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@Lorrein, The writers of GG are all crazy, so don´t expect it to happen, remember that in other shows has happends, like dawson,in the end he didn't end up with the love of his life, so maybe it could happen with dair :S and on the preview's directors and interviews they did say "not always you end up with the person you felt in love with at 17" or something like that, to me this means that everything can happen, no chair, no derena, anything, because these people are crazy.


sorry, I meant *heart


@Me, I totally agree with you. If Chuck and Blair don't get together in the end of Gossip girl, then the whole show would has been a loss of time.

And in the scene with the chairs, they looked so happy. So, obviously, they can feel happiness when they're together, but not only pain and sorrow.
The scene with the goodbye just broke my hearts.


maybe blair did the pregnancy test and don't waited for the result for 5 minuts, but trew it away after 1 minut so she doesn't know the outcome of it?



I loved the time Chair spent together smiling once for all!! And Blair bringing Chuck in the room to make love with him??? That was just EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

And as for the pregnancy test, I hope it's Blair's but most of all I hope it will be an evidence that they are meant to be together, no matter what they do or say. Life is showing them that they can't be apart!


Why do they destroy such rare emotional scenes by cramming them in between dumb plot lines?!!!

The Thorpe plot was dumb. It didn't make sense and there was no Oh My God moments. The whole, Blair's in danger thing was very disappointing. Bad soap opera.

The Bar Mitzvah (pardon my spelling its late) was cute but odd...Is someone on the writing staff Jewish? I did love Blair and Chuck enjoying time together.

Bullshit on the Blair and Louis thing. He's cardboard with a bad accent and a nice chin. NEXT. Blair and Chuck shouldn't be together but at least give us something back in return.

I actually liked Serena's Hollywood plot. It made sense to me. I don't know if people even read Fitzgerald anymore but the books are fairly short and Serena could relate to his main heroines. She is practically Daisy Buchanan (wrong book I know, but Mia Farrow popped into my head). Also, it's been established that Serena leads a charmed life. Landing an amazing job by just standing on a beach is what she does best.

As for the pregnancy thing...It was the only thing on the finale that made me go...Oh. My. God. A Chair baby on the horizon? Ok, if Im going to invest time into this show they'd better deliver (haha accidental pun) a baby that sticks around. Not like Milo, not like Anastasia. I dont think it's Serena's test. I dont think it's Eleanor's either. I know she has another kid in the book but a lot of things happened in the show that were never in the series. Chair for instance. Also in the books Blair has a younger brother. Aaron Rose was in love with Blair, not Serena. Also he has dreadlocks and lives with Blair's family for a while. Eric is a straight college boy that parties a lot. Chuck has a monkey. Dan smokes and the grand love affair with Serena doesn't even make it through an entire book, mainly because he creeps her out. Vanessa is bald and chubby. Jenny has double D breasts. Blair actually get's into Yale. Nate sails off after high school. Chuck's mother isn't even dead in the books, her name's not Evelyn but Misty. Bart doesn't die either. Actually Chuck is never redeemed in the books at all. Serena's dad never abandoned her in the series but still lives with them. Lily and Rufus never dated. Rufus' doesn't own a gallery but runs an urban magazine. And hates everything UES. The Humphreys' dont live in Brooklyn but the Upper West Side... I could go on and on. Basically, same characters very different stories.


@arwenkstar I totally agree about the baby issue, hopefully it turns out to be nothing. Honestly, if it is Blairs baby (with chuck or anyone else) it would totally mess up the show. Everything we love about these characters is possible because they're young and have nothing holding them back. Adding a Chair baby would make GG to much like a bad teen soap. Besides the whole bastard child things already been done with Dan.


I wouldn't mind seeing Louis and Blair develop the back and forth between chair was getting boring and if the ended up together this soon I feel like that would get old even faster. its more fun to see them apart...for now


@Estefs, I suppose the only solace that that we can take with Derena fans are that Dan is fully aware that if published the book would hurt a lot of people he cares about; those that he considers family, friends and loved ones. We were also hinted that the book doesn't portray the "Dan" character any worst than the other satire characters. A possible exit strategy for Dan to blame the authorship to Vanessa (and rightly so, if she gets all the money!).

If the book was written 5 years ago, then he was a different person who wanted "inside" the Upper East Side society. But why? Both Jenny and Dan demonstrated both a revulsion and compassion to how people behaved in that society. A kind of conflict between the good and bad people of the UES. The way he talked about Blair's conviction and character seemed an underlying respect for how she has developed.


This episode was so sad. But whoever is pregnant doesn't know it because the test said negative before another line slowly appeared. Hopefully it will be Chuck and Blair's.

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