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Blair is carrying Chuck's baby..

Charlie is the new Jenny

Serena will be cool again.. since the finale of season 3 I was missing the REAL Serena..

The season four WAS REALLY dissapointing... BUT the season finale taste more like GG..


Ok. Blair and Chuck have sex and three weeks later somebody's pregnant. But the history teach us, it would be to obvious if the baby would be Chairs. The producers love to play with us fans, agree?

What about this: Charlie asks Serena, who would she choose: Dan or Nate. Few minutes later they both arrive at Constance, she appologies. Than Dan takes Charlie home, but we don't know what happend to Serena and Nate. Maybe something happend between them.

Probably not true, but still. The producers can insert in the past anything they want, with an excuse that it happend, we just didn't see it- like with Charlie- seriously, did anyone think this isn't the real Charlie?!? So my guess is Blair pregnant to obvious.


What made everyone hooked on Chair was the caberet/limo night in which Blair angry and under appreciated by Nate and a foot away from a much Blair-dazzled Chuck sheds her usual queen B policy and has romp with Chuck.

Then there was the fact that both characters surprised themselves by being someone other then they thought they were. Chuck a jealous lover and Blair enjoying passionate dacadent sex with a bad boy. We as the viewers could see how they transitioned into these changes based on recent experiences which makes it believable but enjoyable.

Five incredible stars for Chucks line: "Are you sure." This just tells you for him Blair is special, he regards her as a person. This is like both of their first time!!!

Now there was also the backround of the caberet and limo which add to Chucks cache as well as just being exiting to the viewers. WE LOVED IT!!!

Now the barmitzvah scene was just awkward and for so many reasons. barmitzvah = family occasions which in themselves or not hip. Then the dance, Blair was kind of just jumping up and down awkwardly and then chuck grabs her for a rodeo run. I had to check that I was watching the right program. I won't even get to the floating chairs. Both actors looked as if they were trying so hard to be happy about this but just seemed as dorky as the scene could be.

Then the scene in which blair throws chuck into an empty room. YOu could almost feel someone following them around with a script telling them what to do. It was snore worthy.

Blair could of started a kiss that neither of them could conquer as they stumble to find a room with no restraint starting a gentle but passionate frenzy by never letting go of the other person as apposed to the actual scene in which the actors almost ask "do you require a hanger for that?" or "careful Dorota's not here we don't to wrinkle that."

Haven't the producers ever seen or been in love with someone who they haven't seen in a long time and then hurray they meet up again. The two lovers don't want to seperate for an instant....


Definetly something that Blair would do and she was probably repeating the same things she said in season one "I can not be pregnant, I demand myself not to be pregnant" in her head..


Louis is not going to be staying around for long because he is a guest star. So, if Blair and Louis break up, what would stop Blair from going back to Chuck? I mean, she was prepared to leave Louis in the finale to be with him so...


@Estefs: I agree with the crazy writers part, I hope they don't pull a The O.C., like with Ryan and Marissa, that was awful. On a different note I don't think we were supposed to believe Adele's song was actually playing in the party, it was more a background song for the plot, and I know many love it but I didn't because it is a CB song but not for a happy moment like that one, they should had used it for when they were fighting. Somebody asked if the writers are Jewish and yes, more than one are.


That was a condensed episode! So much stuff, so much potential for drama next season: I loved it! Where to start?

1) Charlie: I loved all the twists of that storyline. So intriguing! I’m very much looking forward to her story next season. So she was only pretending to be Charlie and on medications. So what happens next season? Does she continue to pretend to be Charlie or does she return as Ivy? I’m very much looking forward to that storyline.

2) Loved how they use Georgina last night. She had some of the best quotes of the night. She’s now a Bedford Wife! Hopefully, she returns next season and teams up with Charlie.

3) Dan’s book: Finally we’ll get some explanation to his Insider arc. So he does see himself as the insider as well, that’s interesting. Dan as a social climber who wanted in the UES even more than Jenny? That should be an interesting story for next season. Vanessa publishing that book will probably bring lots of scandal and drama for next season so I’m actually really looking forward to the continuation of that story.

4) Serena: Finally learning to make her own decisions, showing off her knowledge and getting a job. I love it. I hope it foreshadows a great season 5 for her.

5) Chuck and Blair: So many great moments:
- Very touching moment where Blair explains all that happened since 3.17 between them: “I love Chuck for so long and he punished me for it”, “He treated me like something he owned rather than something he earned, and it destroyed me”, “I thought I never got over it, and I finally found a way out of the darkness”. I ties very nicely to Chuck’s speech in 1.18. I think it’ll become part of Chuck’s arc next season to earn and become worthy of that love.
- Blair having a hard time letting go: Chuck is still #1 on her speed dial. That was touching.
- Chair dancing at the sound of “Rolling in the Deep”. That was adorable. Blair’s dorky dancing, Chair smiling and laughing, Chuck kissing her hand…hopefully a sign of some happiness for them next season.
- “but not like I love you”…”what we have is a great love” … “what’s mere happiness in the face of all that?”. It was so sad to see Blair settling down for Chuck. I hope that next season, Chuck will be able to make her happy and she can finally have her great love and her happiness. No more settling down please!
- “there’s a different between great love and the right love”…”you deserve your fairytale”…”I might be growing up after all”…”I need to let you go”…”You need to let go”…”I will always love you”. Such a bittersweet and yet amazing scene.
- “When she’s with Louis, she shines. That’s the Blair I love.” Love how it shows that Chuck loves all of Blair. How can anyone doubt that Chuck loves Blair after that?

6) Pregnancy cliffhanger: Either Chuck/Blair or Blair/Louis baby. My bet is on Chuck/Blair cause I doubt they would have Blair being pregnant with a guest star. Serena hasn't been with anyone since Ben, so it can't be Serena's. Plus there was the "3 weeks after" Chair sex hint.

Little interesting moments:
- Scene where everyone asks Dan where Blair and Charlie are: nice call-back to 2.21. Loved that scene.
- Blair is the damsel in distress for once, yet she manages to do half of the work to save herself. Smart girl.
- The mini-Blair and mini-Serena wanting to be Blair. A hint that next season Blair and Serena are swapping places? The Serena will be career-driven and Blair a socialite?
- Blair being friends with both Chuck and Dan? That should be interesting to see next season.
- November wedding just in time for the sweeps. Smart.


If chuck and Blair dont end up together, blaim da writers because they made so much drama between them, they dont put so many happy moments


Well, that was an interesting finale. Season 5 will be interesting as well. CHAIR


Sorry, Lorrain*

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