Gossip Girl Review: Royal Wedding Dreams, Awful Schemes

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Blair Waldorf got engaged last night on Gossip Girl, while Chuck and Serena vied for the honor of worst person ever. Just another night on the Upper East Side!

As Gossip Girl episodes go, there were certainly plenty of highlights in "The Princesses and the Frog," yet the overall narrative felt sorely lacking to me at times.

The Gossip Girl I like featured strong characters who are both funny and enjoyable to watch. Sure, there's scheming and backstabbing, but they're not ALL bad.

Somewhere along the line, though, the plot lines became really twisted and confusing and the relationships too tangential. Rant over. Let's break down Monday:

S the Back Stabber

Serena sucks. Sorry, but it's true, although you can blame the writers for this. Yes, she's jealous of Blair and sort of mad about Dan. But this is not the S we know.

Serena called Louis' mother to sabotage Blair. Then Serena sent Blair's dirty laundry (because Louis' mom can't read Gossip Girl) to further ruin her friend's chances.

All the while, she lied to Blair's face, except for when she defended Chuck after the party. That was honest at least. S probably believes Blair made the wrong call.

Chuck is on the brink. Not only of going completely off the rails and ending up shot in a seedy alley again, but of running out of excuses for us to make for him.

The Dark Knight broods. He is tormented, and has been dealt a lot of bad breaks. He can't handle emotional situations and drowns himself in booze and sorrow.

The stuff with his father - who we learned had an affair with Avery Thorpe - is not his fault, or something we would wish on anyone. It's gotta mess with his said.

But honestly, Chuck's behavior leaves little room for redemption at this point.

I mean, for someone who loves Blair SO much, he terrified, embarrassed and degraded her - BEFORE he forced himself on her and put his fist through a window.

That's how you treat your dream girl? This was worse than his usual efforts to crush Blair's soul to win her back, but it's not like he hadn't gone that route before.

It's very hard, if not impossible, to "root" for Chair now.

Even Nate can't find it within his man bangs anymore. He pointed out that Chuck's relationship with B is not normal, and blatantly chose Raina over him at the end.

Dair is all but forgotten. At least they were last night. After a slow, well-written lead-up to the Dan and Blair hookup, it's like nothing ever happened with them.

We like Dan, and have no problem with Charlie per se, but we just feel kind of used. Perhaps more importantly, GG needs to bring back Dan and Nate's bromance.

Princess Blair

Blair Waldorf is engaged! I couldn't care less that the royal family doesn't approve, but I worry more that she's been dating Prince Louis for about four days.

Blair's life may not be the fairy tale she thinks it is, but I admire her for wanting to spend it with a guy who treats her right and who genuinely makes her happy.

Louis is nice to her, and handsome. Gotta give him that. But is she really following her heart? Is she following what her brain says her heart is supposed to feel?

I love you to pieces, B, but remember, it's okay to dial it back a little. Prince William and Kate Middleton were together for the better part of 10 years. Ten years.

Think they'll actually get married? Do you want them to after Chuck's antics? At this point I'm willing to give the prince a chance, but suggest a long engagement.

Charlie is a regular Upper East Sider. Florida Schmorida. Between her elaborate plans to woo Dan, manipulating V and name-dropping Bing, girl's a natural!

You gotta love that Charlie insisted on confronting Vanessa alone at the end, and basically showed that even an outsider can thoroughly outshine an outcast.

How long until this new crazy side comes out in a bad way, however? Will her feelings for Dan erupt into a huge mess if he decides to pursue Blair (please yes)!

Rufus got a job! What house husband?! Hang up the waffle iron and the butler outfit, because the Fonz is totally going to be the manager of a band called Panic!

Vanessa is leaving at the end of the semester to study abroad. Approve.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Can you find anything positive to say about Chuck? What is Charlie's endgame? Leave a comment below to discuss!


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Passed the whole Thorpe kingdom of boredom, I'm loving this new phase! Specially because of Charlie, for being the new tool for the writers and producers to mock their own work (that's why I love this show!) because when S tells her of the whole Juliet scheme and Charlie says "Yeah, cuz that happens!": EPIC!!! :D
just wish Nate would get out of that apartment and have a life...has he droped out of college? got mono? is suffering from Archburn?! Release him from this awakened coma! O.O


I don't think Blair was wrong to go see Chuck that night. Chuck drinks at ALL times of the day, so I doubt she would have found him sober and I'm sure she didn't want Chuck tearing out his hair at home wondering where he stands. I think she accepted the Princes proposal before going to see Chuck. I very much doubt that she said "Louis, please wait, I have to check with my ex bf first"! I think she was trying to see Chuck, because even if she doesn't want to be with him, she will always love him. You can love somebody and be done with them at the same time. I think she was trying to explain herself to Chuck and let him know what was up in person, before he read it in the papers or heard it from someone else. I don't think what Chuck did was the worse thing ever, the hotel thing was worse for me. He definitely scared Blair and he was obviously drunk and desperate. I can't deny that Blair and Chuck have chemistry, but he just isn't good for her. He doesn't treat her well. He looks to her to fix him and he needs to learn to fix himself. If the writers really want them as endgame, they need to fix Chuck as a person. He needs to stop with his self destructive behavior and stop focusing on his father, and letting his father define him. He needs to be able to pull himself together and stop looking to Blair to make him feel whole. As a said note, he has no problem sleeping around even though he is so "in love" with Blair and then getting irrationally jealous at Blair for one kiss. As far as Blair and Louis, I actually like them together, as a surprise to myself. I doubt the writers will keep them together, which is a shame, because he's so cute and sweet. I don't want her to break his heart, he's so good to her and trusting. I was really into Dan and Blair, but I could go either way now. I don't like Charlie, she is manipulative. I don't understand why everyone hates Vanessa. She has always been one of the most genuine characters. She moved in with Dan to help him raise his supposed kid, she's a good person! She's made a few mistakes, been in a few plots, but nothing compared to other characters. I really liked it when she was with Nate. I have to admit that I haven't liked Serena for a long time. She is always on her high horse, like she does everything right, but she does plenty of backstabbing and meddling. She also has treated Dan poorly, constantly bailing out on him and choosing other guys over him. I don't think she deserves Dan...maybe her and CHUCK deserve each other! lol Nate has been rather useless for a while and I'm not a fan of Raina (she's not ugly though!) I would like Nate to start being involved with the rest of the cast again! He really should have checked on Blair or Chuck, he wasn't being a good friend. I am wondering if they may make the next move Dan and Blair. They have vilified Chuck and if something happens to break Blair and Louis up, Dan might be who she runs to. Plus, Serena blew it with Blair and Blair may not feel the loyalty to her that she did, which may have been what prevented her from going for Dan in the first place. I don't know, but I am interested to see what happens next!

Kimberly anne

OMG!!!!!!! This was a great episode. It is the best one since the big break. So much happened that we must talk about.
First off, I could care less about Rufrus’s new music thing. I didn’t even pay attention to it so I don’t really know why he was happy in the end, ahah. That was bad quality about this episode, but there were not many.
Second, Dan and Charlie…kind of cute but really boring at the same time. She was way too scheming for a new character. It was downright psychotic. I thought that dinner she planned was too corny and her acting kind of sucks.
Vanessa is going abroad?? Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nate and Raina are soo boring. I never liked them as a couple and now I hate both of them more because they are going against Chuck.
Serena is such a bitch. Whenever, it comes to Blair vs. Serena. I am always on Team Queen Bee. I wished Blair slammed that bathroom door harder in her face.
I really liked it when Eric said something about it never works out to be Blair unless you’re Blair. So true.
The beginning was so cute. Blair and Louis are such a cute couple (but Chair is endgame). He is such a romantic and Blair deserves that right now because she has been through way too much with Chuck. She needs a break. I really hope Eleanor shows up in the next episode and maybe Cyrus too. I want to see their reaction so badly. I love Blair’s hair at the party. I wished she had that style more often. And can I just say that Louis’ ring for her is absolutely beautiful. But I have to say that Chuck’s ring is better. The scene of them at the end was utterly surprising. I’m glad that Chuck didn’t hurt her like really hurt her or anything. Blair’s words made me really sad though because she doesn’t want to be with Chuck anymore. I know that Chair is endgame, but I also see that it will be a long journey before they get back together for real. I am rooting for Chuck but he needs to get himself together and man up and fight for her. I still want him to stop the wedding at the alter because that would be epic. I hope the engagement doesn’t get broken up this season because that would be a waste of a really good storyline.
Great episode because it had everything; drama, humor, love, hate, etc.


i'm spechless... i have claimed so much about how GG writers ruined Chuck Bass character and blow up all this fake story line about prince and Blair, or how Nate betrayed Chuck for a girl who he barely knows, how Raina called jack bass, i guess next episode it's going to be more hurt for Chuck, it's seems he's going to be sent to a menthal institution with Nate's help to Jack, so unfair! I can't stand how writers ruin Chuck.
I watch GG because Chuck and Blair and I thought before that before Chuck, I was Blair's fan but NOT, I'm Chair fan because of Chuck. His darkness, his tender side, his eternal inside soul fight bewtween angels and demons, he's amazing! So interesting to watch.
and if by the end of season I don't see Chuck Bass redeemed, if all this crap about dan and blair or prince and blair continues, I'm done with the show.
and this is tv show, so I hope that despite of everything, Chuck Bass is coming from the ashes as beautiful phoenix bird.


The writers of this shows had a great opportunity to show a deeply-felt, unlikely, but positive relationship evolve between blair and dan. But they messed it up - too risky/going against the expected? Instead, what you and I and all GG fans know, Blair and Chuck will end up together because - old habits die hard and a woman must always go back to 'the one'even if said one is insulting her, contributing nothing positive to her growth mentally and emotionally. Such a great potential turn of the story has been squandered and we're back at predictable. Chuck on the brink of disaster, Blair will seek and help him, Louis will suspect blair, blair will 'understand' she really loves chuck...sheesh!


URGH. Just... URGH after an amazing episode last week, this one was just... disgusting? I know it's an strange word to use but I felt kind of nauseated while watching it. Serena was terrible, I was glad that at least she came clean at the end of the episode so that part of the show wasn't really bugging me. Blair's relatioship with Louis is just... too sweet. They barely know each other. Sure, they get along and all and that's exactly why! Louis have never seen Blair having her jealousy or scheming attacks, he doesn't know what kind of moive or music she likes I guess. That lovey-dovey act don't make me feel anything. Is not like Chuck and eva's relationship -I truly liked them- Louis doesn't bring the best out of Blair like Eva did to Chuck. So, why do they love each other that much again? What have they been through? Chuck annoyed me SO MUCH and at the same time made me feel bad for him... I'm completely against relying on someone for your own hapiness-romances like this get on my nerves- so I really just wanted to puke when he said the only thing that was real was he and Blair. What about Lily? and NAte? Oh...that's right. His best friend turned his back on him. And the worst part is, I don't even know If I completely disaprove that. Chuck needs a friens, nate can be that. But he treats him bad because he doesn't want Rayna to know the truth and because of his obsession over Blair. Still... Nate's his BEST friend. Shouldn't he stand by him? And Dair. I don't think they'll drop it. Not so soon, not with so many people that love it ♥ I honestly missed it. Dair is one of the things that are bringing excitment, character development, funny,a­mu­se­­ment,friendship and loyalty to the show. Things that were lacking on last monday's episode.


Honestly...all of Chair's fans? I highly doubt the writers will end Blair and Chuck for good. I think dark Chuck is hot. Blair likes the idea of the prince. Blair was there for a reason, but Chuck had to ruin it. But I think dark Chuck fighting for Blair is so amazing. I don't know what will happen with Dan and Blair..but Charlie needs to go. Serena's character is boring now. And it bothers me how she was so mad that Blair kissed Dan. Does she not remember what she did to Blair? And Nate is such a flake. This isn't Chuck's fault. And honestly, I think Russell is behind the fire, not Bart. It drives me insane how the characters just jump to conclusions all the time. But Jack...can't stand the man, but you know it's going to be a good episode when he's involved. It's going to be Blair and Chuck in the end.


In the beginning of the season, Chuck found his way out of the dark with EVA, but Blair brought him back by ruining his relationship with the French girl It is just fair that he does the same with her and Louis.


As for Serena, her actions are one hundred percent inexcusable. She doesn't even have the heart-breaking news to blame it on like Chuck does. Of all the times that Blair was jealous of Serena, she never did this sort of thing. The worst part was that they were not in an Upper-East-Side war that we have gotten used to , they are supposed to be best friends, roommates, confidantes. And Serena lied to her point blank and tried to ruin the first bit of happiness that she had in a while. I love Chair but it is a dark relationship, as opposed to the light one with Louis. It is so clear that Blair is the better person when she says that she new from the start it was Serena who sent the secrets scrapbook to the princess. Blair knew about Serena's betrayal but still wanted her 'best friend' by her side. When she closed the door on her at the end, in sad silence, that was my favorite part. Also, did anyone notice that Louis' and Chuck's rings for Blair are the exact same, except for the color. Same company (Harry Winston), same size, same design, same shape. Interesting....


I agree with quite a few opinions posted on this page; many good points. Firstly, I am a huge supporter of chair, they are the best and more secure couple on the show. By secure, I don't mean their relationship is healthy, i mean it's the only couple the writers know without a single doubt that will end up together at the end of the show. That being said, I think that Chuck's actions last night were totally inexcusable and horrible. We all fell in love with this passionate, sexy, scheming, sometimes-an-ass guy but he was NEVER physically abusive with Blair. All the times he hurt her, it was emotionally and their relationship managed to survive it because she loved him so much. I love drunk, steamy Chuck but just because he was drunk doesn't mean he can be aggressive and scare Blair in any way. This fling with the I-must-admit-is-really-cute Louis will not last because 1) they have only been dating for like a week and 2) even though he is really nice and treats her well (which she should make all guys do, she deserves it) she doesn't love him. Like many of the people on this page pointed out, this is all the writers fault. I am a big supporter of the thus-far very big season finales that are shown but the crap they pulled last night will be very difficult to come back from. Chuck's behavior will take a miracle to rectify. I do feel bad for him because of everything that he is going through and that no one is there for him. The really sad thing is that, if he had just called Blair to come to his apartment and help him deal with the new revelation of his Dad, she would have been there in a flash. Despite everything, she loves him to death. He went about it in entirely the wrong way, which is very much like him, and the episode was kind of screwy, in his regard.

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