonsense seriously. Sure, the whole production has turned into a circus mainly because they have assurance that the show would still go on for some while, and that there is no immediate pressure from the top to change direction. That, and the constant lying. If anybody wants to talk character growth, who is good for whom, who needs this or that in a relationship, first admit it to yourself that you wouldn't want to be in a relationship where you're constantly lied to, and here you are, constantly being lied to and manipulated by the writers/producers, and yet you keep taking it... As far as what happens with Chuck in the end, it seems pretty clear to me that every main character will wind up with some other main character. There hasn't been any indication to suggest that it'd be some newcomer, as even for recurrent characters, they NEVER keep anybody new on long enough to matter. Call it cliche or whatever, but it is what it is. With that in mind, the outcome of the show should be pretty predictable. You only need one hand to count the main characters. Add Vanessa to that, and you have all the math you need. Everything else is wishful thinking. :-)


1. It's hard to choose between Dorota's "Maybe I do damage myself (eastern europea style)", Louis' " We could...court while wearing rings.", Eric's "Acting like Blair never works for anybody but Blair", but then Dan called Charlie a spaz! That's quality writing right there! And then he gives her the keys to his place! 2. Serena was just being petty. Chuck's actions came from a place of caring even if it was submerged in whiskey. 3. When Charlie said "I'm so stupid!", I thought she was going to start hitting herself in the head like Oliver Trask(Taylor Handley) did on 'The OC'. 4. I think we'll get close, if not actually get, a royal wedding. It'll depend on the budget though. I'm thinking that could be the season 5 opener is the money is there, or it'll happen off screen if it isn't. 5. Vanessa was actually somewhat useful in this episode even if was as Charlie's unwitting pawn. I give her a......6? 6. I swear I heard Jack say "I want him sedated!". I think a padded cell and straight jacket are in Chuck's future, followed by a daring rescue by his ex-friends. The mental hospital is the new Ostroff Center. The real question is 'Is this a new low for the writers?' BQ: Since when did the 'Gossip Girl' website become a reliable source for European Royalty? And why didn't Blair try digging up something scandalous from Princess What's-her-name's past to blackmail her with? Oh right - she's changed! How disappointing.


@commie: settle down, a lot of CB shippers have college degrees, masters, good jobs, and probably earn more than you'll ever will. @Queenoffice: I agree with most of what you said. Until last episode I believed all the prior drama could be overcomed, now I just don't know anymore. I wish they fix him for his own good, but I don't know if it will be enough to reunite him with Blair, right now I'm team Blair/ non GG guy.


I cant believe I am actually seeing this- some girls are actually defending Chuck and even the producer of GG says Chuck is not abusive. What ails me most is people romanticizing Chuck's action. I have been in an abusive relationship. It all starts that way- he didnt mean to hurt me, he was drunk, he was just jealous and then suddenly it wasnt just that-It was much more and it would never end. The emotional trauma of abuse is enough to deal with. I am guessing most of you are young girls so this is just a plea- Never believe that he only hurt you because he was too passionate about you. I am a Chair fan- I only watch GG because of Chuck and Blair from season 1. The rest of them can go to hell. But last night the entire scene made me relive what I have been thru and now I cant support Chuck- I dont want Blair to go back to Chuck because he has abused her! Chair is dead for me now and so is GG! I find Blouis laughable and Dair boring so I am leaving GG! I heard Pretty Little Liars is good?


I was all for Chair until he sold her to his uncle, and continued to ruin her for no reason. I think Chair should still be endgame, but there's a FAAARRRR road to that, Chuck needs to get a taste of his own medicine, and realise how much Blair did for him. In the meantime- Blair and Louis are adorable


hardcore chair shipper = poor, working class, community college, driven by inferiority complexes?

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